Monday, June 10, 2013

June 10th Leaderboard Update

Today is the first Leaderboard of June and we had lots of riding this week.  
Congrats to Team 51: Crazy Horse for being our top rider this week!  


  1. Just many teams are doing this with only one horse? I'm having a great time reading the profiles, but there are so many! LOL

  2. I only have one horse. I am team #3. Just Cutter and I!

  3. I think more teams are using just one horse. I am now using 2 :-)

  4. We have 5 horses but I primarily ride just one. I think last year I had 1,000 miles on Windy, my main mount and then a hundred or so on my husband's horse, Fancy. I rode the other 3 here and there.


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