Monday, December 31, 2012

Team 67 - Mustang Dreams

I am located just north of Columbia, MO.  This is my first time to participate and I am very excited!  I am hoping that this will make me put what I love doing on the front burner instead of the back burner....and that is to get out and ride and enjoy nature more.

I have too many horses and most of them don't have jobs but I love them all.  The two I plan on riding are my mustangs, Tripp and Wyoming.  Tripp has been on the trails quite a bit but is still green.  Wyoming had been out on the trails a couple years ago, had a couple of years off, and is back in training again.  I would also like to ride endurance, and Wyoming is going to be the lucky stang!  This should get both of them in better shape...not to mention myself!

This is going to be so much fun!  Woo hoo!

Karen C.Mid-MO

"If you never'll never know."  Taco Bell Hot Sauce Packet

"The things that stay with us forever are the things we give away."  

The best thing I try to do for myself is to try to listen to the horse.  I don't mean let him take over.  I listen to how he's operating: what he's understanding or what he doesn't understand: what's bothering him and what isn't bothering him.  I try to feel what the horse is feeling and operate from where the horse is. - TD (Tom Dorrance)

Team 81 - Murphy and the Spots

My name us Lorie McCrone and I live in Port Crane, NY along with my husband  Joe, my horse Murphy and my 2 Dalmatians, Kellie and Dooley. I have ridden all my life and spent every summer vacation at my grandparent’s farm riding their draft horses bareback.

In 2000 I started going to a local stable and had the opportunity to ride many different horses over the course of the first year.  One of them was Murphy, who was a 5 year old gelding, 16.2 h Standard-bred/Quarter Horse cross. His owner had purchased him to compete in dressage events and spent big bucks to have him educated at a prestigious east coast stable. The day he returned his owner was eager to see his new moves and everyone was watching as she saddled him. What happened next took everyone by surprise. Murphy reached his head over the cross tie, grabbed his owner's skin with his teeth and pulled the flesh off her arm from the wrist to her elbow. That was the last time she touched Murphy.

The owner immediately put him up for sale and fully disclosed the reason he was available. Fourteen months went by and although she kept dropping the price no one wanted to take a chance.  I rode Murphy about once a week and never had a problem with him, but I did not want the cost and responsibility of owning my own horse. Then one day in June I was told it was Murphy's "last day".   He was being shipped to Alpo for dog food.  I called the owner to ask how much Alpo was paying for him and she said about 40 cents a pound ($500). I gave her the cash and the rest, as they say, is history.  And Murphy has never bitten me or anyone other than his first owner. Go figure. 

The year after I bought Murphy, I built a barn in my backyard, fenced in so me acres, and ride the hills with him almost everyday. My Dals and I have logged thousands of miles and experienced many adventures


Team 72 - Merry Mares

I am Mary Hanson, Ithaca NE, which is north of Lincoln, west of Omaha.  I work for the National Park Service as a trail specialist.  Sounds good, but I spend a lot of time at a desk or in a car.  My work gets in the way and sometimes I wimp out to due weather, but I am making a real New Year’s resolution to ride my horses more! 

My mares are RG Prairie Sunset and Mary Mels Rosebud.  They are very different, but I like them both and plan to ride them equal time.  Sunny is an opinionated, slightly lazy Morgan mare, but she is my baby.  She is a big trotter for being a little thing (14h 1”).  Once in shape, she is like a little sports car. Rosey is a gaited Morgan mare, very sweet, but is a bit of a coward.   She is best going straight down the road.  Of course they both improve immensely with riding, hence and another reason to ride more. 

Both are going to be bred this year so when they are busy I will steal my husband horse, Tate.  He is Rosey’s 4 yr. old colt.  The only bad thing I can say on him, it he is too tall.  Still he has the biggest walk and can cover lots of distance fast. 

Team 37 - Gypsy Runner

My name is Kerri Ross and I am really excited to do this. I have 4 yr Palimino rescue mare that I will be using for the most part. My second Horse is a Friesian gelding that is a 3 yr old and barely started. I also have a morgan mare that I have free leased out for a yr. And my son has a blaze faced paint.  
I am a single mom of two wonderful kids. I am also owned by 5 dogs that have come through the North Platte Animal Shelter where I work as Supervisor of Animal Control. I also have a cat and two birds and my daughter has a gecko.  I joined to motivate myself to ride more as that is my biggest passion and fun in life.
Hope to get to meet some of you at some trail rides through out the year!


Team 84 - Slash Quarter Circle

Hi, My name is Diana Kaiser Berglund, I have been riding almost my whole life. My passion is my horses, I live on a ranch with my best friend and fiancĂ© just north of North Platte, NE. we have a cow/calf operation and have 16 horses, and  variety at that, we have a team of Haflingers, two Gypsy Vanners, a mini, a Welsh pony, Paints, and Quarter Horses.  I love to trail ride and have always wanted to ride in a  a competitive trail ride, but never have, another dream is to learn and ride a dressage horse.  Working with cows horseback is so much fun and rewarding also. I love to drive also, I am kind of new to it but have found it is a lot of fun also, but honestly what is not fun when it involves horses. I plan on teaching my Gypsy horses to ride and drive, we drive the Haflingers and the Welsh pony.

I am a member of a all woman mounted drill team, we perform at our local rodeo and for the last 2 years at the Nebraska State Fair, I also belong to 2 other riding clubs, we get to meet a lot of wonderful people and make lots of new friends. I look forward to participating in the 2013 Distance Derby and hope to log a lot of miles on my horses. I will be riding Sam and Lexi most of the time, they are both Quarter Horses.   Good luck to all, be safe and God Bless the trails you ride.

Team 83 - Kathie King REC Riders

I am down to only 1 horse. Hobbie. I have had her since she was 3 and this year 2013 she is 16. We've had some scary times but mostly they've been good times.  About anyone can ride Hobbie:)    Lots of people have. She will be my last horse.  Once something happens to her or I this is it.  I'm hoping to have a few more nice riding years - I've got lots of places to go and see.. Hobbie is a full quarter horse but no papers. The dam had papers but owner of sire didn't register the stallion. Hope to see lots of you out on some of the rides I go on.. 

Happy Trails to you:)

Kathie King

Team 82 - KSLongrider

My name is Barry Cole. We live southwest of Topeka Kansas in Eskridge. I followed the 2012 derby last year and it looks like a fun way to keep track of our conditioning and ride miles so I thought I'd sign up.
Linda, my wife, and I host a couple of endurance rides every year and volunteer or ride in several others. I completed my first 50 mile endurance ride in 1971 and have been hooked on trail riding ever since.
I'll mostly be riding my favorite mare, Hattie, an Anglo-Arab. I have a two or three other young horses that I'm starting that will be getting some miles as we begin to condition them. Like many other folks with horses we're horsepoor, but life is good!
Come join us on the Ozark Trail Endurance Rides: Real Endurance on a Real Trail!
The Ozark Trail 75/100, April 27, 2013 & The Hillbilly Shuffle 25/50 Endurance Ride, September 14, 2012

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Team 35 - Lindsay

Hi.  My name is Lindsay.  I am joining the Derby to meet other horse lovers like myself and to hopefully ride more and more.  I do not own my own horse right now but hope to buy one really soon.  In the mean time I have a few friends that let me ride their horses and also take lessons as I can with the weather etc.  

I can't wait for my dream to come true to own my very own horse and to trail ride!  I love to ride and share riding stories so we can all learn from each other. 


Team 25 - Oregon Cowgirl

Hi!  My name is Jean and my team mate is Jango.  He  came into my life 4 years ago as a way to find happiness and peace after struggling with my mother's cancer and death.  He is a true medicine horse.  We ride whenever we can here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. 

Friday, December 28, 2012

Team 23 - Reuther

Hi my name is Sandy Reuther and I live in rural northwest Kansas.  I enjoy trail riding and camping out with my horses, friends and family.  I have an 18 year old paint who is my trail buddy and a green broke 7 year old spotted draft that needs lots of trail time.  I look forward to riding "with" you this year.  Happy Trails to all of you!


Team 45 - Grabb'n Leather

Hi.   I am an Iowa native.  I will be splitting time between two AQHA geldings.  Tex & Memphis will be tote'n me the miles I will cover. Happy trails to you all.

2012 / 1204.46 Miles / 7th Place


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Team 22 - ViKen Acres

My name is Virginia Prey.  I live north of Lincoln, Nebraska.  Riding is my therapy!  And when I'm not riding, I am thinking about it!  My motto is live to ride, ride to live.

I currently have eight horses, six of them under saddle and three of them I compete in NATRC and AERC.  Out of those three, I really don't have a main mount because it changes.  I have Missouri Fox Trotters, Arabians and a 1/2 Arabian.  My eight consists of two stallions;  one MFT double registered War Eagle's Running Bear and one Arabian, Rushcreek Garrett.  My mares consist of two Arabians,  Cameo Night Star and Rushcreek Daisy;  three MFT mares,  Steppin Out Annie D, Fantasy Moon Dancer and ViKen's Bearoness and half-Arabian ViKen's Bearacuda.

I am switching gears from Competitive Trail to Endurance.  Though nothing beats starting a horse in Competitive Trail to teach it patience and manners.

"No philosophers so thoroughly comprehend us as dogs and horses."  ~Herman Melville


Team 8 - Three Little Birds


 My name is Rosalie Marley.  I live near Washington DC now but have lived and ridden in different parts of the country (central New Mexico, Baltimore, Los Angeles, western Nebraska) over the last 30 years.  I used to ride 5-6 horses a week, teach lessons, and condition at least one horse for endurance. A few years ago I somehow lost my riding nerve and have been working to get it back.  I think it's back, so this year's Distance Derby is a challenge to myself to keep going!

My main ride is Tanner, a solid buckskin gelding with several years of trails and camping before I got him.  He's registered as a Pleasure Saddle Horse - a registry for cross-bred gaited "using" horses.  He's part Spotted Saddle Horse and part Kentucky Natural Gaited horse - and all about taking care of his rider!  Of course, if the opportunity comes up to ride other smooth horses, I won't turn them down :-)

My goals for the upcoming year are modest.  Get out and ride!  I am shooting for a minimum average of 10 miles per week - of course, crummy weather will  reduce that, but the good weather should boost it!  I'd like to complete a 25 mile CTR at the end of summer. I'd like to do an organized trail ride with one or more of our local trail riding groups.  Who knows what else I will take on but those are my minimum goals.
My team name is "Three Little Birds" and refers to a Bob Marley song whose refrain is "don't worry 'bout a thing - every little thing is gonna be alright".

Team 80 - The A Team

team 80 a team

My name is Mike Anderson. I live in rural Washington County south of Blair Nebraska.  I enjoy trail riding in Nebraska and surrounding states.  I have a herd of five horses.  My main horses are Sweetie (Impressive Sweetheart) who is a black and white paint with solid quarter horse breeding, she is a rock solid horse and a pleasure to ride.  The other one I ride a lot is Badger (Badgers Dun) a gelding who is on his way to becoming my horse of the future.  

I spend many hours throughout the year on horse trails both on a horse and on foot, working on trails.  I have around ten miles of trails “out my back door” both on my property as well as on neighboring land. I do enjoy being outdoors!  For the past decade I have traveled to the mountain states for horse vacations.  I have spent most of my time in Wyoming’s Big Horn Mountains in the Cloud Peak Wilderness area.  My son, David and a friend of mine, Mike Ladd and I have done numerous pack trips throughout the Cloud Peak Wilderness.  I am looking forward to adding up the miles next year in the Distance Derby.  I hope to see you on the trail!


Team 79 - JV




As Written by TV of Team 1:

So I asked my husband, John, if he wanted to join the Derby this year.  His response was, “What’s the ticket for that?” 

I said, “Do you mean the price?”

and he said, “Yeah.” 

I said there was no price to join. 

He went on to say that he isn’t going to run no computer to do this and I told him I would enter his miles for him and that I had an extra GPS he could use. 

He didn’t necessarily say no.  And it might motivate him to ride a little more.

I then asked if he wanted his team to be called “Fancy” after his horse.  He said that he might get a wagon rigged up for Baby Dutch and he might drive her.   She is almost 13 years old and he’s been saying this since she was three but maybe this is the year, you think?

So I suggested perhaps his team name should be “Driving Miss Baby” but he didn’t respond. 

Since I use the “Vasa” name for my team, I have simply given him his initials, “JV”. 

And this is as close to a bio as we will get. 

Team 78 - Boom Boom


PhotoShoot 233



I am Sharron Ankersen from Colon, which is about 30 miles west of Omaha, Nebraska.  I have had horses since I was 8 years old.

This will be my first year recording mileage.  I have been keeping track of my hours though for 4 or 5 years.  I have one horse named Boomer, a registered paint.

I am semi-retired and besides riding, love working with 4-H’ers in the horse and dog projects.  Also love doing scrapbooking, quilting and traveling.

I enjoy camping and trail riding every weekend April through October with many special friends.


Saturday, December 22, 2012

Team 76 - Cowgirl Tuff

Hi.  My name is Danika.  I’m 4 years old from northwest Missouri  and love my horses.  I have been riding horses with my mom (Team 62: Livin’ The Dream) since before I was 1.  I usually throw a pretty big fit if she goes riding without me.  I also find it pretty comfy to nap on my horse :).  I will be participating in this Distance Derby with my 14 year old gelding, Gus.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Team 75 - my4horses

My name is Cassie and I have 4 horses.  I am hoping to put the most miles on the youngest one.  I look forward to seeing how many miles I actually ride.  My hope is that by joining this it will motivate me to ride more.

Team 71 - Wilhelm

My name is Lynn Wilhelm and I'm from Syracuse, NE.  Growing up, I was always one of those little girls that wanted a horse or just wanted to ride any horse I saw.  Never got one....  About 7-8 years ago, a neighbor got me into riding again.  This last year I purchased my very own horse.  Actually, I purchased two horses in 2012.  The first one and I were not a good fit.  He was a bit challenging.  The second one that I purchased in April is an 8 year old palomino Missouri Fox Trotter mare named Cassie.  She is wonderful!!  Sure, she has some marish tendencies, but so do I.  We are a great fit and learning on the trail together.  

When I'm not riding, I'm busy with my real estate business and being a mom/coach to 2 very active girls that are 10 & 13.  My husband and I spend a lot of time on the bleachers watching them.  They don't have the horse bug like I did at their age.  They would much rather show their pigs at the county fair.  You can learn more about us at  

I have two great friends that I hope to ride with a lot this year that are also in the Distance Derby - Team 46 - Auer and Team 64 - Antes.

Happy Trails!

Team 69 - Cat-N-Shiloh

This is Shiloh, my Tennessee Walker and I on one of our many week long trail riding adventures.

My name is Cathy Greenfield.  I live in Fonda Iowa.  I would like to join your Distance Derby under the team name: Cat-N-Shiloh.

My husband and I have three horses.  One for showing, two for trail riding.  I spend every possible opportunity horseback riding.  Sometimes with our granddaughter Beth, who is horse crazy like me.  We do arena riding, shows, trail riding and even town and pasture riding. 

Hoping to put lots of miles on this next year.  Have plans on riding in the Big Horn Mountains at Wyoming and a trip to the Black Hills.  In the fall will go on another amazing private ride to Eminence Missouri riding in the Mark Twain National Forrest.  The Ozark Mountains are absolutely gorgeous. 

We have many local trails to ride and a beautiful equine state park, Brushy Creek, within 50 miles.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Team 66 - Okie

team okie


Hi.  I am Ann Sampson.  Started out with love of horses at around the age of 5 or so and jumped on a horse at Grandma and Grandpa’s down in southern Missouri when we would visit in the summer.  Long story in between but continued to be involved with riding and horses on and off through the years.  Finally bought our acreage almost 16 years ago and within the first year, had a barn and corral build and horses came shortly afterward. 


With experiencing many bumps, bruises and confidence issues, persisted in lessons and clinics, but just this last 1-1/2 years finally got ‘back’ to the riding after a long lay off from fear issues.  Anyway, everything is good and have two awesome gaited horses.  PJ, my 18 year old Kentucky Mountain gelding that I’ve had for going on 11 years and Bert, my 11 year old Peruvian Paso gelding who is super sweet and fun.  They are going to get some nice, long needed exercise this upcoming 2013.  I am not going to set a goal of miles, per se, but start with 1 mile and add to it.  It will be more incentive rather than competition for me to ride. 

Team 65 - Rush

My name is Christi Rush I am from the rural Jackson, NE area. I have always loved horses and as a kid rode all the time but it was always someone else's horses it wasn't until the last six years that I owned my own horse and learned riding horses and owning horses are completly different! I enjoy going riding with my friends and getting out and socializing with others that have simliar interests as myself. This is the first time I have been involved in the Distance Derby and I am looking forward to it and hope it pushes me to ride more!!!!!!


Team 64 - Antes

Big Oak Use This


My name is Judy Antes from Syracuse, Nebraska.  We (hubby/I) live on a small family farm just northeast of there with about 600 pigs, 5 horses, 2 dogs, and a few hardy cats.  Hubby farms, feeds out hogs on contract, and he rides when he has the time.  I work part time, from January through April, then do my riding!  We have 3 Missouri Fox Trotters and 2 Paso Fino's. 


With interest, I've watched 2012's entries and the miles they've logged.  No way will I come close to the top riders, but I would be interested in tracking my miles.

Team 63 - Kansas Rider


KS Rider


Hi.  My name is Marleen Parker and I live in Concordia, Kansas.  I'm an RN, work long shifts and don't get to ride as much as I would like.  I hope that signing up for the Distance Derby will give me an incentive to ride more in 2013.  I’m a trail rider, like camping and riding on weekends.  This picture (above) was taken several years ago at Kanopolis when I was a safety rider for a competitive trail ride.  

See you on the trails!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Team 54 - Rolling Thunder

                                                                                                                       rollimg t 2rolling t 1


My name is Natalie Herman and I live in McKinleyville, California.  This is my first time entering the Derby (how fun!) and I figure it will give me motivation to ride and really get out and condition my horse better.  I am hoping to do the Tevis Cup with her in 2014 (was going to try 2013, but my calendar around this year's T-day is just too full!) and I need her to be more up to snuff than she has been.  I tend to be fairly lax about conditioning since I don't ride 75-100 milers and ride way in the back of the pack on all other distances.  I also want to have a motivation to update and maintain my blog for Eowyn ( which totally fell by the wayside after the 2011 XP ride.

My teammate is my 7 year old Quarmorab (father Arab, mother Morgan/QH), Ewoyn's Thunder. I own her mother and specifically bred Eow to be my endurance partner and hopeful Tevis horse.  Her mom, Hoanna, is a smooth, calm and fun little mare to ride.  She is excelling in Trail Trials right now, on lease to a horse crazy teenager.  Her father was the highest mileage AERC stallion and Hall of Fame horse, DR Thunder Bask, that I chose for his mileage record.  My main goal is to have a horse to ride for 10,000 miles and years of fun, not to win any races.

I am a natural hoofcare provider on the coast of far northern California (no, San Francisco is not really northern CA...we are another 6 hours north of that! LOL) and am always endeavoring to learn as much as I can about whole horse healthcare.  I recently began learning equine bodywork and it has made my mare's life, and my clients', much happier! 


I also own a KMSH stallion, Intrigue's Firestorm ( that I want to start up in endurance again.  We had an injury set us back in 2011, then in 2012 I was too busy keeping Eowyn going to do much with him later this year.  His blog has also been sorely neglected, so hopefully I will get some motivation up to keep his going as well.



Team 53 - RJs General Jack

general jack


Hi.  My name is Shelley Miller.  I live in Mineola, Iowa.  Jack is my 8 year old bay Quarter Horse.  He is still green broke and I am still a green rider.  I hope to remedy that and this might help me.  I am looking forward to it!!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Team 51 - Crazy Horse

 My name is Sandra Kennedy.  I live in Concordia, Kansas.  I absolutely love to ride.  This is my first year to join the distance derby. Actually,  I had never even heard of such a thing until this year on I am very excited to try this.  I actually have no idea how many miles I put in in a year so I am doing this for myself out of curiousity. I am going to set a goal of 1,500 miles this year because I do ride a whole lot. I have no idea if this number is high or low. I will be putting in my miles on 2 horses. 

The one in my profile picture is Cheyenne. She is a 16 year old mare that I have owned almost 2 years. She is an amazing horse. The other horse I will be riding is Diablo. He is a 3 year old gelding that I just bought this last October at the horse auction in Salina. He only had 45 days riding on him when I got him and I have easily put that many more on him. He is starting out very nicely and I believe he is going to turn out to be as good as Cheyenne. I want to wish everyone good luck at reaching your personal goals.


Team 48 - Dodgin’ Bullets

dodgin bullets


My name is Marcia Himmelberg.  I live outside of Lawrence, Nebraska.  I live with my husband, Kurt.  We have 4 children - Kelsey, 20; Kara, 18; Austin (AKA Henry), 15; and Emily, 11.


Up until October 2011, I had been horseless for 15 years!  Not sure how I did that!  I sure missed having horses and didn’t realize how much until I bought my first one on an “accident”.  I bought Bullet at an Exotic Bird / Animal auction in Lexington, NE.  They couldn’t get a bid on him and were down to $35.  I thought I would run him up to $100 and then get out.   Long story short, I bought him for $90!  I had already called and asked the hubby permission for a horse two times prior that day and his response was always a flat “no”, so panic set in as I realized I had just bought a 3 year old stud colt that I knew nothing about.  Needless to say Kurt wasn’t impressed and it was a bumpy month at my house until Bullet started proving himself.  He even had to admit what a bargain I had found and even though he still doesn’t share my passion for horses or understand it, he allows me to completely submerge myself in the horse life!


Since October of 2011, we have added another colt named Remington (there’s a pattern emerging with the names lol).  He is a 9-10 month old grade blue roan.  I am very excited about this little guy and look forward to our new venture together.  Sometimes a little apprehensive, since I have been out of the horse training for several years and am quite rusty.  It’s a good thing I have a close friend and neighbor who is my resident professor of training.  She has helped a ton along the way with bullet and I look forward to her help with Remington! 


I love riding every free chance I get.  My youngest daughter has an interest in horses and riding.  I look forward to sharing this with her.  My older children like horses and have an interest too, but their lives are incredibly busy and we only have one broke horse to ride.  Hoping to change that sometime in the future… still working on hubby about adding a third horse!


I look forward to calculating miles this next year and am so glad to have found such a neat grup of people to share my passion with.  This should be fun! 



Team 44 - TheOtherHorse



My name is Kirrily and I live near Louisville, Kentucky.  My horse is Mira, a TB/Paint, and I also ride my husband's horse, Squid, a foundation bred Paint.  I am new to endurance and completed my first LD last year.  We enjoy trail riding and camping with our horses every chance we get.  I'm looking forward to many miles in the saddle in 2013!



Team 43 - Sipp



Hi my name is Jonna Sipp.  I live in Raymond Nebraska . I rode for fun when I was a teenager and just got back on a horse 2 years ago with the guidance of my best friend, Pam Butterfield (Team #6).  She helped me get my first horse "Emmy" which I have had only a year.  Now Emmy and I are going to have a adventure and get some miles under us.


I look forward to tracking my miles and hours riding. This is going to be a great year.



Team 12 - Bailey*

My name is Kay Bailey and I live in Iowa near Tabor.  I have four Arabians, three adults which I ride and a coming two year old gelding.  They are Tino, aka Tarantino SPA, V aka Venesza, Pris aka FM Pristine.  DotZero rounds out my foursome.  Hopefully I will be able to make a trip to the Black Hills this summer, which will give me more incentive to ride to get ready for those Hills. 

This is my second year in the Derby, and it has inspired me to get out and ride much more than I have in years.

2012 / 217.1 Miles / 39th Place

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Team 42 - CandyAss




Hi.  My name is Jessica Ceder  and I live by Lawrence Nebraska.  I have 5 horses;  Poncho,  my pride and joy who will be 14 next May.  He has done just about everything from showing to winning a trail challenge this fall and now spends most days packing kids around safely.  Padro is my good grey horse who will be 7.  He is my go-to trail horse;  has a big motor and will go anywhere I ask him.  Pablo, my big brown hoss, who will be 5.  I went real slow with him and haven't logged in very many miles on him till this fall.  He is proving to a be great horse and is fun to ride.  Payso,  my pretty bay horse,  who will be 4.  I bought him for my Poncho replacement since Pancho will be packing kids.  He is very well bred for pleasure and a very pretty mover.  Next year will be his year to get “broke”.  Tank is my roan stud colt who will be 3 soon.  I am very excited about this young horse. We are proud that all 5 we have had as colts and done all the training on.

I have 2 kids; my son Coy is 10 and daughter Bailey who is 6.  They love to ride and we go for family rides as much as we can.  My hubby, Aaron, and I have been married 13 years and he loves to ride also but doesn’t get to as much as he would like.  He does all the feet work on our horses.  Aaron is great with the colts and enjoys building a horse’s confidence while trail riding.  His colts will do anything for him.

I enjoy riding with my little group of friend.  We always have a good time together. I feel blessed to have such wonderful friends to ride with.  I am always working on being the best horseman I can be.  My horsemanship is very important to me.

Where does CandyAss come from some of you might ask?  Well, Aaron calls the horses CandyAsses cause they are pampered.  They go in the barn and stand in front of fans when its hot.  They wear blankets in the winter and go inside when ever the weather is bad.  It’s a pretty good life for the CandyAsses around here.



Team 38 - Kvale


I'm a 50-year-old married woman living near Tekamah.  I have ridden and been involved with horses since the age of eleven.  After a three year hiatus (while kicking thyroid cancer's butt),  I am back in the saddle - still getting my "seat" back after gaining weight, losing strength, and finding I had some fear.  That's mostly all behind me thanks to my cherished AQHA mare, Cowgirl, an absolute dream.

I'm anxious to put more miles in the saddle, hoping to travel to trail rides & trail challenges, all while training both of us for mounted shooting events.

Life's short, ride free.

Thank you,
Jan Qualley

Team 36 - Snover


This is my first time for this.  I have owned horses all my life.  My Dad was the person responsible for my love, respect and knowledge of horses.

I have 2 bay geldings.  Wheeler who will be 24 in 2013, but please don’t tell him that. (He thinks he is 6) Wheeler is a wonderful horse with tons of personality and energy, he loves to run barrels work cattle and of course trail riding.  My other guy is Brownie, who is a Foundation quarter horse and of course bay.  I have owned him for about 18 months, he is a very sweet little guy with tons of love he just has not been treated kindly by some of his former owners.  Therefore poor Brownie is afraid of strangers!  He is my baby now and it has taken him a long time to get to that point.  Brownie is the first horse I have ever owned that does not like to go fast.  He is a perfect trail horse and does not do too bad in the show pen.  Both of these “bay boys” are my special guys.  No other horse will ever take the place of my dear sweet palomino Jessie R.IP., but these two guys certainly will always have a place in my heart.

As for me, I’ve had the pleasure of having a horse or horses since I was 6 years old.  I love to compete in horse shows, barrel races and I just plain love to ride.  Horses for me are a way of life, although my husband thinks of it as a disease I refer to it as my “passion”.



Team 58 – Rinne Ranch*

My name is Sarah Rinne and my equine trail partner is Frontgate Phoenix aka Phoenix the Machismo Morgan.  Phoenix and I have covered a lot of miles together both recreational and competitive so the Distance Derby is right up our alley! My husband Seth and I and our three children Cheyenne, Gabriel and Ruby reside on the Rinne Ranch near Steinauer, Nebraska in beautiful Pawnee County where the dirt roads, hilly tree-filled pastures and hay fields are plentiful for miles of riding! My husband and I own and operate Rinne Hay Service and put up over 15,000 square bales and about 300 round bales each year of native prairie, alfalfa and wheat straw delivering to private horses owners, commercial stables and feedlots. I also have a "town job" and am the Chief Probation Officer for District #1 Probation, State of Nebraska Probation covering eleven counties in Southeast Nebraska. I am a former Marine and veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and am proud to have served my country!

I have been riding horses since a very young age and began my competitive trail riding career in 1988 on my palomino mare Nici with the North American Trail Ride Conference (NATRC). I have also been an avid team roper in the past, volunteered for many years with therapeutic horsebackriding programs and was a certified Special Olympics Equestrian Coach. I have been a member of NATRC and the Nebraska Endurance and Competitive Trail Ride Association (NECTRA) since 1988...going on my 25th year!!!
I have ridden numerous horses of all breeds throughout the Region competitively but have been competing Phoenix since 2007. We had our challenges starting out but after establishing our connection, he has been the most incredible equine partner I've ever had. I am hooked on Morgans now! (But appreciate all breeds!) Phoenix and I are looking forward to the the 2013 ride season (both competitive and recreational) and all the great horses and riders we share the trails with!

2012 / 657.44 miles / 20th Place

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Team 34 - Double Trouble

Laura Hardesty here... riding Baby or Lexie.  Lexie's a fast and dependable quarter horse and Baby's a rock solid, calm Arabian with natural endurance.  Both are sweet and beautiful.  I love them dearly and they love me when I feed them.


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Team 32 - Rather Be Riding

rather be riding


My name is Julia Mruz.  I live in rural Gibbon, Nebraska & am originally form Honey Creek, IA.  I have been riding my entire life; as soon as I was old enough I was doing Competitive Trail with my mom & did that for 13 years - once I went off to college I rode mostly for pleasure, now I'm looking to get back into Competitive Trail & do some Trail Challenges & continue dabbling in a little showing.

I don't ride as much as I use to when I was competing Spring- Fall but am always looking for a challenge & something to help push to set goals for myself, my horsemanship, my horse, & my training; I think this derby could be just the thing!

My main man/mount is my old man; Festus - a 20 year old (in 2013) Grullo Quarter horse that I have had now for 16 years. He is my "once in a life time horse" and even with his quirks I still can't imagine ever having to replace him. My second mount is my mare Libby; a 12 year old (in 2013) Chestnut 1/2 Welsh, 1/4 Thoroughbred, 1/4 Trakanter that we had breed for us as the "ultimate trail horse" by a close friend. We couldn't be happier with our cocktail of a horse. She is a blast to ride and is a go go go girl with a 5-mph walk that's to die for.


So excited to get out, get riding, and meet new horse fanatics like myself!

Team 31 - Cinc



My name is Tanya Lynch from Hickman Nebraska.  Cincersay Cue (aka Cinc) is a 11 yr old paint that I trail ride on.  We will see you on the trails.

Team 28–Ay-Rab

I’m Vicki Fraser, Team Ay-Rab, and I am so excited to be returning in 2013 with Deacon and Lucy!  Deacon will be 11 this year, Lucy will be 10, they are Spanish Arabian, and half-siblings.

What a fun competition 2012 was, and the highlight for me was seeing riders brought together to ride with others that they hadn’t known previously.  The friendly competition between Juanita and Christine was just a hoot.
It was also so much fun to be able to follow all the other friends competing.

I made a decision not to chase miles, but to gps the miles I would ride anyway, so the mileage count was all new to me, having never even tracked “Trail Time” prior to this.

As we start into this new year, I’m praying safety and joy for equines and riders alike.

2012 / 751.57 Miles / 14th Place

Team 46 - Auer*


I am a middle age woman that has LOVED horses since I can't remember when!!  I finally owned my first horse when I turned 14 yours old.  I was more interested in horses then boys!!  I have lived in southeastern Nebraska where I was born, raised, went to school, married, had our family for my entire life.  Boring, yes to some I know, but I would not trade this for any other way of living.

Riding is relaxing for me and I enjoy meeting new people, going to new places, hooking up with old friends and riding.  I own three horses and live on an acreage.  I purchased a nice paint gelding last fall (2010) and have truly learned to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.  My geldings name is Scout, and I also ride a mare and her name is Babe.
I am fairly new to trail riding, but not to camping.  I am finally "living my dream" to get the truck hooked up, load up and go meet friends to ride for the day or days!  I really enjoy the camping and the bonding time this brings for me.  I probably will not post that many miles like many of you, but I will enjoy reading and seeing where everyone is traveling to, their adventures and the distances they are logging.

Happy Trails!!!  Alice

2012 / 200.46 Miles / 42nd Place

Team 13 - Taylor*


I’m Cheryl Taylor from Nebraska.  I have participated in our state’s Trail Time program to set goals for my riding and hold me accountable.  I am a member of the AQHA and APHA ride programs.  My husband and I also enjoy ACTHA Competitive Trail Challenges.

I will be splitting my time between the two paint mares pictured.  Dakota has been my primary trail mount for the last two years.  She is the black and white, blue eyed beauty.  Maybe, the little dun  is the understudy.  I have never tried tracking miles, it will be interesting to see how many we log!

Enjoying the journey!

2012 / 851.3 Miles / 12th Place

Team 40 - Ridgeway


Hello! I’m Jessica and I’m from Griffin, Georgia.  I am fortunate enough to own two wonderful geldings, Anakin and Glock.  Anakin is an approximately 21 year old grade Quarter horse and is my go-to guy.  He’ll do anything you need him to do.  He’s currently staying at the Calvin Center where he is being used as a lesson/trail horse and also as a therapy horse.  Glock is an 11 year old Straight Egyptian Arabian with a ton of personality!  I don’t do any fancy riding, so most of my ride time is out on the trails.  I do enjoy taking dressage lessons to further my horsemanship knowledge and my horse’s fitness.
I just graduated from Mercer University's Master of Family Therapy program. It's been a grueling 2.5 years but I'm sure it'll be worth it one of these days. I didn't get to ride too much this year because of working full time and also doing 20+ hours of internship work each week so I'm really looking forward to 2013! 

2012 / 75.94 Miles / 45th Place

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Team 27 - Spotted Wonder

Team 5 - Cindy*


A country girl born and raised in the city, I always dreamed of living in the country and owning my own horses. That dream was realized 7 years ago when my dad bought me my first horse. His health was failing and he wanted to see my dream realized before he left this earth. I was no longer a little girl, but a married woman with four kids! Rarely doing things for myself, he wanted me to finally realize that dream.  My older 3 kids were teenagers or married. Busy lives of their own. My youngest , Sierra, was 8. So in order to get time on my horse, I bought her a older horse to learn to ride on also.  We spent many hours playing with and riding our horses together. Couldn't think of a better way to spend time with my little girl. And thus the passion I had for horses soon became hers as well.  We dabbled in 4H, and she soon caught the show bug. As Sierra grew in her horsemanship I felt more confident in buying her a show horse. Now we enjoy a 4H club, and she shows at local and state level.

After show season winds down in the fall, I get to enjoy my time on the trails with friends. I've come to realize horses are my rest. When I am riding, all the stressors of life seem to go to another place. I love the quietness of the barn when I am feeding. The sighs and snorts coming from their stalls. And of course the smell of their coats! I am now living my dream in the country with my own small herd of 3 horses.

2012 / 307.7 Miles / 33rd Place

Team 24 - Yellow!



My name is Lisa Harder. I live in Plainview Nebraska with my husband, our three kids, four horses, three dogs, and four barn cats. I just started riding as an adult a few of years ago. I am loving every minute of it!!

This is my first year in the big DD.  I'm really excited about it!  I was lucky to ride a long with a few DD participants last year, and have decided to give it a try myself.  I am not looking to place first, but my goal is to reach around the 400 mile mark this year.

My main ride and best horse ever is Pal. He is a coming 19 year old grade palomino gelding. Pal used to have a job working on a ranch.  But for the last two years he has been toting me along trail. :)

I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible out on the trail!!

Team 19 - Mischief



My name is Katja Sebestyen and I currently live in Omaha, Nebraska.  Since I spend time with my horse Duncan on an almost daily basis, I thought that signing up for the Distance Derby would be a great motivator to log as many miles as possible on horseback this coming year.

I just got Duncan in April of 2012, and he is my first horse ever.  I was lucky enough to be able to be around horses when I was very little, but I never had the opportunity to own a horse or even ride until now.  Riding and owning a horse has been a childhood dream... an it has been an amazing "dream-come-true" thus far.  Duncan is a 5-year old QH (?) Buckskin and he certainly acts his age most of the time -- he loves to play!  

Happy riding! Good luck to everyone, and may the best team win! :-)

Team 17 – Wilson



Christine Wilson, Kearney , Nebraska.   2 dogs yellow lab, Rowdy and chocolate lab Boone.  Children: 2 girls and 1 boy.  Five quarter horses:  Rocky, Bridgere, Sparky, Comet and Frosty.  Ranging from 5-16 years.


I give pony birthday parties, trail rides, riding lessons and trail ride lessons in the Kearney Area.  We also go into the Rockies, Wyoming, Utah, and Idaho every year for horse camping in the summer  and then we take the horses elk hunting in the fall for 4-5 weeks.  We have been as far as Bob Marshall with the horses to the north and the Ouachita Mountains in Arkansas in the south.


When not giving lessons I just ride for fun, mostly fast and the more difficult the better.

Team 16 - Sabino



  • My name is Natalie Kilpatrick and this is my first year in the Distance Derby. I'm relatively new to riding, I still consider myself a beginner, but am learning more every day.


  • My horse, Scooter (APHA "Luckys Wild Rose") is a 1995 Sabino Chestnut Paint Horse Mare who I began free leasing in August of 2012. She is pregnant with her fourth and final foal due in March. After the foal is born and weaned I will buy Scooter and we'll begin the rest of our lives together.


  • I would love to get more serious with Competitive Trail Riding but my lack of owning a horse trailer is stopping me at the moment. I board Scooter within a few miles of Lake Cunningham so we spend a lot of our time on the trails in the surrounding area.


  • We won't be starting out 2013 strong, but we hope to finish out with a bang!


PLEASE NOTE: Since Scooter will be kept home from the trails more than expected January through May we may not be sending in any miles, this doesn't mean that we aren't participating, she's just out of commission. Once the foal is born we'll start running up miles again and I'll begin submitting data. If I happen to hop on another horse for some miles I'll definitely be submitting those!

Team 20 - Silver Spur

Hi, I'm Jayda! I'm 11 yrs. old but I'll be turning 12 in May. I've been wanting to be in the Great Distance Derby because I've been watching and helping my mom ride to 200 miles. I love horses and ponies! I ride my moms horses but usually ride my dads 25 yr. old sorrel mare. I chose Silver Spur in honor of my 23yr. old Shetland/Welsh pony, who died last fall, Jaspur. He had a silver coat. He is a very special member of my team. 

Another member is Firecracker (the 25yr. old I mentioned earlier) who is one AWSOME horse: sure footed, high spirited, 1/2  Arabian! I've been riding since before I was born (basicaly), hahaha. My mom is Team Blues Clues. I can't wait until 2013! Have fun in the snow! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay,LOL.

Team 11 - Blue's Clues*

My name is Jamie. I live south of Lincoln, Nebraska. Ever since I can remember I've sought out horses, and have been lucky enough to get to ride them too, since I grew up in town with a 'horse illiterate' family I didn't know if that would happen. I had friends who taught me to ride with the 'Hold on Jamie!' attitude, got to go to a few Girl Scout riding camps, finally started taking english riding lessons in middle school to learn to jump, and got my first horse, Clue, my junior year of high school. I've done everything with Clue, from jumping and dressage to moving cattle and showing 4H and open shows... and now pretty much just trail riding.

I got the other member of our team, Cherokee, 11 years ago about this time of year (January/February) for my yet unborn daughter. He hasn't been as trained as Clue, but he's a great trail horse and is learning to drive (my other passion, as I've 'spent some hours' driving draft teams in college and one of my jobs).

I still doubt I'll be logging a lot of miles, but have some hope as long as my daughter (Team Silver Spur) is as excited about doing this as she is now.  I was diagnosed with MS in 2006 and have been fighting to keep most of my riding ability... which is there, just not as strong as it once was and I am very grateful for the people who have helped me to get out and get miles in for 2012.  Looking very much forward to logging some more miles!!

2012 / 200.2 Miles / 43rd Place

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Team 57 - Lee*

I live in Nebraska and trail ride with my two paint horses, but we also have fun together at poker runs, trail challenges and game days.

I started riding at 11 and never looked back, just seemed to be at home on a horse. I'll spend most of my DD miles on my Gelding who never fails to provide a fun ride and has become a real partner, and some miles on my big Mare who is a sweet girl.  I'm starting my Shetland pony on driving so I guess I'll get a few "cart" miles recorded also !


2012 /  469.18 miles / 25th Place

Team 6 - Krazy B Ranch

pam b


My name is Pam Butterfield and this is my first year entering the Distance Derby and I'm excited!

I'm 50 years old and I've been riding or somehow involved with horses all my life.  I showed 4H and Open shows in my youth and am now very active as a 4H leader in Lancaster County and also highly involved in the operations of the Capital City Horse and Pony club along with my 15 year-old daughter, Vanessa, and my husband, Jay.

We have several horses we enjoy to haul around with us, but my main ride at this point of my life is a little 5 year-old gray gelding we call Mr. Blueberry.  We also have two Paint mares by the names of Annie and Janie, a young barrel-bred QH filly called Bedago, a Paint/QH named Maggie, and an overflowing personality little gray Arabian pony by the name of Sunny.

Mr. Blueberry doesn't know I'm signing up for this.  I look forward to watching the ground move beneath us.


Team 9 - Kaboom*

Kaboom - Tammy Tate

What a great idea!  My name is Tammy and I live just outside of Portland Oregon.  My husband and I have 5 horses; two are retired, 1 is young and in training, the other 2 are our riding horses.  My horse is Boomer,  a 9 year old Paint.  He is actually more like a 1200 pound dog.  He is a great partner and makes me laugh most days.

I am enrolling in the Derby to help me get out there and ride on those days I am feeling a bit lazy.  We trail ride often in the summer, but are stuck in the arena in the winter.  I will log those miles,  too, and think it will be very interesting!

Happy trails to all.

2012 / 300.92 Miles / 36th Place


Team 68 - MeMe*


My name is MeMe Palmquist and I live near Crescent, Iowa.  I have two horses:  Buck is a 14 year-old Paint/Mustang cross and Booker is a 6 year-old Quarter Horse.  I show Booker in reining and also show another Quarter Horse, Chip, in open and breed shows.  I try to do a lot of trail riding as well as arena riding. 


2012 / 900.81 miles / 11th Place