Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October 14 Leaderboard Update

October 14th Leaderboard update.  
It's starting to get cold, so bundle up and keep riding :-)  


  1. I have chipped the wording off my gps so badly from use I may have to get another one, or do a diagram of what this one says before the letters are all gone.

  2. LOL... now THAT is a well used GPS :-) If you have a smartphone, you can use Garmin Fit as your GPS.

  3. I mailed team 94 a solar blanket in the mail today, if any one has a cheap compass, so she can use it when the batteries are dead on her gps, I am certain she will appreciate it. I am still laughing.

  4. Everybody I ride with uses a phone and I am one of those folks you have to show me how to use the wrist gps's. I refuse to buy a new phone or pay the monthly cost of those things, darn it.


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