Monday, November 11, 2013

November 11th Leaderboard Update

Here we are down to about 7 weeks left of riding and it is getting colder and less opportunities to ride.  How close are you to your 2013 Derby goal?  I have met and exceeded my goal this year.  I have almost ridden twice as far this year over my best year in Iowa.  I am a very happy rider :-)  We all still have time to get closer to our goals but with the weather you need to be more dedicated or crazy.  You decide which one YOU are :-).   


  1. Congratulations "Happy Rider"!
    This year was a milestone for me too! :-) I've ridden the most miles in a year of my life & made my goal of 1,000! Enjoying every mile I spend in Farah's saddle! Thank you Distance Derby!

  2. this year my goal was the world show but that didn't happen so if I just stay upright in the saddle to finish the year it will be great.

  3. I never hit my mileage goals but I did have a great year. RIding in the Black Hills with my friends and having my husband compete in 3 CTRs with me was awesome.


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