Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16 Leaderboard Update

December 16th Leaderboard Update is here.  Only 15 more days to ride in 2013.  Hopefully we get a few more good riding days.  I rode today and it was a beautiful day! 

Inquiring minds want to know if there will be a Distance Derby 2014 and the answer is Yes!  All the rules and regulations will be the same as the last 2 years.  More information will follow in the next two weeks.  If you would like to be in the DD2014 please send me an email to distance derby @ gmail . com (no spaces).  OH!  Also be sure to put your Team # in your email so it is easier for me to find.  Thanks :-)


  1. 12.16.13 rode 5.53 miles grsnd total 602.30

  2. I finally did a diagram of my working GPS that the letters are chipping off, lol. So I don't have to get another one, just carry the card, cheap, cheap is my motto.


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