Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Getting ready for next year's derby

Yup, we are almost there! I have started getting the DD2014 blog website ready to go with the expert help of Ms. Tammy Vasa.  I will be putting together each Team page and need everyone who is continuing in the derby to email me and let me know.  At the same time;  please look at your bio and picture and send me any additions or corrections.  

Just a reminder, ALL DD2013 miles must be posted by January 7th to be counted in the final tally.  I won't be updated the spreadsheet until January 7th after 10:00pm Central time, so please get your last miles in by then.  Hope everyone had a great DD2013!

 Happy New Year, the Year of the Horse!



  1. I'm in for 2014. What is the email address to enter?

  2. Happy New Year, Derby Riders! See you on the trail in 2014!

  3. Happy New Year from Washington State! Looking forward to the 2014 trails!

  4. Happy New Year!

    Thanks to all those who make the Distance Derby possible!

    It was a great motivator for 2013 & can't wait to start riding for 2014!

    We are getting a bunch of snow in Michigan right now, which will allow us to ride cause the ice prevented us from riding the last couple of days.

    I am completely addicted to my horse, riding & driving! Can't believe how far we came in just one year & can't wait to see what different disciplines & adventures we will have in 2014 now that my horse & I are one solid team in large part because of all the miles we traveled together!

    Congrats to all 2013 Derby Participants & see you all on the leader board in 2014!

  5. Hope everyone so enjoyed the ride this last year, it will give you memories in the future. fun teasing the western Nebraska ladies this year. Safe riding and more fun in 2014. Brenda and Virginia have made it a close race and that makes for so much more fun to watch as the miles piled up.


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