Sunday, February 3, 2013

Feb 3rd Leaderboard Update YTD

Here is the Feb. 3rd Leaderboard with Year-to-Date miles.  We had some slip-n-slide rides this week and Team 60 Montana Spots had to go to ER after her and her horse slide on ice.  Please join me in hoping for the best for her to heal quickly.  Team 4 MacKeogh also had a close encounter with ice this week.  Please everyone, stay safe out there!


  1. I seemed to have disappeared from the leader board. I am team 9 kaboom

  2. Missed Team 9 when I was pasting the Leaderboard. I have added her n :-)

  3. It is fun to watch the new folks in the derby rack up miles. The ones from last year are tired, lol. This year reining next year someone please coach me on endurance riding for a new thing to do for me and the horses.

  4. I do believe 'The A Team' has the right idea by taking of for Mexico & getting some riding done there! Speedy recovery 'Montana Spots' & would everyone PLEEEASE be careful riding out there! It won't be as much fun riding in the derby without you!


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