Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hola Amigos! - Montar a Caballo

Here is a post from our own Team 80 - A Team.  Mike Anderson, down in Mexico got to ride a horse on the beach!

2-9-13 2.8 Miles on Diablo in Mazatlan Mexico

112.82 Miles total to date MDA

I rented two horses to ride the beach here in Mazatlan. I paid 480 Pesos ($40) for two horses for a one hour rental fee. Debra Ahrens who has been comming here many years but has never rode here decided to give it a try. I ask the amigos to give her a calm horse and boy did they! No Gallup, no lope, and yes no trotting. Just a nice steady walk. We rode north on the beach about 3/4 of a mile with our mexican cowboys walking a good distance behind us. Once they saw that the horses were in safe hands they turned around and walked back to thr area we were staying at. We then rode southpast our resort, The Inn At Mazatlan about 1/2 mile. About half 1/4 mile south is the "gate" where the public has beach access. My horse decided to balk and he wanted to gi home, so ithey act the same no matter where you are in the world. Anyway it was a good time and I did manage to get deep enough to get my boots wet.

Odious amigos!


  1. Wow! I'm posting rides in a foot of snow and he's riding down warm sandy beaches :) What a great mix! Mike, I hope you meant adios amigos and not ODIOUS amigos LOL

  2. This phone has predictive text so what I ment was good bye, so long, see you later or HAPPY TRAILS!

  3. Congratulations on your "International" ride!

  4. ¡Qué bueno! ¡Qué divertido! ¡Estoy celosa! We in the North are all jealous! Not quite the same, riding someone else’s horse, is it! But so much fun to do it anyway.


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