Monday, April 8, 2013

FLASH! A News "First" from Team 120 - Long Distance Rider

March 28, 2013......

Today was the Day! I'd ridden Farah on certain sections, then we rode our bikes on the sections through the towns where horses are not supposed to go - then - this morning we started at the start of the Centennial Trail in Snohomish,WA & rode north. Through Lake Stevens, Arlington & to the Skagit County line! First equestrian to do the entire distance point-to-point!

Lots of horses use the trail, but the far north end has recently been completed & Arlington made it clear that horses were not expected in "town" - but we surprised them :-) Without that section available - horse people have to trailer around town & pick up the trail on the far side. The city representative was very gracious about our accomplishment & said that they do 
want people to "enjoy" the trail :-)

To read the whole story, stop over to Connie's blog :-)

Wow Connie, this sounded like a great adventure!  


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