Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Two DD 2013 Riders Meet one from Alaska and one in California!

It's not very often I get a drop-in visitor, and I've never had one drop in from Alaska before!  But Jenny Wren and her 17 year-old daughter did just that today, when I heard through the grapevine that they would be driving practically past my house!
It was fun, and weird, to have strangers come, but they were very easy to talk to and of course horse women NEVER run out of conversation.  We had a late lunch, then went out for a barn tour and to see the horses, which of course is always the best part.  We compared quality, availability, and types of hay, and compared riding opportunities and horse events and so on.  As cool as Alaska is (and I'm not talking about snow), it is a really inconvenient place to live in comparison to most of the "lower 48".  She talked about how she hauls more in the winter, because she needs to haul to indoor arenas to ride---- but only if the temps are above 10 degrees, that's her cutoff.  In the summer she has area to ride out from her house, so doesn't need to haul to trails.  She is active in CTR.  We compared prices, of feed and boarding, in particular, and as you can imagine hers are higher.  She was marveling at someone's ad for pasture board for $180/month (in your area).
She really liked Bravo, probably because he is kind of a looker these days.  He has a pretty arched neck and is sooooo shiney.  He's maybe overly-friendly sometimes, so he was reminded to mind his manners and keep his mouth to himself, thankyou.  (Mary, I haven't measured him lately to see if he has grown.)
They were here maybe an hour and a half, then had to continue on to their tasks. 
It was a fun visit!  Thanks to Distance Derby (and Tammy) I got to meet a new horsey friend from Alaska.


  1. Jenny Wren - Team AlaskaApril 24, 2013 at 2:37 AM

    It was great to me you and your horses! I, too, was a little hesitant about just "dropping in" but I am really glad that we did. Thanks so much for a nice meal and great visit.

    1. It was great fun, Jenny! Hope to see you in person again one of these times!

  2. How cool is this? I'll hope then that I'll get a chance to meet a fellow rider!

  3. Crazy cool!! Horsetales brought together a local community that has spread out to become national, looks like the Distance Derby is doing it the other way around!


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