Sunday, May 12, 2013

FBMDR was a success!

Friday Before Mother's Day Ride......A wonderful ride that Tammy Vasa started many years ago was a wonderful success on Friday with about 60 riders and wonderful weather!  It started out a little cool but once the sun came out it was awesome.  The plum bushes smelled so wonderful and the green grass and blue sky made the day very colorful.

We rode from Valapraiso to Loma and back, all in all about 17 miles.  Loma was made famous as it was used in a movie staring Patrick Swayze back in the 90's.  Loma is the home to the Patrick Swayze movie, "To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything! Julie Newmar." on the side of the "hardware" building, you can still see the muriel that says "Welcome to Snyderville" which was the name of the fictional town.

After we had lunch in Loma we headed back to Valapraiso and had a wonderful pot luck meal together.  Thanks Tammy for a wonderful day full of great memories.


  1. I, Team Cinc, was in that movie :) 3 little parts as an Extra :) Just a little trivia for you. My claim to fame is that a couple kids watching off set asked me if I was in the movie, I said yes...then they asked me for my autograph. Poor kids had no clue I was just a hairdresser from Nebraska and not a moviestar, but for 3 days I could pretend. I am now bummed I missed the ride this year as it turned out to be a beautiful day, but with many graduations and weddings coming up, people needed their hair done :)

  2. Pretty cool! Love "historic" places :-) What beautiful country - sure hope things stay green for you this year!


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