Saturday, May 4, 2013

With Sympathy


This is Tammy jumping in here today.  I just wanted all of you to know that last year’s Distance Derby winner, Juanita (Team 41), lost her husband, Ray, this week.  He has been ill and she has been caring for him – giving us updates through Facebook. 


I have known Juanita and Ray for years but got to know them so much better during the Derby last year.  You may not know this, but probably a majority of the miles she racked up were on what she called her “racetrack” – a quarter mile strip outside their home going back and forth.  She never wanted to be far away from Ray.  He was well enough to make a couple trips with her last year.  I recall seeing pictures from their Missouri vacation as well as the Petersburg, Nebraska trail ride in August.  I know it made her happy when he was with her but I know Ray was equally happy when Juanita would ride.  “Ride your own ride,”  he told her.  And she did.  He accompanied her to the awards dinner this past January.


My sympathy to Juanita and her family at this time of their loss.  If you are so inclined, say a prayer for both of them.  Or you might want to reach out to her in the comments on her Derby Page


Juanita posted the following on Facebook this morning. 




Page County Conservation is located in southwest Iowa, bordered on the south by the state of Missouri and home to the Pierce Creek Recreation Area. Collectively, the Page CCB manages 8 parks, trails, recreation areas and wildlife areas encompassing some 1,479 acres across the county.  For additional information about the programs, services and facilities offered by the Page CCB, please utilize the following contact information:

Address to mail memorial:  Page County Conservation c/o Joyce Kruse, 1178 200th St, Shenandoah, Iowa,51601-4582.  Note “Iowa West Match” and in memory of Ray.


  1. Juanita, I am so sorry for your loss. I am sure Ray is riding in Heaven! May God bless you and bring your peace. Brenda

  2. Thank you Tammy for this lovely post, it made me cry again, but good tears. when I think I have run out, they pour again. Ray loved this place because he said it was great for old guys, and he didn't need flowers for me to throw away. I only liked the ones he got me and he got me many. I will miss that so dearly. I rarely get on this site anymore and did because of Karen C. I only went out for the first time yesterday. This was a horse park that he so enjoyed in the last few years of his life and giggled with the lady and others who did so much to improve it.Joyce kruse, ruth ross and others.

  3. Juanita,
    I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I cannot imagine your heartbreak but hope you will find some solace in your horses. May you sleep, eat and carry on knowing you were lucky to know love and that he is still with you because of that love. Sending healing energy your way.


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