Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pictures of riders having fun.

Just for fun, I thought I would post some pictures of some of the DD2013 riders out riding :-)  I know with the weather getting better there is lots of riding (I know, I have to   record all them miles!).  Hope everyone gets lots of miles and smiles during the bloom of June :-)

First one is of Tammy V out at Eagle Creek.  
She and a bunch of DD riders had a wonderful time.

Here is a picture of a DD rider out at Big Canyon. 
 Best view is always between your horse's ears!

This the "No hands bridge" out at the Tevis ride in California.  Two of our teams went from NE to CA to do an educational ride to gather info and experience.

This is at the Rocking R Ranch CTR ride down in MO.  
They almost got rained out!

Here is a picture of a group of DD riders at Mount Rushmore, SD. 
 Looks like a great ride.

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  1. Thanks for adding a pic of the culmination of our triumphant journey to reach Mount Rushmore on horseback! What an awesome experience. I am so glad we made it to the top! (Photo of Tammy Alexander and Marvel Rahn taken June 5, 2013 by Sandy Ries.) Marvel - Team 70: Follow Your Dreams


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