Monday, September 2, 2013

End of August Leaderboard

This is the end of August Leaderboard and we now have 4 teams over 1000 miles!  Congrats to Team 22 who leads the board with Team 14 less than 5 miles behind!  August was a great month for riding even with the heat.  Happy and safe trails for everyone this September!


  1. With clouds & thunderstorms moving in, it's feeling a little like "Fall" here in the Great "Northwet"!

    1. Here in NE we have been having another heat wave. 105 yesterday with about the same forecast for today. But it looks like once it cools down it will do so with a passion....20 degrees or so! I will admit that I am ready for cooler, Fall like weather but not winter weather.

    2. Glad I'm not there! I would melt! We're all worried that we'll have no Fall & go right into Winter! Temps running 10 degrees below normal & breaking records for rainfall! There's still time for that Fall riding - I hope!

  2. Tee Shirts will be mailed out this week!


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