Monday, September 30, 2013

End of September Leaderboard

End of September and a LOT of riding being done this past week.  Congrats to Team 14 for leading the way with over 1429 miles!!!  Have a great October everyone :-)

NOTE:  Tammy wanted me to pass along a message.  The Distance Derby shirts had a spelling error (can you find it?) and if you want to return it for a replacement you may do so. Some colors may not be available now because the supplier ran out.  She will not cover shipping costs, so that would be $4.00 to be paid in advance and you will have to send back your original T-shirt.   Please contact her directly with questions and more information.

 (BTW,  She will have to pay for it out of her own pocket since she made the error and none of us caught it all the many times we saw the logo before it went to inking.  Personally I am keeping mine since I never saw the typo and most other people who see the logo when I wear it won't see it either. :-))


  1. Easy fix on the shirts by the way...took mine to a local place and they laid a black arched band over competitor...looks like it's the bottom of the circle. Cost me $2 :)

  2. What is wrong with you quarter horse and paint people, lol, are you going to let those desert horses beat you. Is that the cowboy way. Everybody ride and ride so Diane has something to keep her busy.

    1. That's right, I need lots of work to do. Except for you Juanita, you need to stop riding LOL :-)

  3. That is funny! I was so excited to get my shirt, AND wear it, that I never noticed. I think I will leave mine the way they are. They just might be worth more someday....just like coins that have errors on them. :-)
    Thank you for ordering them for us! They are great!

  4. Hah! I have not noticed either! Wore my tee once, and looking forward to breaking out the hoodie!

    Diane, my internet is down at home right now. Lost my miles for last week as I didn't get them recorded, oh well for me.

    16.94 yesterday, led trail rides and parked cars, 12 hour day at the ranch. Little Miguel and Concho.nexy week, Miguel steps up to car parking horse as I am turning Concho over to my friend, Colleen Hamer who is going to come park with us.


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