Friday, March 22, 2013

Breaking News for Cell Phone battery life!

NEW! Summit 3000Team 7 - Shoofly* wants everyone to see this :-)
Breaking news! I found the solution to the iphone getting sucked dry on rides when I use the GPS app: a device called "MyCharge". It's a portable rechargeable battery pack that can recharge a number of electronic devices, but most importantly my iphone! I was lamenting how to catch my miles if I rode more than 3 hours, and this is how! Yes, not cheap (runs from $60 to $100), but oh so worth it. Not just for DD, but for me exploring mountain trails where I could (may very likely) NEED a gps to avoid getting totally lost. Please pass this info on!  

Here is a link to one that I found on the internet.  I also found it at

I (Diane) also found an external battery for my Droid Razer M and I love it.  I was down to 50% charge on my phone when I started a ride and attached my external battery to it and when I got done with my ride 2 1/2 hours later, my phone was at 100% charged.  This was all while I was using Garmin Fit on my phone as my GPS tracking my miles for DD2013.

Just want to make sure everyone has a way to log their miles on every ride :-)

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