Friday, March 1, 2013

The Longest Month is Over - Leaderboard

Here is the Year-to-Date Leaderboard for February....which for alot of us has been the longest month of the year.  Snow, wind and mud made for a very difficult month for the Midwest.  However!!!  The End of Feb. Leaderboard tells a different story :-)

As a group we rode only about 200 less miles in February than January.  So some of ya'll are out there doing us proud!!!  Team 54 - Rolling Thunder rode the most miles with 123.40, Team 117 - Apple Treat rode the most days at 16 for 106.80 miles and only started the derby on Feb. 1st.  We also had 9 riders post miles for the first time this month.  So glad to see them posting.  We have 100 of the 129 riders with miles in the derby now.

So....on to the Month-End Leaderboard :-)  

I added the Feb. MTD so everyone can check my math and make sure we agree on milage.  Be sure to drop me an email if we have different totals.  

On to March the month of green and extra daylight at the end of the day.  I was going to say longer days, but my husband keeps telling me "the days are not longer"....I say...yeessss....we all know that, but to the DD riders, the days sure seem longer.  YES!!!

Have a great March everyone!


  1. Since I wrote the rules for the Distance Derby, I would like to propose amending this rule which states:

    7). Riders who do not submit miles for 60 or more consecutive days will be disqualified from competition.

    To Read:

    7). Riders who do not submit miles for 60 or more consecutive days will be disqualified from competition as abandoning the Derby. Riders who have not ridden in 60 days may continue to compete as long as they make notation on their bio that they plan to continue the competition.

    I put that rule in there mainly for those who abandoned the competition. I did not want them to take a placing from those who continued to ride to the end but maybe just not put in as many miles.

    Would those who are reading this agree? I know Peggy is down with a broken ankle and she will be back. I know one gal is waiting for her mare to foal and doesn't want to ride her at this stage of her pregnancy. And I know my husband has ridden twice and did not had a gps once and was in an arena the other time, but he still plans to submit miles when he can. I'm not asking for the exception for him - those who know him know he couldn't care less. LOL.

    Anyway - those who are tuning in - what do you think of the revision?

    1. I completely agree Tammy! We still have listed riders who have not ridden either Jan. or Feb.

    2. I think the revision sounds fair.

  2. So, if I read this correctly teams that don't ride for 60 and also don't note their intention will be dq'd as abandoning? That seems fair. If there are reasons, like the ones you listed above, and they know they're still in, just on the sidelines for a solid reason, no reason to eject them. The new revision you've suggested would simply weed out those that quit.

    Thanks for posting the February update, too. I'm having so much fun with this! :)

  3. I second Tammy's suggestion - good idea. Thanks for the month end tally! Connie - LDR #120


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