Sunday, March 10, 2013

March 10th Leaderboard Update

Here we are on the first day of Daylight Savings Time and we have a blizzard here in Nebraska! So I thought that not too many people would be riding to day but nnnnOOoooo :-)  Lot's of riders today, some even here in Nebraska!!

 Oh also it is Tammy's birthday today :-)  Happy B-Day Lady!

Let's all shake a rein for Team 84 - Slash Quarter Circle for being Rank # 1 this week with 246.91 miles YTD!  Way to ride Lady :-)


  1. I likely just missed your update but Team Grace added 9 more miles yesterday that weren't included but I we were likely posting at the same time. Thanks again for doing this. Great Fun!

  2. There are now six teams that need to get off their horses. One may already be in trouble for posting poems on team 53 and you know who you are, lol. How ,oh how to catch up now, poor me, but good riding for them.

  3. Checking the Leader Board to see how far from grace I have fallen. LOL. Looks like I got some riding to do!

  4. So, curious as to how many teams of the 129 are no long participating? Seems like a lot of blanks at the end of the weekly update. I've been having a blast reading some of the other team pages!


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