Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15th Leaderboard Update

This is the mid point of July and there has been alot of riding being done even with the heat and humidity.  I have started to get up early and ride before it gets to hot and have heard from other DD riders they are doing the same.  Gotta get those ride miles in somehow :-)  We now have 2 Teams over 1000 miles and another one close on their heels.


  1. Two spots away from making the top board! LOL, guess I need to get riding. I will never catch Vasa at this rate!

  2. At the rate you are riding, you will catch me in no time! Moved my horses to my MILs pasture so that makes it even less handy to ride. The heat is sucking the life out of me and when its cool enough to ride, I still need to do my walk. Windy got in shape last year, it's my turn this year. LOL!


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