Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July 29th Leaderboard Update

With the weather so nice in most places, I had a lot of miles to record.  Ya'll are keeping me very busy :-)  We have three teams with over 1000 miles!  Congrats to Team 51 with 1136 miles!

I rode a lot of miles this week, but I also got out and helped trim over-grown trails and plan on doing that again during a Wednesday ride with friends.  I would like to encourage you all to take the time to volunteer to help keep horse trails cleared and trimmed.  We all need to give back to keep receiving.  For those of you who already volunteer....THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!


  1. It is fun to watch the new folks rack up miles, good for them. I think how hard it is for those with kids to be able to get out and enjoy their horses, it truly is a passion. I go back to work shortly, so those of you who are trying to work and ride, you gotta love it. Some are so lucky they are just able to go after their love of riding. So I am asking everybody to GET OFF THOSE HORSES FOR 3 WEEKS so the old lady can catch up.

  2. Wow, I am excited about my 300! I can only imagine 1000! Great job all of you!

    Thanks to all of you who are keeping track of our miles and logging them on the board for us. I know how much time it takes to keep track of my own let alone 129!

    Now to figure out which t-shirts I want to order. :-)


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