Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Team 108 - Riding High

I am Doris Roesch from Cody, Wyoming. I have been riding Endurance since 1976. I love to ride the trails. My mounts are Kardra-Arabian, All in good Time “(Timex)”-Arabian, Raven-Morab , French Fyr- Arabian and Onslo-Mule.

Living in rural Wyoming gives me the opportunity to ride in the Mountains without having to trailer. Another plus is, that I am retired and have lots of time to be on horseback. Weather does not affect my riding much. I have warm clothing. My 8 rescue dogs share my love for the outdoors.

I have been reading about this program last year but did not get around to join. Here I am. Ready to ride.

Thank for having me.


  1. Love Onslo! as the another mule rider I look forward to watching your progress in the Derby!

  2. Welcome Doris - love the gallop picture!

  3. Doris, Welcome to the derby! I remember first seeing you & Taj in Mules & More Magazine years ago & hoped to ride my mule TAZ in distance rides someday. She's 18 this year & this is as close as it will probably ever get for us. Thank-you for inspiring my dream & love for riding distance on a good mule. Looking forward to joining you on some virtual distance rides! ~ Christine & TAZ/ Team Purple

  4. Hi Doris, sending you this since you are from WY. I did the 2012 Distance Derby (team #27)but decided not to get into the 2013 race. Several friends and I are planning a trip to WY this summer (August) and I would love to "pick your brain" about a place to head. We like the "creature comfort features" so we want to head to a place where we can hook up to electricity, have water available, showers and horse corrals. On top of all that we don't want to haul to the trails once we set up camp! I know we are picky, BUT we are willing to pay to get what we want. I would appreciate any help you can give me. I see there are several others also from WY and will contact them too. DD is a great way to make these "horsey" connections
    Kristy and Wolfie

  5. Hi, Doris and welcome. Your area of WY is on my bucket list. We were in Laramie/Cheyenne area this past summer. Someday hope to have a summer home out there. Beautiful state in the summertime!


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