Monday, January 28, 2013

Team 121 - Short Stuff

My name is Melinda (Brahms) Mothershead. I live outside of Massena, Iowa. 

I love to riding, my Papa had me on a horse before I could walk. With my kids, all girls, ages 3,4,5 & 7, farming and my grooming business riding usually gets put on the back burner. I love to trail ride, check cows/fence and fox hunt. My equine consist of the Mules; Mable a 16hh 6y/o and Jennie a 12 hh 14y/o. And the Horses Jesse 14.1hh 6 y/o appy/poa and Cassie 14.2hh 6y/o Haflinger.

I am hoping the derby will push me to find more time in the saddle and meets some more "hors" people.


  1. Welcome! Looking forward to meeting you and your haflinger:)

  2. Best of luck! From one "newbie" to another :-)

  3. Melinda, you decided to join, good for you. Come over and we will ride with each other again. Maybe jump some barrels, now that would be fun.

  4. let's see if I do this right
    1/28 1.20 miles 1.20 miles to date (Cassie)

  5. Here is hoping riding gets moved to the front burner! You have a great Iowa contingency to push you along! Welcome!

  6. 2/3 4.93 miles 6.13 MTD

    Cassie's First (partial) fox hunt TALLY-HO!

  7. 3/17 12.63 MTD 18.76
    Rode my friends super Max. He is a stud muffin.


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