Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Team 97 - Miller

Hi my name is Jay and I would like to do this derby to see how many miles I actually ride my horses in a year!


  1. Hi Jay! My goal is ride at least one-half of the miles you do! Maybe a bunch of us can ride together this year. Have fun!

  2. Hey there cowboy! Great to see you on here! :-)

  3. Welcome, Jay. What state are you from?

  4. Jay, they asked you a question. :-) He is crazy busy right now so I will answer. He is from the Tonganoxie, KS area. I know he rode one day and forgot to turn his GPS on. ACK! Hey Jay, if you don't start answering I am going to make stuff up. Ha!

    1. If he is admitting that he forgets you could report -miles!


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