Sunday, January 13, 2013

What GPS do you use?????

What GPS do you use????  Do you use a Garmin wrist type, a hand held, a Magellen, an Iphone, or smart phone or other???  Inquiring minds want to know :-)  Please put a comment at the end of this post and let us know who you are and what type of GPS you use.

Now on to the lesson.....nope there won't be a test.... this is for FYI only :-)

On the top of this blog is a menu which shows Home, Rules, Entering your Miles, etc., added new today is a wonderful post "GPS Basics" by Tammy about the GPS she uses, the Garmin Foretrex 301.   It really shows the basics of the Foretrex GPS wristwatch series.  She also talks about her Iphone that has a GPS Fit app that can also be used for tracking derby miles.

After reading a very similar such post from Tammy a few years ago, I purchased a Garmin Foretrex 401 because I figured it was a newer model.  Nope, not newer, just more options.  Options that I won't use to the fullest, probably should have just got the 301 and saved the money, but I digress.....

A few of my friends have the same model as I do and when we ride together my GPS tracks more miles then theirs :-) .  We all figured with Jordan having such a long stride, I actually went farther, but after some research I don't think so.  I think it is because I have set mine up with the WAAS GPS Mode and not the normal.

Ok, so what is the difference you ask???  WAAS uses more satellites then the normal mode (link to read more about it).

So if you want about 1/2 to 3/4 mile more then normal mode, change it to WAAS mode.

On the GPS, use the first button and click thru till you get to the "Waypoint" screen.  Then arrow down to the "Setup" option which is highlighted.  Click your 2nd button (from the left) til you get to "System".

This is the screen for both the GPS Mode and the Battery Mode.  Just remember to highlight what you want to change; top for GPS and bottom for Battery.  Oh, the middle one is for the beeper.  I don't use it cuz I hate beepers.....

Now on to the battery option....when you highlight the battery option, it brings up this screen; which has a setting to choose what kind of battery you install.  I use the Lithium, which gives a little longer time and less drop off (lithium batteries are more expensive though).  It comes setup with the alkaline battery standard, so if you choose a different battery, be sure to change it in set up.

The AAA batteries usually last about 17 hours, so be sure to carry a spare set in your horn bag, or get in the middle of a ride and your battery dies and you loose many miles ......  just sayin'  :-(


  1. Great article! I use the GPS on my Droid 4 cell phone, along with the free version of Endomondo. I may break down and get a real gps unit but since I already have the phone that's what I started with.

    1. oops forgot to sign a "Three Little Birds" Team 8

    2. Thanks for the feedback :-) Nice to see someone really read it :-)

  2. Jenny Wren - Team AlaskaJanuary 13, 2013 at 10:04 PM

    We have a pair of Garmin rino 520s. They have several features that I like - a "find" feature and the radio. They are very easy to use and have excellent battery life.

  3. I use my Droid Razr Maxx phone with the free Map My Ride app. Someday I would love to upgrade to a Garmin with heart rate monitor, but for now this set up works fine.

  4. I use a Garmin GPSMap76CSx which is now a discontinued model. I can see my tracks exactly like they appear on Garmin Connect right on the screen and it has a map function. I can download GPS coordinates for geocaches on it too and use the navigate to button to find them while still tracking my riding miles. I also have Garmin Fit that I use for short rides on my LG smartphone but since I live in the sticks it really drains the battery and I can't trust it for more than 2 hours.

  5. I bought the Garmin 301 but recently sold it as I LOVE my iphone app Garmin Fit. I may have to invest in one of those battery packs though if I am finding myself in the saddle longer!

  6. I use the ETrex20. Handy, not too complicated.
    Team 94 SnK

  7. I started using the Forerunner 305 when I took up walking/running a few years ago, something I never thought I would enjoy let alone complete three half marathons! Last summer it occurred to me, duh, while perusing the northern woods of Michigan and 'kind of' knowing where I was and which direction would lead me back to camp...might be a good idea to use the 305 on my rides! Though my boy and I always get back, it's fun having a mileage to go along with it, too.
    Still waiting for my truck to be fixed so I can add some miles to my current standing. It keeps me in a gentler state of mind when I ride regularly and it's been way too long since my ride on January 1.
    Team Owen, #95

  8. I'm using the Garmin 310XT. Works like a champ, long battery life too when fully charged & waterproof, did I say waterproof? :-)

  9. Garmin 310xt. Mud proof too, lol


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