Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Team 90 - Zebra

My name is Skyler Rahn and I am eight years old.  I live in Allen, NE.  My Grandma Marvel (Team 70: Follow Your Dreams) gave me a horse when I was three, and a pony when I was five.  The Derby sounds like fun!
My horse's name is Sandy Fox.  She is a six-year-old Buckskin Quarterhorse mare that my grandma is raising.  My pony's name is Katie.  She is nine years old.


  1. Skyler is in the Derby. Look for miles in February!!! :-D

  2. Hi, Skyler. Welcome to the Derby. Your grandma is very excited to have you do this with her. Katie looks like a great pony!

  3. YEEHAW! (That's all Skyler wants to write about her first ride today in the 2013 Distance Derby. However, she talked nonstop while she was riding. I think she's going to be one of those girls who scares all of the wildlife away with her chatter. LOL)

    .89 miles on Katie the pony in 31.57 minutes at Grandma Marvel's house. (2.5 mph moving average, 4.4 mph maximum, 1.6 mph overall)

    P.S. Today she told me she thinks I am a professional rider because I know all of the basics. (I told her I will continue to learn new things about horses as long as I live.) Last year I asked her if she remembered the basics I taught her and she said she will remember them forever! Grandma Marvel


  4. Awesome Team Zebra :-) So happy to see you officially on the Leaderboard! Keep up those rides with Grandma Marvel!!

  5. .77 miles in 38.02 minutes on Katie at Grandma Marvel's.

    Skyler got to give her cousin, Case (almost 2), his first pony ride (with help of course). Case LOVED it The smiles said it all!


  6. Skyler will be riding this Friday so we'll get the miles posted ASAP after that!

  7. 1.41 miles on Katie at Grandma Marvel's in the new round pen in 1.25 hours. (2.0 mph moving average/3.9 mph maximum/1.1 mph overall)


    Skyler said, "It was fun and I loved riding Katie even though I haven't ridden her for a while."

    Skyler did awesome tonight and was riding by herself in a big circle. I took several short videos of her. You can see her progress from one video to the next and by the last one everything she has learned over time came together. Next time she rides her goal is to catch her pony, saddle her, get on, and ride with little help from Grandma Marvel.

    Skyler is also proud to announce that on June 13th her new baby sister, Sydney, was born!!!!! Tonight she talked about how Sydney will get to ride Katie the pony in the future.

  8. 1.75 miles on Katie in Allen, NE at Skyler's house in 1.23 hours. (2.2 mph moving average/3.5 mph maximum/1.3 mph overall)


    Skyler was surprised when Grandma Marvel showed up at her house with the pony. Katie enjoyed a good bath first, then a walk around the neighborhood to air dry before Skyler tacked her up to ride. Skyler said, "It was fun and Allen is a gold mine (because she found two quarters in one spot and two quarters and a penny in another spot)." LOL Last but not least Skyler rode Katie a few blocks to her Great Grandma Joanne's house in Allen for a visit. It was a fun day!


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