Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Team 110 - Daly

I am from the United Kingdom and live in Wyoming. I am a professional farrier and ride as often as I can.  My back ground is Thoroughbred racing, for several years I have participated in Endurance Riding. I ride several mustangs and Arabian horses. My favorite is  French Fyr, a great Arabian gelding. 

Wyoming offers wide open spaces to ride in. The winters are often very cold and very long. I am joining this group to get encouragement to ride a lot more during the winter.

I am looking forward to meeting Distanz Derby riders on line.

Darren Daly


  1. Welcome Darren! It's been amazing seeing the diversity of this year's riders in the Derby. I have a friend in Sheffield, England so the fact that you are from the UK intrigued me. I am from Nebraska (Team 70: Follow Your Dreams). Happy Trails! Marvel Rahn

  2. Welcome. We vacationed in Wyoming last summer near Laramie. Had a great time. My family owns land just west of Laramie and it sure looks like we found a spot for a summer home someday! Not sure I could do the winters but July in Wyoming was THE BEST!

  3. Welcome Darren! You'll get used to the winters, just have to get used to bundeling up. lol

  4. Welcome to the Derby! Bundling up and riding on a cold winter day is an awesome experience. I look forward to seeing your posts as you log those miles. I live in SW Iowa and ride Arabs.

  5. Welcome, Darren! Hope winter goes quickly and relatively painlessly. Are you short on moisture like those in NE? I am living in northern CA, not far from the Western States Trail, where the Tevis Cup endurance race is held each summer. Are you planning to do that, or have you?
    Sheila (Shoofly #7)

  6. Hi Darren, sending you this since you are from WY. I did the 2012 Distance Derby (team #27)but decided not to get into the 2013 race. Several friends and I are planning a trip to WY this summer (August) and I would love to "pick your brain" about a place to head. We like the "creature comfort features" so we want to head to a place where we can hook up to electricity, have water available, showers and horse corrals. On top of all that we don't want to haul to the trails once we set up camp! I know we are picky, BUT we willing to pay to get what we want. I would appreciate any help you can give me. I see there are several others also from WY and will contact them too. DD is a great way to make these "horsey" connections
    Kristy and Wolfie


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