Thursday, January 31, 2013

Team 127 - Frahm

    I am Mary Frahm from Amelia, a tiny town in north central Nebraska, population 7.
(I’m # 7)   Not long ago I retired from teaching, so I now have more time on my hands,
and a great little mare named Dutchess to throw my saddle on.   Surrounded by miles of
pasture, I have lots of ground to ride on, and neighbors that don’t mind if I do.  You
know, that’s a great combination.  I put it to good use.

    My husband Doug and I enjoy horse camping and trail riding, and we’re blessed to
have good family and friends that enjoy the same.  We vacation with our horses, in
Nebraska and surrounding states as well.  At home, I really like it when my husband
rides with me, but when he doesn’t, I have a wonderful doggy friend that accompanies
me.  She won’t be left behind.

    My sister issued a challenge to me last year to see which of us could ride more
miles.  I had two goals then:  beat her, or if I couldn’t, at least put in one mile
for every day of the year.  She beat me on miles, but I did make my second goal.  And
who will this year?  We’ll see.  I’ve also challenged myself to ride more miles than I
did last year.


  1. You had the same goal as I did last year, to ride a mile a day. I reached that and also hope to better it this year! (Actually I set a goal to double it, which might have been a bit ambitious!!) Best of luck to you! I'm not familiar with Amelia, but I am guessing it's not far from Emerson where my husband grew up?

  2. I had to google Amelia. Just south of O'Neill. Beautiful countryside. Some friends of mine have a ranch north of O'Neill right on Eagle Creek (?) We plan to go back up there again this year and do some more exploring.

  3. I have family from Chambers and my Great-grandfathers second wife was from Amelia! Small world! I love visiting that area, such wide open spaces. Would love to be able to load up my horse and ride the open range out there!!

    1. Who is your family in Chambers, and what was your great-grandfather's name, and his wife's maiden name? I wouldn't know any of them because I'm not from this area, but my husband and his mother are wracking their brains trying to come up with a name. And...why don't you just load up your horse and come this way for a ride. Would love to have you.

  4. Dutchess / East pastures
    Feb. 7
    Miles: 4.88

  5. My maternal grandfather is a Durre. My great-grandpa was Henry Weber, he married Esther Burgess after my great-grandma passed away. My great-grandma was a Ritterbush. My cousin that lives in Chambers (and who I greatly need to visit!) is Pike and Elaine Farewell. Wow, this takes me back to some great memories of my childhood. Sure miss hanging out there. Maybe once we get a different pickup bought I will load up my boy and head up there for a visit. Would be fun and much needed!! :)

    1. If you're unable to bring your horse because you have to travel by car, that's okay. You can ride one of our horses. I look forward to having company as I ride. Call. P.S. Will you give your name and where you live?

  6. Dutchess / North to bridge
    Feb. 17 Temp.: 60
    Miles: 7.31
    Miles to date: 12.19

  7. That sounds awesome! I would like to try and make it up there soon! My name is Marcia Himmelberg and I live with my husband and 4 children on a farm outside of Lawrence, NE :)

    1. Hey, my sister, another gal and I drove past Lawrence last summer on our way to the Oak Trail Ride. We camped the weekend at an old abandoned farm site near Oak, rode into town for the ride, and back to the farm after the ride. What a day! 21 miles. Totally enjoyed the trail ride. Since you like to ride, were you by any chance there that day? Looking forward to you coming to the Chambers area.

  8. I was at that ride! (It was my first trail ride as an adult) I didn't get to ride my own house cuz he had a bad case of ringworm. :( But I was able to borrow a horse from a friend of a friend and had a great time. I'm planning on going again this next year! Who are you and where are you from, if you don't mind my asking?

    1. Sorry I haven't gotten back to you. I married Doug 5 years ago. I came from Stapleton, NE and was known there as Mary Fletcher.

  9. Mar. 14
    Dutchess / East lake pasture 4.51 miles
    Handy/ Home section 4.57 miles
    Miles to date: 21.27

  10. April 27
    Dutchess / East pastures / 5 miles
    Doug rode Schaeff
    Miles to date: 26.27

  11. May 15
    Dutchess / NE pastures / 6.20 miles
    Doug rode Schaeff
    Miles to date: 32.47

  12. May 25-29
    Fort Robinson
    Total miles: 30.47
    Miles to date: 62.94

  13. June 26-30 Black Hills
    Total miles: 48.15
    Miles to date: 111.09

  14. July 14
    Dutchess / Litchfield Trail Ride
    13.2 miles
    Total miles to date: 124.29

  15. July 29, 30, 31 National Forest at Halsey
    Dutchess (Our sister ride)
    32.37 miles
    Miles to date: 156.66

  16. Aug. 3
    Dutchess / Turkey Creek; Newcastle, NE
    9.19 miles
    Miles to date: 165.85

  17. Aug. 24-25
    Dutchess / Joe's Arena
    2.4 miles
    Miles to date: 168.25

  18. Sep. 10: 20.4 miles
    Sep. 11: 22 miles
    Dutchess / Lee Ranch
    Gallery riding, Field Dog Trials
    Miles to date: 210.65

  19. Congrats on getting over 200 miles :-)

  20. Sep. 12: 20.39 miles
    Dutchess / Lee Ranch / Dog Trials
    Miles to date: 231.04

  21. Sep. 13: 20.9 miles
    Sep. 14: 12.2 miles (1/2 day)
    Red Dun / Lee Ranch / Dog Trials
    Miles to date: 264.14

  22. Sep. 15: 13.4 miles (1/2 day)
    Dutchess / Lee Ranch / Dog Trials
    Miles to date: 277.54

  23. Sep. 17: 7.8 miles
    Sep. 18: 22.3 miles
    Dutchess / Lee Ranch
    Field Dog Trials / last day
    (9 half hour braces)
    Miles to date: 307.64

  24. Wow, you are cranking on the miles now :-) Congrats on getting over 300 miles!

  25. Sep. 21, 22
    Nat. Forest at Halsey / Dutchess
    18.80 miles
    Miles to date: 326.44

  26. Oct. 2
    Lee Ranch / Dutchess
    field dog training / 8.4 miles
    Miles to date: 334.84

  27. Oct. 8
    Amelia section; east l m road
    6.7 miles
    Miles to date: 341.54

  28. Oct. 19-20
    Log Cabin Ranch canyons / Dutchess
    Weekend with Connie (sister), Cheri & Jane
    14.04 miles
    Total miles to date: 355.58

  29. Oct. 26
    St. Michael trail ride
    14 miles on Dutchess

    Oct. 27
    Home in Amelia. Poor Dutchess. She thought she'd get turned into the pasture upon arriving home, but we put in another 5.8 miles. It was just too nice not to ride.
    Total miles to date: 375.38

  30. I met my goal, even exceeded it by 15 miles, but alas, I was beaten by my sister. She ended the year with 125 miles more than me. Oh well, there's always next year. We both plan to participate in the 2014 D. Derby. It was a fun year.


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