Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Team 93 - Maxed Out

Hi, I'm Logan Bucher; 21 years old. I enjoy trail riding or even just riding the back fields and roads. 

My companion is a 10 year old black and white paint I call Maxine, but mostly Max for short. She loves to last minute check my riding skills by throwing a surprise or two along the way, but always leaves me smiling. 

I'm located in southeast corner of Nebraska,by a lil town called Stella.


  1. 1-11-13 not a a bad afternoon to ride. got a whole 4.18 miles in...YaY. since the cooler weather maxine was alittle jumpy but exciting as always. hope to tread some more tomorrow.

  2. 1-17-13 kind of a rough afternoon but got a whopping 4.56 miles leaving me with MTD 8.74

  3. 4-2-13 what i feared to be a rough stressful ride, ended quite sttress free. considering max sat for acouple months due to this hecktic weather. i managed to cram a whole 2.48 miles today. leaving me MTD 11.22 ...... whoohoo over 10miles!

  4. 4-21-13 we decided to go to the areana for acouple hours which turned into most the afternoon. managed to gain 17.8 miles. Mtd 28.30

  5. 4-24-13 rode a friends horse home after it managed to escape. suprisingly rode 3.3 miles.
    MTD 31.33.

  6. 4-27-13 Rode with my friends Ava and Ruth today. Rode into Stella, stoppped at lil store to get a soda and when some guy came out before i went in,Ava's horse tried to walk into the store. Rode over to farm sale then back home for a total of 13.06 for today. MTD44.39


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