Thursday, January 31, 2013

Team 126 - Giddy Up

My name is Shelly Henderson.  I'm live north of Sioux City IA. 

The saddle is the place I dream about and the place I put myself every chance I get.  I've decided to join the Distance Derby (thanks to Tammy) because I would like to see the amount of miles I travel in a year.  This is a challenge for myself to not only ride every chance I get, but to put more time in on my rides.  My horses are my life.  We have several horses (my other half says too many), 9 horses & 1 mule.  Each one has their own personality.  I've learned from each & every one of my horses, good or bad.  I look at each one & realize the progress I've made & the progress I need to make in my Horsemanship journey. 

My adventures lead me to nurmous places... we trail ride locally & take a few vacation a year.  We try to hit new areas each year.  We've been to the Black Hills, Colorado, Missouri & Arkansas.  It's hard to pick my favorite, can you?  We also compete in local events as well... ranch sorting, trail challenges & ranch horse competitions.  I gladly except the challenge of the Distance Derby.  This will be a new journey for me & I'm excited to participate.  Along with meeting more horse people along the way.
Happy Trails, Shelly Henderson
PS A big thank you to Tammy for creating this event, for being active in local riding & writing the stories about her adventures. Her stories have inspired me.  Along with all the information she shares about local rides and trail.  Thank You Tammy.


  1. Love the paint, my maternal family is all from Le Mars. Good riding for you and yours this year.

  2. Thank you for the call-out, Shelly. The feeling is mutual. I enjoy following you on FB, your herd of horses and pack of dogs. You are doing it right!

    Maybe one of these days we'll find each other at the same place. Looking forward to following your rides on the DD.

    To those who were involved with Expo, Shelly placed in the Extreme Cowboy Challenge with Craig Cameron in 2011.

  3. The first week of logging miles has been a slow one, but it's a start.
    02/04/2013 1 mile (1hr)
    02/06/2013 3 miles (2hrs)

    Happy Trails to everyone.

  4. Been a while since I've posted (lost a few miles).
    March 25th we (JC & I) logged 2miles.
    March 28th we (JC & I) logged 1.25 miles.
    March 31st we (JC, Denny & I) logged 2.25 miles. The last mile was in a snow storm on the young boy. He did exceptionally well. Total for week is 5.5 miles out on the trail. I should clock arena time, but will make it easy and do trail time.

  5. Happy April. So far it's been great riding weather with no mud, but we could sure use the rain. The farmers field has been great getting the horses out and letting them stretch their legs. I think most have enjoyed it too. Been a long winter for them too.
    April 2nd JC & I logged 2 miles
    April 3rd JC & I logged 1 mile
    April 4th Denny, Diego & Cheyenne logged 3.25 miles
    April 5th Denny, Cheyenne, Kaluha & Cruiser logged 4.5 miles
    The weeks total miles logged 10.75
    They really do add up when you keep track. Loving Spring & my horses!

  6. Happy May/June. Just spent a week in Arkansas trail riding at 2 different camps. Falling Water Horse Camp (great place/owner) & Devils Den State Park. Our trail riding adventures started on Monday and ended on Friday. In those 5 days we covered a total of 72 miles. I took my young horse Diego. After 65 miles he had a cinch sore. The last day I cowgirled up and rode the 7 mile mountain trail bareback. Some points where challenging but it defiantly made for a some fun memories. If anyone gets a chance to visit Arkansas, don't pass it by. They have 1,000's of miles of trails and it is one of my favorite places to ride.

  7. Wow, 72 miles in a week! Awesome and even bareback, so cool :-)

    1. Love Vacation... riding, relaxing and soaking up the western life :)

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  9. This week is pretty lame compared to my previous post. Loving the moisture but sad about less saddle time.
    6/3 2 miles
    6/5 2 miles
    6/7 2 miles
    6/8 1 mile
    Total of 7 miles for the week.
    One positive thing is 6 miles was solo on the youngsters. They did great. I don't know about you all... but riding the young ones can get addicting.
    Happy Trails!

  10. I have a 6 y/o green horse and I am having a blast working with him. I forgot how much fun it is :-)

  11. Looks like everyone is getting some saddle time. I know I'm enjoying this weather.
    6/21 2.5 miles
    6/23 2 miles
    6/25 4.25 miles
    6/26 3 miles
    6/27 2 miles
    Total 13.75 for the week. All miles have been solo and wel spent :)

  12. I hope I'm following rule right. We are leaving for Colorado on 6/29 and not returning until 7/8. I plan to post my miles on 7/9.
    Look like great weather for the week at home... I hope everyone gets some nice miles in.
    Happy Trails.

  13. Have a great vacation :-) I put you on hold til you come back!

  14. Our week in Colorado was awesome. Rode some old trails and some new trails. Riding above the tree line is amazing and makes for some amazing pictures. Our total miles for the week of 4th of July was 78.5 miles. I will try to post some pics to share with everyone. Hard to come home after such an amazing week of riding. The colts did exceptionally well, better then expected.

  15. Another beautiful week of riding. Me and the "kids" did solo riding to the set aside this week.
    7/10 4.25 miles
    7/11 3.50 miles
    7/12 4 miles
    Cruiser & I did some sorting on Saturday & Barrels and Poles on Sunday. Summer is good this year.
    Total for the week... 11.75.
    Happy Trails to everyone.

  16. Congrats on getting over 200 miles :-)

  17. Summer riding has been great. I hope everyone else is enjoying this weather.
    7/19 3.25 miles
    7/20 12 miles (an awesome trail ride in Volin SD).
    7/21 5 miles
    7/23 8.25 miles at NPT.
    7/24 4 miles
    7/25 3 miles
    Total.. 35.5 for the week. Loving every mile.

  18. Last week of July was a cool down and lovely riding weather. Been seeing signs of fall already... Locus buzzing in the evenings, yellow leaves falling from the cottonwoods and long sleeve shirts in the evenings.
    Our miles for the week, Diego & I..
    July 30th 8.25 miles with a great group of girls.
    July 31st 2 miles at home.
    August 1st .75 mile at home.
    August 2nd 4.25 night ride.
    Total miles 15.25.
    Happy Trails to everyone.


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