Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Team 109 - Moonlight Mustangs

My name is April Sanders.  I live in the cute little town of LeRoy, KS.  Horses (mustangs) are my all time passion.  I ride every spare moment and when not riding I am training my other mustangs.
When I heard about this DD 2013 of recording my miles and time in the saddle, I knew I needed to sign up.  My goal is to ride and have fun recording the actually miles I ride.
Nevada is my 16yo mustang mare who will be my main mount.  We have ridden many trails, competed in rides, rode parades, and rode with a mounted drill team.  Learning and trusting each other has been a rewarding adventure.  My husbands 9yo gelding will get a few rides as well and I have a little mustang pony under saddle training.  I look forward to getting a few rides in on her this summer.
Nevada and I love our weekend camping, trailriding and especially the moonlight rides with our friends.  Those moonlight rides are awesome and I always wear a helmet during those night rides for safety.
In 2012 there was a "Ride to Remember" to help raise funds for a veteran's therapuetic riding center in NM, and we continued the ride for the whole month of November.  For 30 days I rode a horse to honor our veterans.  Nevada and I even rode our 5 miles into town to cast our vote.
I love riding my mustang Nevada Girl and look forward to recording how many miles we can actually ride together.  The Moonlight Mustangs, 48 and doing great.
April Sanders with Mustang Nevada Girl
"God does not promise an easy Journey,
just a safe place to land"


  1. Welcome April! Mustangs rock, maybe someday I'll own one. I'm in NE, near KS, just north of Beatrice... maybe we'll ride together?

    1. Jamie would love to plan a drive and come ride with you. Let me know way in advance so I can ask for the weekend off.

  2. Rode to get mail and delivered to mom.
    Thur, Jan 17
    Miles: .65
    Miles to Date: .65

  3. Beautiful Saturday to ride.
    Sat, Jan 20
    Miles: 2.74
    Time: :51 minutes
    Miles to Date: 3.39

  4. Burr 37 degree Wed morn, however the ride was GREAT!
    Wed, 23Jan
    Miles: 2.51
    Time: 53 minutes
    Miles to Date: 5.22

  5. Friday, 25Jan
    Miles: 1.10
    Time: 41.43 minutes
    Miles to date: 6.32

    I usually don't have time to post after my ride before heading to work, today I do. I bareback rode my mare to check the mail and deliver to my mom and then some round pen work. Then, I switched to my lil' pony in training and rode her bareback and in halter...she is doing awesome.

  6. My spreadsheet shows you now have 7 miles :-)

    1. Sorry I think I may have entered something twice. As of Friday I only had 6.32miles. However, I did ride Saturday and today.

      Saturday 26Jan
      Miles: 2.12
      Scoped out a new trail on the backside of our land.

      Sunday 27Jan
      Miles: 4.15
      Rode around the block in a VERY windy day. Still awesome to ride.
      MilesToDate: 12.59

  7. Monday,Jan 28
    Miles: 1.68
    MTD: 14.92

    Rode bareback at noon just before work, down to the RR track and back. It is very windy and warm here.

  8. Hi, April. I'm a Nebraskan who has been "trail tasting" in Kansas the last couple years. We have been to Perry Lake, Eisenhower, Tuttle Creek, Milford, Kanopolis and Clinton Lake. I see you are south of Topeka near a Flint Hills National Wildlife Refuge. Curious if there is any riding there?

    Welcome to the Derby!

    1. Hello. I have only lived here a year and still exploring. I will ask about the Flint Hills area. Look forward to Kanopolis some day. I have been mainly riding Eisenhower and Hillsdale Lake.

  9. Saturday,2Feb
    Drove to EisenhowerStatePark: 43.2
    Miles ridden: 6.55
    Drove home from ESP: 43.2
    MTD: 107.87

    What a beautiful day to ride Saturday. My mare and I were the only ones out. The trail was a bit muddy and frozen underneath, making it quite a challenge in a few spots. She slowed down and took extra care of me. Great ride!

  10. Glad you got to ride Sat. My Leaderboard shows you with 21.50 YTD ridden miles. We don't count driving your horse in the trailer :-)

    1. or drive your equine, record (must mean horse and buggy drive) My total misunderstanding. Thanks, I thought that didn't seem right. I'll update my MTD.

      Today Tudesday 5Feb
      Miles: 1.36
      MTD: 22.86
      Very nice bareback ride down to the bridge and back.

    2. Wed 6Feb
      Miles: 4.97
      MTD: 27.83

      Very nice morning to ride. Rode Nevada for 3.63 miles, then Zip for 1.22, then the rest on Juliet in the round pen. Juliet has only been ridden for short periods a total of 4 times. I am so excited to take her to the trails soon. Her progress is wonderful. She will make a lil girl a great Mustang Pony.

  11. Saturday 9Feb
    Miles: 4.02
    MTD: 31.85

    Rainy, cold and windy...a ride on a horse is always a good ride. The wood stove was a warm welcome.

  12. Sunday 10Feb
    Miles: 6.12
    MTD: 37.97

    My goodness it was WINDY for sure. 41 with 3mph wind, felt like we were being blown off path few times.

  13. Wed 13Feb
    Miles: 6.46

    Thurs 14Feb
    Miles: 0.61

    Sunday 17Feb
    Miles: 13.28
    Time: 4hours21minutes36sec
    MTD: 58.32

    What a beautiful day. My mustang mare Nevada carried me into the little town of LeRoy. We rode around a neighborhood and was stopped a few times for a petting. Then on home the back roads. Just wonderful (11.02miles). My husband found me on his ATV and when I got home he had his mustang gelding saddled for me to take him for a ride (2.25miles). I am a little sore and smiling.

  14. Monday 18Feb
    Miles: 2.34
    Time: 1hour4minutes
    MTD: 60.66

    Unseasonably warm this morning, so saddled the out of shape and a wee bit hay belly overweight mustang pony. He wanted to turn around and was eyeing everything, however a good ride. With a few more of those little rides, I'll have him ready for the neices again.

  15. Saturday 23Feb
    Miles: 1.98
    MTD: 62.64

    We got a LOT of snow (whiteout) here in KS Wed night through we have lots of snow to play in. Nevada and I rode around the pasture checking fence line. It was fun plowing through the snowdrifts. Then I loaded some wood up on my sled and had Nevada pull it down to my mom and dad's. It was funny, as I turned her into their drivewas she caught the sight of the sled coming up behind her and wow did she spin on me, then backed up, well that darn sled was still coming at her. She finally allowed it behind her again. Funny we pulled kids around the neighborhood two years ago with no problems.

  16. I also have a mustang. He is 16 as well, and I adopted him from BLM as a weanling. Just a sweet guy, with loads of personality. I would love to get another one someday. In addition to Dakota I have two quarter horses and a pinto pony. Best of luck with the DD in 2013!

    1. I want another one like the mare I have now. My next one may come from the Hutchinson Holding facility. As soon as I find a good home for the two pony mustangs I have under saddle now.

  17. Sunday 24Feb
    Miles: 1.69
    MTD: 64.33

    Rode husband's mustang gelding. He was awesome riding around the pasture in the snow. Then 9:30pm MOONLIGHT ride on my mustang mare Nevada. It was beautiful snow covered pasture with the moon shining so bright. Awesome moonlight ride!!!!!

  18. Saturday 2Mar
    Miles: 2.21

    Sunday 3Mar
    Miles: 11.59
    MTD: 78.13

    Saturday spent better part of the afternoon cleaning muddy/ice tails from all 5 mustangs. Then hopped on Nevada bareback for couple of miles.

    Sunday after church saddled Nevada up and planned a couple of miles. However, we kept going and turning down rodes we had never been on and before we knew it 11.58 miles we were back home. It was sunny when we started out, then cloudy and quite breezy at the end. My toe-sty toes didn't keep my toes warm. Nice ride though.

  19. Thursday 7Mar
    Miles: 2.78
    MTD: 80.91

    Rode Zip the mustang gelding today. He was a bit spooky at some things at first, then settled in. Really need to ride him more often. We stopped at neighborhood house with little kids so they could pet the pony. We always like that.

  20. Friday 8Mar
    Miles: 9.14
    MTD: 90.05

    Actually am keeping track of the time in the saddle...woo hoo...34 hours and 6 minutes to date. Today rode Nevada to the small town bank. I keep asking for a hitching post, someday I may get it.

  21. I think it would be so cool to ride to a bank with a hitching post :-)

  22. Saturday 9Mar
    Miles: .25
    MTD: 90.3

    Wasn't much today. The Steel Pipe Fence/pens were finished today and we spent our energy moving horses and panels so they can come back and finish the round pen next. So, today barebacked Nevada and Zip around the very muddy pen with a make shift halter out of baling twine. Wow the stopped, turned, and side stepped with ease. Love my mustangs.

  23. Tuesday 12Mar
    Miles: .65

    Got the mail and delivered to my mom.

    Friday 15Mar (80 degrees)
    Miles: 1.29
    MTD: 92.24

    Awesome afternoon...I rode my little mustang pony that is started under saddle only in the round pen.. Today she left the pen and down the road. She was so mellow and awesome. Oh look forward to the trails at Eisenhower state park soon!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Friday: 22Mar
    Miles: 0.61
    MTD: 92.85

    Very Cold Morning...wasn't going to ride, however my mom lives a stones throw away and we have been working our minds and inventing things for the cold months for riding. I wanted bitwarmers and boot warmers. She had finished my boot warmers, so rode down to try get them. Didn't find my tostietoes to really try them out...but I will.

  25. Sunday: 31Mar (Easter)
    Miles: 5.67
    MTD: 98.52

    OMG...I misplaced my GPS after my ride...finally found it today. I think my wonderful spouse put it up in the cleaning up mode. You see he said, "Go ride, I'll clean the house, put the ham in and start the lunch meal for your parents." Now, how can you say no to that. It was a wonderful warm day. The meal was outstanding too!

  26. Saturday: 6Apr
    Miles: 3.76

    Rode Juliet first time by herself away from her herd and she was GGrreaatt!!! So proud of her. I have a lil girl very interested in her so excited. Then rode my mare for couple of miles.

    Sunday: 7Apr
    Miles: .41
    MTD: 102.69

    Groud work and obstacles on the lil pony. Her attention and training is just fantastic. Love her. Hope the lil girl does too!

  27. Congrats for getting over 100 miles :-)

  28. Monday:8Apr
    Miles: .83
    MTD: 103.52

    Neighbors cows were out, so saddled up Nevada to help drive them back in the downed fence until he arrived. Then went ahead and rode to the RR tracks and back. Back before the rain.

  29. Tuesday: 9Apr
    Miles: 0.78
    MTD: 104.3

    Awesome morning. I swung on Juliet the lil pony I started in saddle two months ago, rode her out the driveway and down to moms and back without any issues. She is becoming a cute lil dream. If she doesn't go to the lil girl, I'll be ok riding her.

  30. Saturday AM: 13Apr
    Miles: 2.89

    Saturday PM: 13Apr
    Miles: 5.32
    MTD: 112.51

    I took the lil mustang pony on her 5th ride ever to the Eisenhower state park by ourselves and rode for 2.89 miles. She was just awesome for her 5th ride under saddle. Then got home and saddled up my mustang mare and rode some with my mom, before we rode off by ourselves again. So peaceful. I need to live closer to team "Mustang Dream" we'ld ride all the time.

  31. 21 April 13

    Miles: 1.72
    MTD: 114.23

    Had a wonderful 7th ride on my little mustang pony. She went through EVERY osbstacle, let my rope a barrel off her for the first time, and cantered for the first time. She is so sweet and fun to ride.

  32. Monday: 22April
    Miles: 3.4
    MTD: 117.63

  33. Thur: 25Apr
    Miles: 0.62
    MTD: 118.25

    Let all five horses out early this morning on the pasture, their mental release. When it was time to come in my mare was at the gate so haltered and hopped on bareback with an extra halter in hand. I was able to bring one horse in at a time, which made it challenging at the gates and haltering from the back of my horse...but fun!

  34. Monday: 29Apr13
    Miles: 2.84

    Rode over to neighbors to barder for some hay...ok just paid him for it.

    Tuesday: 30Apr13
    Miles: 8.63
    MTD: 129.72

    Good News!!!! I rehomed my little pony I started under saddle in March to an adorable 10yr old girl this past Sunday. She loves her. So this morning rode Nevada my 16yo mustang mare to the bank to deposit the money for the pony. She is going to be missed and loved alot.

  35. Tuesday: 1May13
    Miles: .93
    MTD: 130.65

    Rode Nevada bareback and took my little 4lb chihuahua for a short ride down the rode. Getting her ready for camping. She loves riding with me.

  36. Monday: 6May13
    Mile: 1.28
    MTD: 130.65

    After taking all four mustangs for a walk down the road for a mile each, to get them out of their mud lot, I decided to go ahead and ride Nevada bareback for a mile. 58degrees and cloudy is sure a lot better than 36 and raining. Enough rain for a while...please!

  37. Tuesday: 7May13
    Miles: 2.15
    MTD: 134.08

    Riding in lots of Mud. Still lots of rain in forecast.

  38. Thursday: 9May13
    Miles: 5.17
    MTD: 139.25

    Bareback again, underbelly inch or so of mud. More rain this morning. Sunny now, but more coming tonight and Friday and maybe Saturday. Riding in between the rains.

  39. Friday: 10May13
    Miles: 2.06
    MTD: 141.31

    Bareback to the neighbors to order a big round bale.

  40. Saturday: 11May
    Miles: 2.51
    MTD: 143.82

    Hauled Team 103, another Mustang rider, to an obstacle clinic, we had fun. We spent all day in the saddle and it was funny I only clocked 2.51 miles...but I spent all day in the saddle.

  41. Sunday: 12May
    Miles: 3.35

    Monday: 13May
    Miles: .97
    MTD: 148.14

    Got a new Garmin GPS for mother's day from my husband. Not use to it beeps non stop and my horse has cued into it and takes off when we are stopped or trots when we are walking. She is a hoot.

  42. Ackkkk! All that beeping would be tuff. Hope you figure out to turn that off! Nice mom's day gift though :-)

  43. Wed: 15May
    Miles: 1.12

    Sat: 18May
    Miles: 6.87
    MTD: 156.13

    Saturday morning before work rode 4 1/2 miles. THEN after work last night under the half moon, we rode down the middle of the rode. The breeze was nice and cool. Next weekend will be the full moon ride.

  44. Fri: 24May
    Miles: 2.01
    MTD: 158.14

    Officially Saturday is the full moon, BUT last night the breeze and moon were AWESOME. AND I can not pass up a full moon ride. I have a great horse to ride in the dark. She actually fell asleep at the hitching post while I was setting up my garmin, then I touched and spoked at her the same time...whew glad the hitching post held her. She calmed down, woke up and off we rode.

  45. Sat: 25May
    Miles: 13.17
    MTD: 171.31

    Rode to town today to pay our respects at the memorial park remembering those who served and lost their lives. There was a horse memorial stone too! We placed our flag and rode back home.

  46. Sun 26May
    Miles: 1st ride 5.96

    Rode out with four friends, team 103 Artful Path as one of them. Team 67 Mustang Dreams called us at 12:30, we all yelled YeeHaw, and rode out at the same time, riding out together in spirit.

    Miles 2nd ride 4.85
    MTD: 182.12

    Rode back out with two of the four and had a wonderful second ride at Eisenhower State Park today. Riding with friends is always fun, do not like the tics though.

  47. Sun 9Jun
    Miles: 6.5
    MTD: 188.62

    Rode Zip the gelding for 4.34 and wow was he out of shape. Got to ride my girl for 2.16 miles and she finally back to herself. Hadn't been riding her due to she coliced a week ago, and temp at 105.9 was quite a scary week. Tough girl she pulled through and we are starting back to small rides.

  48. Mon 10Jun
    Miles: 6.39
    MTD: 195.01

    My mare is back, awesome ride this morning. First took Zip out for couple of miles, which is always an adventure with him. The railrode tracks were going to eat him today. He has crossed it many times, but today it took us many tries then the sigh and careful steps we crossed. Then return trip he acted like he was the pro at them. Nevada came to the gate ready to go, so we went for a long ride this morning. It was good to have her back under saddle.

  49. Sat 15Jun
    Miles: 10.49
    MTD: 205.5

    Tics are really bad at the lake this year on my light sorrel horse. We had a nice ride though.

  50. Congrats on getting over 200 miles :-)
    Ticks are bad everywhere :-(

  51. April, I am so glad Nevada is back up and running! It is killing me being out of town for three weeks...I am riding with you in spirit! :-)
    Karen and Tripp

    1. Gotta come to Missouri and ride with you. Pack a lunch and ride some more. April and Nevada

  52. Tue 18Jun
    Miles: 2.30
    Rode Zip

    Wed 19Jun
    Miles: 2.66
    MTD: 210.46

    Rode Nevada bareback over to neighbors to pay for bale of hay to be delivered. He is a cow farmer and just shakes his head in wonder why I do so much with horses and work so hard with horses. Because they are my therapy and my LOVE! Girls best friend.

  53. Thur 20Jun
    Miles: .65
    MTD: 211.11

    Worked three horses in the round pen before getting on Zip bareback in the round pen and worked on turning better and opening gates. He doesn't like the bit still...getting there.

  54. Sun 23Jun
    Miles: 1.19

    Was an awesome ride because my daughter who is allergic to horses rode a moonlight ride with me on my mare.

    Tues 25Jun
    Miles: 1.02

    Rode Zip down to bridge and back.

    Sat 29 Jun
    Miles: 10.22
    MTD: 223.54

    Rode Nevada today with couple of friends at Eisenhower State Park. We ate lots of wild mulberries and raspberries. Next week we are headed to Pamona Lake.

  55. Sun 30Jun
    Miles: 1.89
    MTD: 225.43

    Today I started a new little mustang pony in training. Rode Nevada and ponied her (Nickers). She is a rescue and is finally trusting humans again. I believe she will come around and be a cute lil pony for a kid.

  56. My darn computer is giving me fits.

    Tues 2Jul
    Miles: 8.71

    Rode Nevada to the bank for some spendin money for the hubby's vacation. I get to stay here and feed the farm animals.

    Wed 3Jul
    Miles: 1.66
    MTD: 235.8

    Rode Zip, got to try to keep him in shape the hubby says he wants to get back to riding. Uh hmmm I'll believe it when I see it. Started a new lil rescued pony mustang. She is going to be cute.

  57. Friday 5Jul
    Miles: 6.35
    MTD: 242.15

    Rode Zip at Eisenhower with gang, due to my Mustang Mare coliced again Wed night. Good ride this morning, now off to work.

  58. Sunday 7Jul
    Miles: 4.59
    MTD: 246.74

    Rode Nevada just a couple of miles bareback, since her second Collic episode taking it easy on her. Rode Zip for a while and then used him to pony the other two that are in training. Nevada used him before, he wasn't too bad.

  59. Tuesday 9Jul
    Miles: 1.98

    Rode Nevada short ride due to heat and still recovering.

    Wed 10Jul
    Miles: .36
    MTD: 249.08

    Rode Zip while giving Meagan lessons with her new mustang pony and letting her ride Nevada a little bit. It is HOT.

  60. Thursday 11Jul
    Miles: .53
    MTD: 249.61

    Rode Nevada bareback around the pens playing with the yearlings and then down the lane to get the mail.

  61. Friday 12Jul
    Miles: 2.4

    Rode Nevada to neighbors to pay for bale of hay he delivered.

    Sunday 14Jul
    Miles: 13.54
    MTD: 265.55

    Rode Nevada at Pamona Lake with some friends. Great day lots of trees to keep us cool.

  62. Friday 19Jul
    Miles: 0.96

    Rode Zip after giving Meghan a lesson on him.

    Saturday 20Jul
    Miles: 18.01
    MTD: 284.52

    Today started out early as a storm was coming in. Met up with a group of competitive trailriders on Arabians. So rode with them back into camp. Had lunch, and rode back out with them for another 10 miles. What a great ride. My mustang barely broke a sweat and the storm blew over and the humidity moved in. Oh rode the new little mustang in training today, her first ride. We only went around the pen twice, but it was nice.

    1. That is awesome April! I have not ridden 18 miles on one horse in one day. Sounds fun! It was so humid here my guys were already sweating when I rode. Getting moving dried them out a bit. Ha!

  63. 22Jul13
    Miles: 6.01
    MTD: 290.53

    Rode Nevada to the Hwy and back before the lesson girl came to work the little mustang pony. I had about a mile left to go when they drove by and she donned her helmet and climbed aboard and rode the rest of the way home with us. This little 9yr old just loves horses. What lil girl doesn't?

  64. Sunday 28Jul
    Miles: 8.58
    MTD: 299.11

    Rode Nevada at Eisenhower today. For July the temp was 66 and light mist. Awesome day to ride.

  65. Thur 1Aug
    Miles: .49

    Ponies Nickers and Meghan around the pasture for training outside the pens.

    Saturday 3Aug
    Miles: 8.21
    MTD: 307.81

    Rode Eisenhower State park on Nevada. It was a cloudy overcast day, and made the day just right for riding.

  66. Congrats on getting over 300 miles :-)

  67. 5Aug Miles: 3.52
    I started my new project mustang. I hope she is not going to be a pony. Mejia is very bubbly and full of spirit (handful). Rode Nevada and ponied Mejia.

    6Aug Miles .99
    MTD: 312.32

    Rode Nevada down to the bridge to check the flood waters. We have gotten at least 11 inches maybe a foot of rain in 10 days here. It is mud, mud, mud and creeks running over. I am very thankful we got our hay baled day before it all started.

  68. Saturday 10Aug13
    Miles: 6.97
    MTD: 319.29

    Rode Nevada and ponied Mejia around the neighborhood this evening as the sun set. It was cooler, however the mosquitoes were coming out in swarms. Nice ride and Mejia is starting out nicely.

  69. Sunday 11Aug
    Miles: 1.02

    Tues 14Aug
    Miles: 2.12

    Wed 15Aug
    Miles: 2.91
    MTD: 325.34

    Riding Nevada and getting Mejia in shape. She is my next mustang to get trainning. She is going to be a handful. She bites at Nevada when bored, leads well, rears up when excited, and trots fast. She is fun though.

  70. Thurs 16Aug
    Miles: 1.21

    Sun 18Aug
    Miles: 14.79
    MTD: 341.34

    Sunday rode Hillsdale Lake with the Mustang group in the morning and some of the familiar ACTHA gals in the afternoon. Nevada and I put on a few miles today. Great day to ride.

  71. Monday 19Aug
    Miles: .95
    MTD: 342.29

    Rode Zip a lil Bit before giving lessons to Sandy, then I switched over to Nickers who is still in training. She actually done very well for it being 3 weeks.

  72. Tues 20Aug
    Miles: 8.58
    MTD: 350.58

    Rode Nevada to the bank to cash and had a wonderful quiet ride.

  73. Wed 21 Aug
    Miles: 1.2

    Rode under the Full Moon...awesome!

    Sunday 25Aug
    Miles: 1.1
    MTD: 353.17

    Rode Nevada bareback to check fence line and trim some branches back out of our path.

  74. Mon 26-Aug
    Miles: 0.92 (Nevada check fences)

    Wed 28 Aug
    Miles: 0.82 (Nickers lessons)

    Thur 29-Aug
    Miles: 0.29 (round pen fun)

    Fri 30Aug
    Miles: 1.8 (trailed with mom)

    Sat 31-Aug
    Miles: 8.55
    Rode Zip for 3 hr, at Clinton Lake, got rained on but had a blast.

    Sat evening 31-Aug
    Miles: 1.92 Rode Nevada bareback GPS ing for our trailride this Sunday.
    MTD: 367.18

    Computer was down for a few days, back up now.

  75. Sunday 1 Sep
    Miles: 3.75
    MTD: 370.93

    What a great way to end the summer. We set up lots of obstacles at our house, had a couple friends over and had fun. Then we had a trail ride with my mom around their 60 acres.

  76. 1-Sep-13 Nickers Miles 0.91
    2-Sep-13 Nevada Miles 1.52
    3-Sep-13 Nevada Miles 2.24
    4-Sep-13 Nevada Miles 1.17
    MTD: 376.77

    Everyday I have been working with Nevada on obstacles getting ready for the ACTHA Kansas Series Belt buckles competition. I also got to ride Nickers Monday again and she is really doing great for only six rides under saddle.

  77. 6-Sep-13 Nevada Miles 4.38
    Rode to the bank for a relaxing morning ride.
    6-Sep-13 Nevada Miles 0.92
    First day of the KS ACTHA Series Competition
    7-Sep-13 Nevada Miles 6.1
    Trail ride and obstacles. What a hot day...101 and muggy. We got third not bad.
    8-Sep-13 Nevada Miles 7.52
    Trail ride and Obstacle. Another very hot day...100. we got third and still in the running.
    MTD: 395.69

  78. 9-11 what a day to remember. I was packing my bags and sent to the desert within 2 weeks.
    11Sep Miles: 1.79
    MTD: 397.41

    Still giving Nevada a rest, rode Zip around the obstacles. He is a great lil pony once he figures out I REALLY do mean business. Love his canter but not his trot.

  79. 13-Sep-13 Nickers Miles 1.03 In training
    14-Sep-13 Nickers Miles 1.36 In training
    15-Sep-13 Zip Miles 6.95
    MTD: 406.75

    15Sep - We drove to LoneJack, MO and rode with some other Mustang friends. What a great day!

  80. 19Sep Miles 2.32
    MTD: 409.07

    Rode Nevada bareback still resting her lumps. We practices getting into leads, wow do I need help. Done a lot of obstacles today too and checked the fence line, got a storm coming in tonight.

  81. Congrats on getting over 400 miles :-0

  82. 20Sep Miles: 1:52
    MTD: 410.59

    Cantered Nevada alot in round pen and in pasture. She still likes to RUN instead of soft canter. Headed to a ranch this weekend to play with cattle, ought to be fun.

  83. 21-Sep-13 Nevada Miles: 2.02

    Took a Cow 101 Horseman etiquette clinic. What a blast cow sorting is. Very Small moonlight ride.

    22-Sep-13 Nevada Miles: 10.25
    MTD: 422.86

    Early morning ride to watch the sunrise, Trail ride, water obstacles, trail ride, obstacles, horsemanship, and jumping. What a fun weekend at the C5T ranch Nevada and I had.

  84. 23-Sep-13 Nickers Miles: 1.12
    Going over to ride Nickers once a week to help continue her training. They have been doing great with her. I now have her up to a trot without stumbling.
    24-Sep-13 Nevada Miles: 2.12
    MTD: 426.1
    Working on obstacles and collected canter. We cantered a lot.

  85. 24-Sep-13 Nevada Miles: 2.12 Worked on obstacles and cantering.
    27-Sep-13 Nevada Miles: 4.42 Road to the bank.
    27-Sep-13 Nevada Miles: 2.59 In camp obstacle competition.
    28-Sep-13 Nevada Miles: 4.89 In camp obstacle competition and small trailride. It rained all morning.
    29-Sep-13 Nevada Miles: 10.58 ACTHA competition and then road another couple of miles later after all over.
    30-Sep-13 Nevada Miles: 1.23 MTD: 449.81
    Decided to work on Nevada's claustrophobia issues in the tree lines in our pasture. She still rushes to get out.

  86. 4Oct13 Miles: 9.88 MTD: 459.69

    Rode Nevada at Hillsdale Lake Park today. We done a lot of going out for a mile and returning to the trailer and working for 10 minutes, then back out for a mile or so, then back to the trailer for work. By the end of 4 1/2 hours she was walking slower to the trailer and not so rushy. Maybe this will work.

  87. 5Oct Miles: 9.98 MTD: 469.67

    Rode Zip today at Eisenhower with some friends from Wichita. Wow did it cool down today. Fall is falling in fast, 57 degrees. Yesterday was 85. Great day to ride with great friends and another mustang rider.

  88. 8-Oct-13 Nickers Miles: 0.34
    9-Oct-13 Nickers Miles: 0.78
    10-Oct-13 Nickers Miles: 1.07 MTD: 471.86

    Nickers is back at my house for some retraining due to a minor sit back and Meghan is coming for a visit and we want Nickers to settle down. Today was great. Even got up to a canter.

  89. 11-Oct-13 Nickers Miles: 1.23
    11-Oct-13 Nevada Miles: 1.76
    12-Oct-13 Nevada Miles: 10.61
    13-Oct-13 Zip Miles: 11.13 MTD: 496.59

    This weekend was the Eisehower/Melvern State Park Benefit Ride raising money for trail improvements and more horse pens. I rode Nevada one day and Zipper Doo next day. We had over 65 riders and wonderful weather with great folks to ride with.

  90. 14-Oct-13 Nevada Miles: 0.41
    14-Oct-13 Nickers Miles: 1.23 MTD: 498.23

    Having problems with Nickers chomping the bit and throwing her head, so tried halter only and wow. Road her outside the roundpen, over obstacles, down the road, through ditches...hmmm. Wonder if part of the obuse she went through was also with a bridle and bit. Gonna work her in halter for a while then.

  91. 16-Oct-13 Nickers Miles: 1.66
    17-Oct-13 Nevada Miles: 3.22
    17-Oct-13 Nickers Miles: 1.14 MTD: 504.25

  92. Congrats on getting over 500 miles :-)

  93. I made it over 500. Woot woot!!!!!!!!!!!
    18-Oct-13 Nevada Miles: 8.14 Rode Eisenhower to mark trails, it rained cold then snowed before returning to trailer. Nevada and I were soaked.
    19-Oct-13 Nevada Miles: 10.51 Nevada and I were trailboss for the ACTHA ride and we had a blast of a day. After the first ride we went out again.
    20-Oct-13 Nevada Miles: 2.03
    20-Oct-13 Nickers Miles: 1 MTD: 525.93

    Used Nevada to Pony Nickers for a while, then used Nickers and Ponied Nevada. Too Nickers back home today. Hope she does well with new owner. Well, hope they do her well. Going to start on Mejia tomorrow, Yeah.

  94. Congrats on getting over 500 miles :-)

  95. Thanks. My goal was to get 500 and we did it. Woot woot!

    21-Oct-13 Nevada Miles: 0.4 practiced obstacles
    22-Oct-13 Nevada Miles: 5.2 ponied Mejia
    23-Oct-13 Nevada Miles: 1.02 practiced obstacles
    24-Oct-13 Nevada Miles: 1.45 Took neighbor girls on short trailride with Nickers and Lady. MTD: 534

  96. 25-Oct-13 Nevada Miles: 4.34
    26-Oct-13 Nevada Miles: 6.13
    27-Oct-13 Nevada Miles: 9.75 MTD: 554.22

    Had an ACTHA competition 3-day weekend. Great fun camping and riding. After obstacles we went riding more and more and more. Fun with friends. Nevada was awesome all weekend.

  97. 2-Nov-13 Nevada Miles: 11.52 rode Nevada all day in the Flint Hills with some friends. Had a wonderful time.
    3-Nov-13 Zip Miles: 9.52 MTD: 575.26
    Rode Zip at Eisenhower with some our Mustang Saddle Club. We had a great day.

  98. 11-Nov-13 Nevada Miles: 1.34 practiced obstacles. Couldn't rest of the week due to Kidney stones.
    16-Nov-13 Nevada Miles: 2.94 ACTHA competition weekend. In camp obstacles.
    17-Nov-13 Nevada Miles: 1.49 In camp obstacles. We got first today. WooHoo.
    17-Nov-13 Zip Miles: 3.22 MTD: 585.25
    Rode the little Zipper over few obstacles, he is not ready for competition, then small trailride...that he is great at!

  99. 18Nov Miles: 2.51 MTD: 287.76
    Rode Nevada around practicing obstacles and checking fence line. Had a small tree limb down, we side stepped over to it, picked it up off the fence and heaved it back over, success and good obstacle practice. She is a great trailhorse and love her.

  100. 19-Nov-13 Nevada Miles: 3.35 MTD: 591.11

    Practiced obstacles again by dragging the sled down to the bottom of the pasture, loading up with wood, and dragging back up to the wood pile. Couple of trips using both sides, opening and closing gates...great practice.

  101. 22Nov Miles: .42 MTD: 591.53

    Yep, it was DARN cold this morning...28 with wind chill...however Nevada was a trooper and rode through the obstacles like a champ. We didn't do the bridges, because we saw the ice. We error-ed on the cautious side. Then rode around the yard for a wee bit. Now they are all running the pasture like a bolt of lightning is after them. Love watching them run!

  102. 23Nov Miles: 1.93 MTD: 593.46

    Oh cold again this morning. 29 with wind chill 26 degrees, Nevada and I rode to corner and back and performed 6 obstacles.

  103. 30-Nov-13 Nevada Miles: 1.98
    1-Dec-13 Nevada Miles: 4.15 MTD: 599.59

    Nice couple of days after Thanksgiving. Well I had a goal of 500, reached it, then reset the goal to 600. I think I'll make it for the year 2013.

  104. 11-Dec-13 Nevada 0.28 Very cold, but had to check fence line.
    15-Dec-13 Nevada 0.35 Full moon, temp 44, had to ride a small ride.
    17-Dec-13 Nevada 0.21 Gorgeous Dec temp 51 day, checked fence line, and mail. MTD: 600.43.
    I made 600 finally, hoping to ride tomorrow with a MO friend and my daughter.

  105. Congrats on getting over 600 miles :-)

  106. 18 Dec Miles: 8.44 MTD: 608.87

    It was a gorgeous 60degrees, so met a MO friend and rode Hillsdale lake. My daughter went with us and never trail rode before. She had fun, and has the saddle sore bottom this morning.

  107. 27-Dec-13 Nevada 2.96 temp 54 MTD: 611.83

    Just couldn't resist the beautiful morning and most likely the last good weather before end of year. Had to ride Nevada bare back because my daughter couldn't remember where she put the trailer keys after the 18Dec ride and my saddles are still in there. It was a fun ride any how and it has been an outstanding year of motivated riding. Thanks DD 2013. Should have got the t shirt!

  108. 31 Dec 2013 rode Nevada for the last day of the year. It was 47 and quite windy, however a ride with my best horse is always good.

    .87 miles MTD: 612.7


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