Saturday, December 8, 2012

Team 60 - Montana Spots*

My name is Peggy Ann Strupp; I live in the tiny town of Crane, MT (pop: about 50) in northeastern MT near the ND border. I enjoyed drill team before I moved here, but now I'm mostly a trail rider. I've been riding since I was 4; & except for a few years during our early marriage, I've owned a horse since I was 11 (I'm now 56). I still ride in the first saddle I ever owned.  

My team is made up of 14 year old "Shadowfax", a dark bay grade gelding; and 15 year old "Pate", a red leopard Appaloosa; accompanied by my two Dalmatians, Rad & Luan. I train the dogs to follow the horses so that we can compete in Dalmatian Road Trials (a test/field trial of the Dalmatian ability to "coach", or follow the horses).  And yes, I bought the Leopard App to match the dogs.  He's my 3rd leopard App.  I also ride in parades.  I usually ride sidesaddle on Pate with the Dals on either side.  Inspired by a video I saw on YouTube, I made an eagle costume for Shadowfax & rode him in the high school homecoming parade.  I teach Spanish to HS & MS students.  

I enjoyed being in the Distance Derby last year, and enjoyed meeting up with some of the participants to trail ride at Mt. Rushmore.  What a kick!  I never would have braved that without the Distance Derby!  Looking forward to another good year!  

2012 / 600.96 miles / 21st Place


  1. Peggy Ann Strupp
    I am in the Derby!

  2. 1/2/13: 1.3 miles on Shadow
    YTD: 1.3
    Took 4 dogs X-country skiing down in the "bottom lands" in our back 40 - it's more protected from the wind there, & today there was a biting wind (@ about 20 degrees). After we got back, I thought, hey, why not do JUST A LITTLE MORE on the horse (out in the wind) so I can actually log my first DD miles for 2013? So, grabbing the bridle & warming the bit with my disposable handwarmer, I bridled Shadow, mounted up bareback (ski boots still on board), & headed around the hay field for my first horseback mile of the year. What fun! Now I'm "on the board"!

  3. 1/5/13: 7.19 on Shadow
    YTD: 8.49
    Nice ride; too short! Had to get back to "work" with my hubby on the addition!

  4. 1/8/13: 2.04 on Shadow
    1/9/13: 1/9/13: 2.26 on Shadow
    YTD: 12.79
    So, our temps have been slightly over freezing for 2 days now, and tomorrow is a severe weather alert (blizzard warning) with below zero predicted for the weekend, so I decided I'd better try to get in a few miles after school. I took 4 dogs with me (Pointer, Lab, 2 Dalmatians). I didn't get out until after sunset, and yesterday it was totally dark before I got back in. Note to self: Black Labs become invisible after dark. Note to self: prepare for spook when flipping on the headlamp. Note to self: Let's hope the next full moon comes with good weather, because riding in the dark is incredibly peaceful, & I'd love to try this in the moonlight!

    1. I don't know how you do the sub zero temps. Stay safe in the blizzard. We were in a warming today and cold predicted for weekend. Love your pics!

  5. 1/12/13: 5.09 on Shadow
    YTD: 17.88
    Well, I wasn't going to ride. But when the sun came out & the temp jumped to 5 degrees, I just HAD to saddle up! The sun was setting by the time I finished, so I was cold at the end, but hand warmers & toe warmers sure help!

  6. Love the fancy parade pics from last year!

    1. Thanks, Jamie! My profile pic was taken by a nice guy on the street w/a great camera. I had just made the dog "jump"; saw the guy with the camera kneeling within the crowd; he looked up & mouthed, "Do it again." So I quickly grabbed another treat, made the dog jump again, & the guy got the shot! He printed it out by that afternoon & dropped it by my house along with a CD. We don't even know him. Now, that's a nice guy!

  7. 1/17/13: 2.13 on Shadow
    1/19/13: 6.22 on Shadow
    YTD: 26.23
    We had some days above freezing this week, but with Semester Tests at school, I didn't get home until after 5 & just couldn't get out. Finally got out on Thursday for a short jaunt around the hay field with the dogs. The warm temps have melted the snow & frozen the run-off again, so I can't cross the road into the forest, and am relegated to riding on my side of the hwy for a while. Forecast for this weekend was nasty/unsafe, so I hurried to get out this AM before the temps drop into the arctic abyss. @21 degrees w/20 mph winds, the dogs looked too cold so I brought them back home after a mile. Shadow & I went back out & tried to ride in the bottom lands & against wind breaks. There are some nice windbreaks planted on the other side of the canal on Pheasants Forever lands, so we meandered around in there for a while. Shadow was not pleased w/my decision to circle & repeatedly turn away from home, so we got some nice "attitude" lessons in. It didn't feel bad with the wind @ my back, but was brutal going into it. I was getting cold by the end of the ride (hadn't put any heat packets in), so I knew the temps were dropping. It had dropped to 10 degrees by the time I got home @ 11 AM; still dropping. Predicted to go 20 below w/wind chills @ 40 below today & tomorrow. No more riding for a while!

  8. 1/26/13: 10.7 on Shadow
    YTD: 36.93 Beautiful day! 21 degrees @ the start; @ 6m the sun came out & the coat came off! Must have been around 32 by the time we finished. Weather this week created thick ice under a few inches of snow, so some of it was slow-going, especially through town, but it was lovely in the forest. Fun to read tracks: rabbit, deer, pheasant, coyote. Was able to open up that flying trot of Shadow's in a wind-blown hay field (the snow wasn't too deep)- GPS clocked him holding @ 11.2, then 11.8 mph! At a trot! Talk about suspended animation! I'll have to try to verify that another time when the footing is better (I don't expect to beat it - I think he topped out - but I can hardly believe it; so I want to see it again...)

    1. My horses natural canter is 11.5mph! I bet it would have been beautiful to watch you. Team 92-Karbo

  9. 1/31/13: 2.03 on Shadow around hay field
    2/2/13: .1 DISASTER
    YTD: 39.06
    Sat. Feb 2: Beautiful sunny day, temp slightly above freezing. 4" of new snow on the ground. I saddled up Shadow & decided to ride on our property instead of trying to negotiate the roads across the hwy in Crane to get to trails (the roads would be icy). I got about 500 feet from the barn & asked Shadow to move over. He stepped over, & suddenly all 4 legs swept out from under him to the left, & he went down in a flash smack down full out on his right side... & on my leg. I hit hard on my whole right side but felt the weight of him mostly in my ankle, & I knew it was bad. On the way down I tried to react, but there was no time, & I knew my leg was going to be caught. I also knew I needed to dismount, & I believe I had started that before I hit because my left foot was free. After we hit, he scrambled back up & I stayed down, feeling the pull of the right stirrup as my foot slid out. He just stood there, waiting for me (I'm sure he hurt, too.) I dug in my pocket for my cell phone, hoping I'd have reception (not much reception behind our barn). As the dogs fought to smother me with kisses, I called my husband for help. He came & took Shadow up to the barn & then came back for me w/the truck. The dogs stayed by my side. Shadow seemed to be OK. I took a trip to the ER. Fractured some little bone in my ankle (hip, knee & elbow are bruised but OK). No orthopedic surgeon in town till Thurs. Sent x-rays & CT scan to Billings (4 hours away) but no one will look at them until Monday. ER dr. cast it & gave meds. Guess I'll have to wait to see if it needs surgery. Bummer. No more rides for a while! Life interrupted.

    1. Hi Peggy Ann,

      Sorry to hear about the "life interrupted" moment and the cast. :-( Take it easy and heal well! You'll be back in the saddle in no time!

      Looking forward to meeting you in SD this summer!

      Marvel (Team 70)

  10. Oh man,Peggy Ann, how awful for you and Shadow. Sure hope you are up and around soon. Is it OK, if I post this on the main blog, lots of people will want to know?

  11. so sorry about your fall. The ice is terrible with all the melting and freezing! Praying that your heal fast! Brenda (Team Messick)

  12. Peggy,

    So sorry about your fall and surgery. I guess if there is a time to be laid up, it is February, but DANG, girl - you did it good. When they try to put the 2nd cast on (and they will - been there, done that), take your stirrup in with you and make them size it to the stirrup. They did for me but didn't get the angle right. I should have shown them how I sit in the saddle! LOL!

    Take care & keep in touch with us.

    Tammy V

  13. Sorry to here about your accident. Hopefully it will be healed up nicely when spring is here. Take care - Team 92 Karbo

  14. I'm still not able to ride: 4 more weeks of "no weight-bearing" on the ankle I broke when Shadow slipped on the ice. Hopefully, I can get an extension on the "60 days" (without riding) rule! Right now my ankle/foot is still swollen & it feels like I have a sticky note stuck under my arch, a rubberband wound tightly around the base of my toes, and a metal band across the arch of my foot! (I have no explanation for this - except nerve damage which hopefully will right itself). I wiggle my foot for physical therapy, but I'm living life on one leg (have you ever tried to vacuum on one leg? Use the restroom? Fork out hay?) Life is interesting! My right calf has atrophied to nothing more than a flap of skin hanging from my shinbone, but don't worry about me! I'll be back at it as soon as they let me!

    1. Ever tried to chase a naughty child with one foot and crutches? Nah nah nah nah nah, you can't catch me! You took a bad hit with the break. I sure hope you will be allowed to continue, once you are able.

    2. Been-there-done-that with the ankle thing. I used a knew-walker which really helped me get around. Took about 6 months after I was walking for my calf to get some muscle back. We will keep the saddle warm til you are riding again :-)

  15. As the founder of this ride, absolutely you will be able to continue to compete in the Derby. Didn't plan for accidents but they happen. Can't wait until you are back in the saddle!

  16. Just wondering how you are doing Peggy? Looking forward to our trip to the Black Hills again. We still are waiting for springlike temps!

  17. Get better soon Peggy !!!!!

    4/27/13: 3.23 m on Shadow
    I've been "weight-bearing" for 4 weeks now, but I haven't been able to walk like I thought I would. Yesterday was the 1st day I could bear to walk more than a few steps, so after I mopped the kitchen floor & cleaned the house (that hasn't been cleaned for 3 months), I decided I could stand well enough to carry my own saddle & hop on a horse. It was great! I couldn't do everything I'd like to do- I just can't keep balanced weight in that stirrup- but we did some slow jogs & a little bit of trotting w/posting for physical therapy. I loped at the end, & found I had to drop my stirrups to stay balanced. My foot still hurts all the time; each step of walking is still painful; but riding wasn't bad at all! Because I have to saddle alone & ride alone, I am still limited; my progress is slow. But it was GREAT to be in the saddle again! WOO HOO!

  19. Congrats on getting back in the saddle :-)

  20. 5/4/13: 6.16 m on Shadow
    YTD: 48.45 Twice as far this weekend as last! The ankle is improving so slowly. This time, though, I was able to use my leg better. Lengthened my stirrups to reduce tension; loped nicely without feeling unbalanced. Was even able to get him up to 10.3 mph at the extended trot. Had to slow down, though; too hard on the ankle. Nice ride to the Yellowstone river & back.

  21. Oh...awesome, good to hear that you are doing so well!

  22. 5/11/13: 3.21 on both horses.
    YTD: 51.66
    Had a bad week on the ankle, but things always look better from the back of a horse! Rode Pate for just a few loops through the hay field so a teenager who was visiting could ride him (he hasn't been ridden in 4 months). He is such a good horse; gave her no trouble at all (aside from trying to eat the hay). Rode the rest on Shadow. Both need shoes. Horseshoer retired. No replacement yet!

  23. 5/28/13: 5.15 miles
    5/31/13: 2.04 miles
    6/1/13: 6.23 miles

  24. 6/11: 2.45
    6/13: 3.88
    6/15: 2.19 Parade in Culbertson, MT
    6/17: 3.30
    YTD: 76.90
    Latest miles all on the App, Pate, while Shadow recovers from an accident. New farrier used a "Natural Balance" shoeing method that seems to help Pate's sesmoiditis on the front, but the farrier didn't shoe the back hooves (I wasn't home when he came), and Pate is a tender-foot. If I had been there, I would have had him put shoes all around, like always. Since most of my riding is on gravel roads, my slow horse is slower than ever! He walks up a gravel road @ 2.5 mph or less, tender on those unshod back hooves. Called the farrier, but he won't be coming back for at least a month. My regular farrier retired.
    We had fun @ the parade in Culbertson, MT. There was a 4 horse hitch pulling a Wells Fargo wagon that actually stopped at the middle of the parade & then GALLOPED down the road in front of the crowds! The first time it happened, I wondered if the horses had gotten out of hand, but the outriders had planted themselves at the edges of the crowds, pushing people back (and probably warning them), & then didn't seem concerned as the wagon galloped by, & then the outriders galloped on after the wagon! The Culbertson parade is one where everyone circles back & does the route twice, so I knew for certain it was a planned event when they did it again the second time!
    Only in Montana! :)

  25. 7/5/13: 3.05
    YTD: 79.95
    Nice sunset ride bareback. So much cooler in the evening! Just got back from Singapore, visiting my daughter.

  26. 7/8/13: 4.81 on Shadow
    YTD: 84.76
    First ride on Shadow since his accident 5 weeks ago. Still no shoes on the back. He seemed just fine; we didn't trot much & tried to stay off the gravel. We saw a lovely doe & 2 fawns; on the way back saw the fawns again right on the path ahead of us; we stopped (that's me, the horse, & 2 Dalmatians)& watched them as they watched me try to fumble to get out my cell phone. Guess what. Picture memory full! The fawns stood there while I deleted some photos, but took off just as I got the camera on...:) The dogs stayed perfectly & didn't chase. Later, I did let the dogs chase a pheasant I saw as a "moving bubble" in the grass ahead of me... I sent the dogs after it & they eventually flushed it. The "new" dog had a quick lesson in swimming as she tried to follow the pheasant across the canal! Had a bit of trouble convincing the poor dog to return back across the canal the way she had come! :) Nice ride.

  27. 7/9/13: 8.29 on Pate
    YTD: 93.05
    This is the longest I have ridden Pate in a long time (sesmoiditis). Because of his chronic lameness, I usually can't go even 5 miles without soreing (sp?) him. The new shoes seem to be helping! We'll see how he stands tomorrow (when he is sore he "points" his toe).

  28. 7/10/13: 4.06 on Shadow
    YTD: 97.11
    A little at a time, a little at a time!

  29. 7/15/13: 7.53
    7/16/13: 4.48
    YTD: 109.12 Both rides on Shadow; Pate has thrown a shoe (the farrier only shod his front feet, & now Pate's lost one of those after only 6 weeks! Ugh!) I rode Shadow over the RR tracks (@ the rails) for the 1st time since his accident. He balked about 25' back, but crossed after some coaxing. On the way back he was obviously nervous again, & balked about 8' back, but then crossed w/o incident. I'm sure I was just as scared as Shadow. Feeling better about it now, though. Farrier comes tomorrow. Let's hope he doesn't make them lame (like last time)!

  30. 7/18: 5.43 marking trail
    7/18: 7.50 ride w/FRIENDS
    7/20: 2.79 parade
    YTD: 124.84
    I found a local Facebook page for trail riders! Woo Hoo! Not many members, but I posted that I would be willing to lead a ride in my "back yard" (State recreation area across the street), & 6 other people showed up!! That's the first time in 5 years I've actually had someone come ride with me! (I've been on 2 other trail rides in other places in the past 5 years; & I've taken novice riders out on my 2 horses maybe 5-10 times, but most of the time I ride alone). I rode out early in the AM to mark the parts of the trail that are overgrown & hard for me to find (so we wouldn't have to wander around looking for the trail). Then we had a nice evening ride. One girl trailered 40 miles to come; the others drove about 8 - 10 miles. I had forgotten just how slow a group of riders can be! But it was fun.
    Saturday I did a parade with the App & the Dals; I gave Pate Bute at the vet's suggestion, and he wasn't lame at all; maybe had a little too much energy!

  31. 7/22: 3.03
    7/24: 3.05
    7/25: 6.09
    YTD: 137.01 Nice & breezy & cool this AM. After the ride, gave a few "pony rides" to a friend's grandkids. Bring 'em up right!

  32. 7/28: 6.53
    7/30: 9.01
    YTD: 152.55 Have you ever had to wait for a train on horseback? We could see the train was going to beat us to the crossing, so we just doubled back & did an extra side loop. The train was SO LONG & moving about 3 mph, so I knew it could be a wait. Then while we were riding out of sight, I heard another whistle, like a 2nd train coming behind the 1st! When I got back to the crossing, a train was stopped dead, blocking the tracks. No way around it. No other roads "out". I called the ph # posted at the crossing, and they said it should be moving soon. After about 15 minutes, the train backed up enough for us to get across. Have you ever heard (while mounted)a train when it is starting up? Talk about fire breathing dragon! Screeching, groaning, metal scraping... grunts of metal moving. Shadow was a bit discombobulated! (bet 'cha haven't heard that word in a while). And we had to cross in front of it while it heaved & breathed, waiting there, on the tracks. I think maybe it backed up just for us!

  33. 7/31: 2.05
    YTD: 154.60 County Fair week. I did a demonstration with the Dalmatians & the Appaloosa for the Horse Extravaganza @ the fair. I had my hubby video it w/my new camera, but the whole thing is out of focus, so I won't be posting it. Too bad, I wore a new outfit this year in pink (similar to my Distance Derby pic, but w/ the App & a new shirt for me). I wanted to see how a red & white leopard App looks in pink!

  34. 8/3: 6.29
    8/5: 6.57
    YTD: 167.46 Going on working vacation for 14 days: won't have internet. May or may not get to ride w/old friends during that time. If I do get some miles, I'll post them when I get back.

  35. 8/25: 7.17
    YTD: 174.63. Nice to be in the saddle again. Re-finished the kitchen cabinets in our un-sold house in ID; hubby tiled the master bath; all that work for someone else! Let's hope it sells! Back home & back to work @ school. Got in a nice, quiet ride, but it was muggy & buggy! Oh for a fly spray that works!

  36. 8/31: 19.2
    9/2: 7.11
    YTD: 200.94 Friday night I trailered to a field near Culbertson, MT, for the annual Culbertson Wagon Train. Outriders pay $100 for the weekend; Teamsters attend for free. There were 10 wagons/surreys/carts this year plus about 130 outriders. People just pulled in at random & parked wherever; you didn't have to even clean up your manure! (I asked!) Some horses were tied to trailers, some grazed in portable electric fencing; some were hobbled & let loose. We camped Fri night; they fed us a delicious breakfast Sat AM, then out on the trail through rolling hills and natural grasslands. Not a speck of sagebrush the whole 19 miles! Full hot lunch brought in to the mid-point of the trail by truck & served up by volunteers of the Culbertson Saddle Club. The weather was in the 80's w/a stiff wind @ 20mph. Hard to keep the hat on! (but not hot!) We wound around through private land on the prairie. Some of the trail was pretty rough or boggy for the wagons, & it was such a thrill to see each team pull through the tough spots without problem! Beautiful countryside. Friendly people. The trail made a loop back to camp. Full hot dinner served, then a DJ & entertainment & dancing. Another trail ride was for Sunday, but I didn't stay. Here's a link to the photos I took (Shutterfly public share site Culbertson Wagon Train 2013 Strupp):

  37. 9/6: 2.02 on Pate
    YTD: 202.98 Short sunset ride on the App, Pate. His left front shoe is missing one side of the nails, so it's not going to stay on very long. This new farrier charges $135 per horse to shoe (all 4 hooves), and his shoes only seem to last 6 wks. Pate lost a shoe at 6 weeks last time, and he's about to lose a shoe again (@ 6 wks). My last farrier charged $80 per horse & the shoes lasted 2 1/2 -3 months. Big difference!

  38. Bummer on the shoes :-( Time for a new farrier ???

  39. 9/12: 4.04
    9/14: 6.50
    YTD: 213.52 A rider about 40 miles S of me has started a FB page for local trail riders. Yesterday some of us got together to ride Makoshika State Park in Glendive, MT. This is "Badlands" style riding; lots of gullies, draws, sucky muddy creek beds, soft sand, flat rock, ups & downs. Desert-like w/low growing cactus, beautiful rock formations. It was a great ride, but certainly revealed my horse's weaknesses! (or mine!)We need to work on not galloping up the banks of the draw, walking calmly in groups, etc.
    RE: farrier: I'd love to get a new one! But I live in the Bakken Oil Field, & everything is in short supply (& over priced)! Including farriers!

  40. 9/21: 5.25
    YTD: 218.77
    Quick ride out to the Yellowstone River & back on Pate (App). I thought he'd lose that shoe that only has 1/2 the nails, but it's still on! He didn't limp, either, & that was with a lot of trotting on pretty hard packed dirt/gravel roads for much of it, too.

  41. 10/8: 5.77
    10/11: 2.75
    10/12: 4.19
    YTD: 231.48

  42. 10/19: 7.27
    YTD: 231.48 Rode my usual ride to the state Rec. Area. They're putting up fences in the middle of the "forest"! In an attempt to block off vehicle traffic, they've blocked off most of my trails with new barbed wire fencing. Signs say "no motorized vehicles beyond this point. Access by foot only." I'm going to have to call Wildlife & Fish on Monday & ask about this. Currently, I can still get around most of the new barriers, but if they continue the fence line, I'll be locked out. Hunters can crawl through the barbed wire, but I can't do that with a horse! And horses are definitely "foot traffic"! I'm in that forest more than anyone else - the Wildlife & Fish officers often stop me to ask for information... I can't believe they want to lock me out of the trails. We'll see what happens!

  43. 11/16/13: 4.41
    11/19/13: 2.51
    YTD: 249.08 Listed the YTD incorrectly a few posts ago. My daughter came from Singapore & I took a few days off of work & we got to go for a little ride, she riding her last 4-H horse (Pate, the App). Nice rides before the cold weather set in. 20 below last night; 9 below so far tonight. Brrr!

  44. Hmmm...Peggy Ann if I add 231.48+3.41+4.41+2.51 = 241.81 I think. Would you readd for me? Thanks.

  45. Did you add the 7.27 of 10/19? When I add 231.48 (posted 10/15)+ 7.27 + 3.41 + 4.41 + 2.51 I still get 249.08. My error was posted on 10/19. I incorrectly listed the YTD on 10/19. I hadn't added the mileage I posted on that day.

    New mileage: 11/23/13: 2.44
    YTD: 251.52
    The temp got up to 20 degrees, so I decided to go for a short ride. Both horses had ice balls on their hooves (does anyone else have this problem?) Shadow is still shod, but Pate is barefoot. I took out Shadow & didn't have too much trouble chipping out the ice balls with a hoof pick. (What I call "ice balls" is when the ice balls up under the hoof in a packed, rounded shape that actually raises the horse's hoof off the ground by 1 - 3"; for the horse, it's like walking on stilettos on snow!). I headed out for a quick ride on Shadow. We got a few miles & I just felt like he was walking funny. I got off to check his hooves, & sure enough, the ice balls were back. I got out the hoof pick to chip away at them, but could not chip it at all. The ice was hard & solid & rounded. So that was the end of our ride! I walked him the rest of the way home, then got out a hammer & a screwdriver to chip away at the ice balls before I put him up. This only happens occasionally in the winter; I think the temps & snow conditions have to be just right - sort of like when the snow sticks to your cross-country skis & makes skiing impossible... that's when the ice balls form on their hooves. Last winter it didn't happen at all! Just weird.

  46. 11/28: 3.20: had to get Pate ready for the parade!
    11/29: 1.14: had to try out Pate with his new wings!
    11/29: 1.76: Christmas Light Parade!
    YTD: 257.62
    So, I made wings for my black horse's Eagle costume (Homecoming Parade) last year, but they hung over my legs & just looked like weird chaps. So I've had all year to consider improvements & ask for ideas. Finally put together a PVC pipe frame that sits in flag boots on the back cinch. The wings now sit up in the air behind the saddle, and stand out smashingly! Worked great! The wings, bridle, reins, & dogs were lighted with battery-operated LEDs. Pate & I wore Santa hats; the dogs wore lighted red fur coats. Now to figure out how to light the horse's leg boots...

  47. 12/25: 2.17 on Shadow
    12/26: 2.23 on Pate.
    YTD: 262.02 OK, so I'm just paranoid to ride in the snow. After years of winter/snow riding, my accident in Feb. has made me paranoid. The weather was so nice & I was so alone on Christmas, I just had to ride. Got out Shadow, my favorite. Rode bareback. Decided to stay off the paths & try the hay field; nice & flat. Had a good slow ride, so I tried it again today bareback on Pate. I keep forgetting how many different muscles bareback uses! It was good to be out, but I doubt I'll ever put many snow miles on again.

  48. I do a few parades too! Just LOVE the costume in your photo!

  49. 12/29: 2.10
    YTD: 264.12 Got in just a few more miles for the year before the temps dropped below zero again.
    BTW, I think my current YTD listed on the leader board is 10 miles too much. I'm only to 264.12. I tried to ride enough to catch up to what you gave me, but couldn't do it! Thanks!


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