Saturday, December 8, 2012

Team 62 - Livin’ The Dream*


Hello, my name is Heather.  I'm from a small town in Missouri;  I have had a passion for horses all my life and they are huge part of it.  I love spending time on the trails, joining poker rides or just riding around home with family and friends. 

I am very excited about participating in the Distance Derby, I will be sharing miles with Legacy, my 7 year old paint mare, Tanner,  a 4 year old sorrel quarter horse gelding and Gus, a 13 year old gelding. 

Lets Ride!

2012 / 1287.59 / 6th Place


  1. Took Friday off and met up with Team Purple for a great day of riding, she showed me lots of new places to ride had a great time. Since we live so close now I'm sure we will get plenty of riding in together :)
    Jan 18- 18.5 miles

  2. Wow, 18.5 miles for your first time on the board....awesome :-)

  3. Well got a few miles in finally wish it would warm up kinda been whimpy this winter and busy:(
    Mar 7- 7.83 miles
    YTD- 26.33 miles

  4. Took off work early to get some miles in and enjoy the beautiful day, well got miles in but what happened to 60 degrees. Had a good ride anyway, rode through the praire then some road riding.
    March-8 10.8 miles
    YTD-37.13 miles

  5. Friday was such a beautiful had to take off early so I could enjoy the day with my daughter Danika. We had a really nice ride til her horse decided to be a butt and take off with her and she couldn't get him stop before coming out of her saddle and hitting the ground. We tried to stop him to, he was feeling the weather. I do believe it scared me way more than her since she didn't even cry just said "Cowgirls Don't Cry"
    March 15- 7 miles


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