Thursday, December 6, 2012

Team 59 - Alexander*

I'm Tammy Alexander from Wakefield, Nebraska. My two main horses for the derby are Apache (12 yo Paint) and Dawn (14 yo Paint).  I love trail riding and camping with friends. I enjoyed the Distance Derby 2012 and thought I would continue it in 2013.  I rode over 400 miles last year & I hope that I can do at least that many in 2013!!  

I have owned at least one horse since I was five. Like so many others on the Derby horses are my recreation & my love. I was lucky enough to share the trails in South Dakota with 2 fellow Distance Derby members and I hope to meet some more of you out on the trails!!

Happy Trails to all of you!!

Tammy A (Sam)

2012 / 440.28 miles / 28th Place


  1. My name is Tammy Alexander & I am team 59 on the 2013 Distance Derby.

  2. Tammy just want you to know I did it, I signed up for the Distance Derby so hope to see you and Marvel alot this summer!!!!


  3. First ride of 2013!
    1/16/13 Apache at home. 1.26 miles, 50 minutes, avg speed 2.1
    Spent time at around home first backing & side passing, incredibly slow speed! To slick to move much out of a walk. NICE ride though! Both dogs went along. Was definately good for the soul & peace of mind!!

  4. Spring may finally be here! Beautiful 50*F day!

    1/28/13 Apache at home. 1.76 miles, 55 minutes, avg speed 2.6

    Nice ride at home with the dogs!! Good to be back out my spotted boy!

    1. Opps, Diane, that was 3/28/13, not 1/28!!

  5. Another nice day!!

    3/29/13- Dawn at home, 1.89 miles, 50 minutes, avg speed 2.9

    I think I am a gelding person! Mare attitude drives me nuts :). I need to put a lot more rides in on Dawn!

  6. Mares always have a 'tude :-)

  7. First camping trip of the year!! We had awesome rides & beautiful weather.

    4/27/13 Apache, Bader Park
    1)4.70 miles, 1:49 minutes, 3.1 moving avg ride
    2) 3.76 miles, 2.0 hours, 2.5 moving avg
    3) 2.95 miles, 2.0 hours, 3.1 moving avg

    4/28/13 Apache, Bader Park
    1) 7.75 miles, 2.25 hours, 3.2 moving avg

    Total for the weekend: 19.16 miles

    Total derby miles: 24.07 miles

  8. 5/9, Apache, Branched Oak Lake
    3.55 miles, 1.25 hours, 2.7 moving avg

    5/10 Apache, Oak Creek, Valparison FBMD ride
    15.1 miles, 4.5 hours, 2.9 moving avg

    total for the week: 18.65

    Total derby miles: 42.72

  9. It was so great to see you at FBMDR :-) Sorry i couldn't get to Turkey Creek. Hope you have a fantastic trail riding b-day!

    1. It was great to see you and Jordan at the FBMD ride! You two are doing so awesome! Wish you could have joined us at Turkey Creek!! We had some great rides plus the new foal was an amazing bonus!

  10. My birthday rides at Turkey Creek! Had an awesome time. Great rides, great friends and of course my ever faithful pony. He has matured this year, though he is still impish at times. Love my spotted boy!

    5/15- Apache, Turkey Creek, 5.03 miles, 2.19 hours, with a 2.7 mov avg

    5/16 - Apache, Turkey Creek, 5.31 miles, 2.17 hours, 2.9 moving avg

    5/17 - Apache, Turkey Creek. 6.11 miles, 3.0 hours, 2.9 moving avg

    total = 16.45

    Derby total = 59.17

  11. 6/2 am- Apache, Fort Rob, 8.5 miles, 3.25 hours, 3.1 mov avg
    6/2 pm - Apache, Fort Rob, 2.8 miles, 1 hour, 3.2 mov avg
    6/3- Apache, Fort Rob, 5.6 miles, 2.25 hours, 3.1 mov avg
    total 16.9 miles

    6/4- Apache, Elk Haven South Dakota, 8.8 miles, 3 hours, 3.3 mov avg
    6/5- Apache, Elk Haven, 11.4 miles, 4.25 hours, 3.1 mov avg
    6/6- Apache, Elk Haven, 3 miles, 1.5 hours, 3.0 mov avg
    Tota1 South Dakota - 23.2

    6/7 am- Apache, Big Canyon-Springview NE, 6.4 miles, 3 hours, 2.8 mov avg
    6/7 pm - Apache, Big Canyon, 6.4 miles, 2.25 hours, 3.1 mov avg
    total big canyon - 12.8

    Trip total 52.9

    Derby total 112.07

    1. Tammy,

      Special thanks for an awesome horseback riding vacation! It was great checking off two "bucket list" items in one trip (Fort Robinson and South Dakota) plus going to Big Canyon for the first time ever. So many memories in one week! Unforgettable! Kudos for each of us that made it to Mt. Rushmore. It would have been easy to turn back but I never would have forgiven myself for not trying. "Do or die." LOL

      The book on tape, "Black Hills," was a blast. Thanks for sharing your trailer, etc. with Twister and me. We certainly have some awesome horses. Thanks also for reacting quickly and calmly in Randolph.


      Ride on! We have a lot of "year" ahead of us yet.


    2. Same to you, I thought we actually got along really well in my little trailer! I am glad that we went on to Mt Rushmore, it was a very memorable trip.

      The "Black Hills" tape was good and made for lots of laughs with it's "soft porn" title, ha!

      You know, I think about our near miss in Randolph every now & then. No sure that was more PURE LUCK than any skill on my part. But I didn't panic, just reacted and got us around them....the panic came about 2 minutes later, ha!

      And don't forget my leg cramps! Gees, can't believe I wouldn't stop, what a dummy....but we survived.

      Yes, RIDE ON! Can't wait to see your new round pen!

      Tammy A

    3. I'll still give you lots of credit for avoiding what could have been a really bad accident. It did happen in "slow motion" or so it seems. But still, "YIKES!"

      I did pray EVERY day for safety on the road and on the trail for each and every one of us.

      Your "guardian angel" pin had some divine help. :-D

  12. Yay Lady, you now have over 100 miles :-) Wow alot of miles ridden during your vacation!

    1. Thanks Diane! We did pretty well on vacation. We had two rainy day or we probably could have gotten more miles. But we had a GREAT time. Have you ever ridden in South Dakota?? You would LOVE IT! You need to try to make it there!

  13. 6/21/13 - Sarge! Turkey Creek, 7.5 miles, 2 1/2 hours, 3.8 moving avg

    I was so excited to ride Sarge! What a dream come true for me. And he was a complete gentleman, what a big teddy bear he is!

    6/26/13 - Joe, PRR -Maskenthine Lake, 8.2 miles 2 1/2 hours, 3.9 moving avg,

    nice ride around the lake. Lisa Harder lent me her husbands horse. Needless to say he walked out a LOT more than Apache!! We did lots of circling and worked on him listening to me.

    Total miles for the derby: 127.77

  14. 7/13/13- Apache, Wayne chicken show parade, 6.1 miles, 3 hours, 2.1 moving avg.


    Total miles for the derby: 133.87

  15. 7/23/13 - Dawn, pre-PRR ride. it was the first time she has been ridden this year...that is awful!

    2.25 miles, 1.5 hours, 2.1 moving avg. Some arena work before going down the road. She did really good, she is such a good mare!

    7/24/13 - Dawn, PRR ride at Powderhorn. GREAT ride, great people & a great little mare!
    4.73 miles, 2.25 hours, moving avg 2.9

    Total derby miles: 140.85

  16. I got a chance at the last minute to join some friends on their camping trip to Willow Creek State Park by Pierce. So glad I was able to join these wonderful ladies! I had a blast!

    7/27 Dawn, camping at Willow Creek, 6.85 miles, 2.75 hours, moving avg. 3.1

    7/28- Dawn, Sunday ride at Willow, took the longer route and got a nice lope out of Dawn! 8.50 miles, 3.0 hours, 3.5 moving avg.

    Total 15.35

    Total Derby miles; 156.20

  17. 7/31- Dawn, PRR ride at Powder creek. 4:14 miles, 2.25 hours, 2.4 mov avg. Nice ride at Powdercreek. The trails were a little overgrown!

    Total Derby miles: 160.34

  18. 8/17 - Susie Pony, Renee's Ride at Slattery Winery Nehawka Ne. 6.24 miles, 3.30 hours, 3.0 mov avg.

    Second ride was short!
    8/17 V Susie Pony, Back out to check on the other riders. 1.2 miles, 30 minutes, 2.5 mov avg

    Diane, I hope I made the 7 day cut off! Sorry to cut it so close.

    Total Derby Miles : 167. 78 miles

  19. Tammy, I rode with swarms of dragonflies yesterday! They were beautiful, AND HARMLESS. Pretty red ones. Thought of you!

    1. I know they are harmless but they still freak me out! Red ones would be cool to see. Are they as big as the green & black ones? The dragon flies just hatched here, there are lots of them!

  20. 9/7/13- Apache, Turkey Creek- 5.14 miles, 3.25 hours, 2.8 mov avg

    9/8/13 - Apache, Home, 2.46 miles, 1.5 hours, 3.2 mov avg.

    9/9/13 - Apache, Home, 2.2 miles, 1 hour, 2.8 mov avg

    9/11/13 - Apache, 1.8 miles, 45 mins, 2.8 mov avg

    Total for the week, 11.6 miles

    Derby total 179.38 miles

  21. Cowgirl weekend, Springview Nebraska
    Thursday 9/19 - 6.45 miles, 2 1/2 hours, 3.2 mph
    Friday, skipped the ride. Apache not in good enough shape!
    Saturday, 9/21 - ride - 10.10 miles, 4 hours, 2.8 mph then games 2.12 miles, 2.25 hours, 3.5 mph...lots of standing then running the patterns!

    Sunday, 2.0 hours, 3.50 miles, 2.4 mov avg- started with the group but broke off at the first gate. Nice flat ride around the hay field.

    Total for the weekend; 22.17 miles

    Derby total 201.55 Woo hoo, over 200 miles!

  22. Congrats on getting over 200 miles :-)

  23. Fall ride at Turkey Creek. Had an AWESOME time. Great trails, great good and AWESOME people.

    10/19/13 AM- Apache, TC, 4.92 miles, 2.25.5 hours, 2.9 mov avg.

    10/19/13 PM - Apache, TC, 5.72 miles, 2.25 hour, 2.8 mov avg

    10/20/13 - Apache, 7.52 miles, 3.5 hours, 2.9 mov avg

    Total for the week, 18.16 miles

    Derby total =219.71

  24. Congrats to you Tammy ... Team 59 ... for finishing in 59th place! Cool!!!!

    LOL ... Had been watching mine and wanted to finish as close to 70th place (Team 70) as I could. Made it to 71st place but just plain couldn't get any more miles in December. I ended up in 67th place somehow so it's even better!

    I'm ready to meet 2014 head on! New adventures await us!!!!


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