Thursday, December 6, 2012

Team 70 - Follow Your Dreams*

My name is Marvel Rahn and I live on our dream acreage near Wayne, Nebraska with my husband, Terry.  He is a nonrider but I haven't given up on him yet.  Anything is possible!  I am following my dreams with four horses and a pony and sharing my passion for horses and riding with my grandchildren.

The 2012 Distance Derby was, in a word, awesome!  I look forward to riding in 2013 with a renewed sense of purpose.  Each January 1st I envision what the new year might have in store.  This past year held many surprises, some good, some not so good.  Such is life.  I survived the challenges and came through stronger and more determined than ever.

In choosing a new photo for my 2013 bio I could have chosen Star (Paint), my main mount and only gelding.  Twister (Paint mare), my riding project for 2012, would have been a great choice.  Or perhaps I could have chosen Rain (breeding stock Paint mare), or Sandy Fox (QH Buckskin mare) because I hope to be riding them in 2013 again also.  However, I have chosen a photo of me and Sandy (Star's dam) from 2000 because it epitomizes where this journey began.  I can only guess what 2013 holds.  What I plan to do, which horse(s) I will get to ride, and what actually happens is yet to be seen.  Sandy was my dream horse but God had other plans for her and for me.  (Sandy died in 2002.)

I look forward to seeing what 2013 has in store for me!  Let's ride!


2012 / 321.28 miles / 29th Place


  1. I am sooooooooo looking forward to the 2013 Distance Derby! Thank you, in advance, for all your hard work in creating and maintaining this fun way to motivate us to ride! It works!

    I am still excited about 2012 miles yet to come! It's going fast but I'm enjoying every moment and every ride! Thanks again!

  2. Marvel Rahn
    I am in the Derby.

  3. I rode three Cutting horses at Wilson Horse Training's indoor arena near Emerson, NE today. (The temperature was a far cry from the 70 degrees I rode in a year ago today but at least I got to ride!)

    1.18 miles on Nevada (QH gelding) in 45 minutes.
    .71 miles on Smartie (QH gelding) in 20 minutes.
    .88 miles on PeeWee (QH mare) in 30 minutes.


  4. Yea!! You got a ride in! :) -Lisa

  5. 5.03 miles today in one hour and 36 minutes on Star at home. This was my first time ever to ride a horse outside in the snow. It was fun! We only trotted once briefly. The rest of the ride was at a fast walk. Gorgeous 36+ degree day and NO WIND! (3.2 mph moving average, 6.8 mph maximum, 3.1 mph overall)


  6. That is GREAT Marvel, I'm jealous, I haven't rode yet this year!!!

    1. Don't be jealous Christi! LOTS of year left! Who knows if/when anyone will ride next. Taking it one day at a time! :-D

  7. 5.38 miles today in one hour and 35 minutes on Star at home. We made it all the way to the southeast corner of the corn field CALMLY! Another great ride although the 8-10 mph south wind compared to zero wind on Monday was cold. BRRRRR It was 40+ degrees today but I didn't get in the saddle until amost 3:00 p.m.


  8. Good for you, It doesn't matter the miles it matters did you enjoy it.


    1. I did! I did! I did! I did enjoy the ride! :-D I did not set goals last year until late and only then to push myself to keep riding. This year I have a definite goal set but am still just going to have fun! Last year I rode January 5th and then not again until March 14th. It will be interesting to see how this year goes.

  9. 3.05 miles in two hours on Nevada (Cutting horse - QH gelding) at Wilson Horse Training's indoor arena near Emerson, NE today. (2.0 moving average, 8.6 mph maximum, 1.5 mph overall)

    I enjoyed a great ride with 10 other people. I had a blast doing a practice Cutting on Nevada. He is awesome. What a pleasant surprise to unexpectedly meet up with a local friend who just happened to be there too! Another surprise came when a new friend I met at Turkey Creek last Autumn arrived because she has a horse in training at Wilson's!


  10. I saw your cutting video. That was awesome! Pal and I drove cattle today! -Lisa

    1. Hi Lisa! I saw that on your post! Cattle drives are fun! It's been a few years since I had the opportunity. Glad you were able to help them!

  11. I FINALLY got to ride again and man did I need it! I rode two cutting horses at Wilson Horse Training's indoor arena near Emerson, NE. "There's something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man/woman."

    2.22 miles in 1.25 hours on Nevada (QH gelding)
    1.95 miles in 1.25 hours on Jazzy (QH mare)
    0.58 miles in half an hour on Nevada (QH gelding)
    (2.3 mph moving average, 1.6 mph overall, 10.6 mph maximum)


    1. NOTE: Emerson is in Northeast Nebraska.

  12. Tuesday, February 5th
    Good sign of the coming Spring! I (not on horse) walked around outdoor arena for 30 minutes this morning. Thankful for my new walking trail so I won't have to walk on the roads in the wind and traffic. Beautiful day!

    4.21 miles in 1.5 hours on Star at home. Arena was slick by afternoon. Thankful for the dry corn stubble field to ride in. (3.0 mph moving average, 6.5 mph maximum, 2.8 mph overall)


  13. Great lunch with three friends! Priceless!

    I rode four Cutting horses at Wilson Horse Training's indoor arena near Emerson, NE today (Northeast Nebraska). Spotted on the last two horses while Gary worked on Cutting horses in training. Followed the rides with a mini cattle drive. Great day!

    1.38 miles on Nevada (QH gelding) in 50 minutes
    0.70 miles on Miss Kitty (QH mare) in 30 minutes
    (Nevada and Miss Kitty combined: 2.00 mph moving average, 7.3 mph maximum, 1.6 mph overall)

    1.00 mile on Smartie (QH gelding) in 1 hour
    0.75 miles on Ace (QH gelding) in 45 minutes
    (Smartie and Ace combined: 1.8 mph moving average, 9.0 mph maximum, 1.0 mph overall)


  14. "I started physical therapy today ... I rode a horse!" (Actually I rode two horses.) LOL

    I spent a memorable afternoon at Wilson Horse Training near Emerson, NE (northeast Nebraska). I started by saddling a horse and then longeing four horses for Gary from 1:30-3:00. Then the fun began! I helped spot while Gary worked cutting horses in training. Then I got to participate in pre-cutting training on a mare. Chasing a cow, stopping, turning, etc. was a blast! We also did alot of gate closing practice. Despite discovering a second flat tire in two days when preparing to leave, the day was awesome!

    .61 miles on Nevada (QH gelding) in 30 minutes
    (1.9 mph moving average/9.8 mph maximum/1.0 mph overall)

    1.54 miles on Fancy (QH mare) in 1.75 hours
    (2.0 mph moving average/7.5 mph maximum/1.9 mph overall)


  15. 4/1/2013: First ride on Rain since 2010. It was about time! I've missed her!!! Rode indoors at Wilson Horse Training near Emerson, NE.
    0.68 miles on Rain in 32.02 minutes
    (2.0 mph moving average/7.5 mph maximum/1.3 mph overall)

    4/2/2013: Second ride on Rain this year at Wilson Horse Training.
    0.80 miles on Rain in 36.54 minutes
    (1.9 mph moving average/13.4 mph maximum/1.3 mph overall)

    P.S. What I plan to do and what I actually do don't seem to jive some days. I did not get to ride Wednesday as planned. I did not get to ride today ... nothing went right. Oh well. I am not dismayed ... I WILL get some major miles in very soon! Rain will be home soon. Star, Twister, and Rain will be on the trails soon and, if anything goes right, Sandy Fox will join them this summer!! Remember, "Life is what happens when you're making plans."


  16. I sooo know what you are saying. We are just coming into the better weather, you will do it :-)

    1. Thanks Diane! It seemed easier to motivate when an occasional nice day appeared in Jan/Feb/March because I knew other outside work could wait a few months. :-D

  17. 4/5/13 Third ride on Rain this afternoon at Wilson Horse Training. She's everything I remember and more. I've always been intrigued by her including training her to load in a trailer and back out by simply holding a grooming brush. She LOVES to be groomed. As a two-year-old I was able to cover her with a tarp on a windy day (no halter) and she loved it. Needless to say, blanketing her is a cinch.

    Remembering that "life is what happens when you're making plans" so the opportunity arose to leave her in training for another 30 days. Awesome!

    1.16 miles on Rain in one hour
    (1.7 mph moving average/9.2 mph maximum/1.1 mph overall)


  18. 4/26/13

    1.58 miles on Star in 32.56 minutes at home. We were BOTH happy to be out riding! Too many distractions have kept us from getting out more often!
    (3.1 mph moving average/7.2 mph maximum/2.9 mph overall)


  19. 5.47 miles on Star in 1.75 hours at home.
    (3.2 mph moving average/7.4 mph maximum/3.1 mph overall)


    PERSONAL NOTES: Sad that, after today's miles, I am 17.63 miles BEHIND compared to this time last year. I had ridden 8 times/days, and this year I've ridden 12 times/days. However, this shows me two things: 1) The weather has sucked ... but we all knew that; and 2) There's nothing like trail rides compared to arena riding. I am DEFINITELY thankful for EVERY mile I have so far regardless of the circumstances!

    All is not lost. I'm simply reminding myself once again that "Life is what happens when you're making plans." Also, time and money, money and time will always affect goals. Still having fun. Still have goals. Just have to push harder than I'd planned. RIDE ON! :-D

  20. Thursday, May 9, 2013

    3.59 miles on Star in 1.25 hours at Branched Oak. It was my first time and ride there ever. I had a great time with Tammy Alexander and Lisa Harder. Branched Oak has awesome equine camping facilities and nice trails.

    (2.9 mph moving average/7.7 mph maximum/2.8 mph overall)


  21. Friday, May 10, 2013

    15.0 miles on Star in 4.5 hours at Valparaiso on the annual Friday Before Mothers Day Ride. (Includes 7.52 miles to Loma and 7.48 miles back.) I had a great time! (3.6 mph moving average/10.4 mph maximum/3.3 mph overall)


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  23. Wednesday, May 15, 2013

    FINALLY ... our first Wednesday night (North group) PRR ride in 2013. Until now all had gotten rained out. Enjoyed celebrating Tammy Alexander's birthday with a ride at Turkey Creek followed by a fun party with friends and food. We are the first group to camp at Turkey Creek this year. (13 riders)

    5.07 miles on Twister in 2 hours at Turkey Creek. This was my first ride on Twister since October. I was a little apprehensive but she did just fine. (Thanks to David Anderson for getting on Twister for a few short minutes first and then for riding Rain on the trail ride. Rain did very well for her first trail ride since 2010.) (Twister: 2.8 mph moving average/8.5 mph maximum/2.5 mph overall)


    1. Correction only to when I rode Twister last (for my own record here) ... Last ride on Twister before this was November 21, 2012. Regardless, not having ridden her for six months and having her do so well this week is a testament to the horse. Looking forward to riding her at Fort Robinson, the Black Hills, and Big Canyon in June and throughout the year locally.

  24. Thursday, May 16, 2013

    5.10 miles on Twister in 2 hours at Turkey Creek. (3.1 moving average/8.7 maximum/2.4 overall)

    Other than getting a branch caught in her tail and having a momentary melt down, Twister was a trooper and did just fine. It was a beautiful day with deer, turkeys, and a multitude of song birds to enjoy.


    BONUS: I had the opportunity to camp out in Brenda Wortmann's barn on "foal watch" that night. At 2:22 a.m. I summoned Brenda to the barn and we watched her first foal of the year being born. What a blessing to get to watch this awesome event.

  25. Wow, you had a wonderful weekend. Too awesome to be able to watch a foal being born!!!

  26. June 1-8, 2013 My first (and perhaps only) horseback riding vacation. Twister was awesome and I am so proud of her!

    We left June 1st and it was rainy and windy six to seven hours of the nine-hour trip to Fort Robinson State Park. We had awesome weather June 2-7 for riding. It rained June 8th all morning and all the way home. We certainly had the weather in our favor compared to the entire Spring so far.

    Morning of June 2nd : 8.50 miles on Twister in 3.25 hours at Fort Robinson State Park. (3.1 mph moving average/8.5 mph maximum/2.5 mph overall) Highlights: We found a horse skeleton. A snake struck at Twister but I moved her to the left just as I saw it and it missed. Then I followed it and was thankful it was a bull snake and not a rattler. I found an empty turtle shell. We were happy the buffalo were fenced in a pasture.

    Evening of JUNE 2nd: 2.78 miles on Twister in one hour. (3.3 mph moving average/4.8 mph maximum/3.1 mph overall) Highlights: We saw a Pronghorn near the Fort then rode to the huge stock tank, stopped to let the horses drink, then came back. We also saw a Prairie Chicken.

    Morning of June 3rd: 5.56 miles on Twister in 2.25 hours. (3.1 mph moving average/8.6 mph maximum/2.4 mph overall) Highlights: We rode to the scenic picnic area overlooking the Fort. WOW! What a view! On the way back, five of the Fort's geldings gathered around the stock tank in the pasture while a single Pronghorn waited her turn to drink.

    16.84 total miles at Fort Robinson State Park

    86.46 MILES YEAR TO DATE (After Fort Rob)

  27. June 3rd we traveled to the Black Hills. On our way to Elk Haven Horse Camp near Keystone, SD we encountered a herd of buffalo blocking the road but finally made it to camp. I will forever be impressed by the hospitality of the owners of Elk Haven Horse Camp. They are awesome hosts and the facilities were excellent!

    Morning of June 4th: 8.75 miles on Twister in 3 hours. (3.3 mph moving average/7.5 mph maximum/2.8 mph overall) Highlights: I enjoyed seeing deer, a turkey, a waterfall, and several creek crossings.

    Morning of June 5th: 11.2 miles on Twister in 4.25 hours. (3.1 mph moving average/8.5 mph maximum/2.5 mph overall) Highlights: Reaching Mt. Rushmore safely was both exciting and very rewarding! WOW!! What a ride! What a view!!!

    Morning of June 6th: 3.00 miles on Twister in 1.5 hours. (3.0 mph moving average/5.2 mph maximum/2.1 mph overall) Highlights: We rode what was dubbed the "Rachel trail" with four-year-old Rachel Harder riding with Tammy on Apache. Rachel is the cutest little cowgirl! We were warned of buffalo ahead by a group of riders and were thankful for that!

    22.95 total miles at Elk Haven Horse Camp

    109.41 MILES YEAR TO DATE (After Elk Haven Horse Camp in the Black Hills of South Dakota)

    1. NOTE: Forgot to mention the Blackhawk helicopter directly overhead enroute to Mt. Rushmore on the Centennial Trail. This was an awesome yet unnerving experience. The chopper was so low above the trees and LOUD! I am amazed that none of the horses reacted at all.

      When we arrived in the open lot near Mt. Rushmore there were three helicopters above the complex. One was hovering while the other two flew around. We wondered what they were doing but, of course, will probably never know. We enjoyed spending an hour in the clearing, eating lunch, letting the horses rest and graze, and celebrating our successful journey!

  28. June 6th we traveled the final leg of our trip to Big Canyon near Springview, NE. I remember wondering where a canyon could possibly be when all you see upon arrival is flat ground. The next morning it didn't take long to figure it out. LOL This is a gorgeous area of canyons, natural springs, small waterfalls, and great scenery surrounding camp. Special thanks to Jo Schaaf for leading us on the rides!

    Morning of June 7th: 7.95 miles on Twister in 3 hours. (3.3 mph moving average/12.1 mph maximum/2.7 mph overall) Highlights: A rabbit, deer, a turkey, and great scenery.

    Afternoon of June 7th: 6.33 miles on Twister in 2.25 hours. (3.3 mph moving average/7.4 mph maximum/2.7 mph overall) Highlights: LOTS of water crossings, and small waterfalls. It was very interesting riding through the area burned during last summer's fires.

    14.28 miles at Big Canyon

    123.69 MILES YEAR TO DATE (After Big Canyon)

    1. Hi Diane, I emailed several weeks ago about a discrepancy but never heard back and haven't seen a change on the chart. I show 123.69 miles but the leaderboard shows 124.46. Not sure where the 124.46 came from. Marvel

  29. August 7th: FINALLY back in the saddle after two months of other "life" plans including the birth of our third grandchild, fencing, haying, and a vacation trip.

    6.68 miles on Twister in 2.25 hours at Willow Creek SRA near Pierce, NE. (3.2 mph moving average, 7.3 mph maximum, 2.9 mph overall)

    Seven riders enjoyed a nice ride around the lake in perfect weather. I immensely enjoy riding Twister. Karen Bloomquist rode my Star and had a blast. Others present were Joyce Vonasdall, Karla Bennett, Debbie Hansen, and Owen and Julie Kelly.


  30. September 11, 2013 Final North Platte River Riders trail ride at Turkey Creek Ranch near Newcastle, NE.

    4.36 miles on Star in 1.34 hours. (3.0 mph moving average/5.6 mph maximum/2.8 mph overall)

    A great ride with four friends, a dozen deer, a Barred owl in the distance, and awesome early September weather. (Sid & Karen MacLaren, Teri Ketelsen & her daughter) Small group but a perfect night.


  31. 2.04 miles on Star in 1.01 hours in the round pen at home. (2.1 mph moving average/5.7 mph maximum/2.0 mph overall)

    First I worked Star on a longe line, then saddled him from both sides (with no halter and not tied). While riding I worked on side passing then backed him half way around the round pen. We also worked on opening and closing gates. After unsaddling him I thought about riding bareback since it's been a while but that's about the time it started sprinkling. Oh well, next time! Enjoyed the hour immensely.


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  33. FINALLY got a ride in! Still busy almost every day of the week working on (Oct. 4th) tornado clean up and rebuilding at my dad's. Gladly sacrificing what I can to help out even if I don't get to ride much.

    3.36 miles on Star in 1.14 hours at home. (2.9 mph moving average/6.2 mph maximum/2.7 mph overall)


    It's motivation to find a little time for myself now that the bean field east of our place has been harvested. Star was a good boy as usual. It's hard to believe I've only ridden him nine times this year. So many plans and goals for 2013 not achieved yet so many blessings and rewards. God is good!

  34. 2.50 miles in 1.02 hours on Twister at home. (2.6 mph moving average/7.4 mph maximum/2.4 mph overall)

    Have missed some nice days of riding so was glad to be home today and able to get some time in the saddle. Short half an hour in the round pen then rode in the arena area and in the bean stubble field. Love, love, love this mare.



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