Saturday, December 8, 2012

Team 49 - Kimes*

Hi.  My name is Janette Kimes.  I live in a small town in southeast Nebraska with my honey, Greg, and my two horses.  Cash is a breeding stock paint that is 6 years old.  I have been riding him since he was 2.  I am very proud of him; he is the greatest.  Truck is a 14 year old quarter horse.  Anyone that knows how to get on can ride him; he is not replaceable.  

We like to take them camping and trail ride a lot.  No showing.  Just riding for fun.  

This will be my 2nd year for the Derby.  Last year I rode more than I would have but had a blast.  Maybe this year I will not go so far, but you never know?  I hope to see you on the trails.

2012 / 1346.93 Miles / 4th Place




  1. I am in the didtance derby

  2. Very chillie ride. Short buy sweet. Went 4:02 miles.

  3. After work ride. Nice night for a ride. Went 4:20 That =*8:22

  4. What a nice evening, Rode 5:12 miles. It was chillie but not cold. Can,t wait till spring. Mile to date is 13:34 miles.

  5. Today I rode Truck, that is my boy friends horse. He dosen't get alot of riding. This year I am planing on riding him to. We went 3:92 miles That= 17:26.

  6. After work ride. 3:56 that =20:82

  7. Got a short ride in, Nice little ride. 7:23 miles that=28:05

  8. We went riding today. First I rode Cash, We went 12:02 miles It was a great ride, I found trees with buds on them and the Weather was like spring. When I got home I got Truck out and rode him, we went 8:42 miles fun fun fun, I can't wait till spring. so that makes my miles to date 46:49

  9. Hey Janette, my spreadsheet shows 48.49 :-)

  10. Went for a little ride tonight 2:52 miles That =51:01

  11. Went for a little ride on Tuesday after work, It was so Chilly I cut it short and came home. We went 3:12 That=54:13

  12. Rode after work, Kind of chilly but fun, We went 7 :23 That =61:36

  13. Had a snow day from wook, We went 4:78 miles that =66:14


  14. mar.5 went 5:72 miles
    mar.7 went 4:13 miles
    mar,8 went 9:55 miles
    that =85:54

  15. got to ride 3 times this week! awesome :-)

  16. Mar.12 -went2:10
    Mar.14- went5:45
    Mar. 15-went 10:45
    fun fun fun that =103:54

  17. Ok now that it is nice it is time for me to catch up!!
    mar.26 =5:10 miles
    mar.27 =7:53 miles
    mar.29 =4:23 miles
    mar.30 =7:50 miles
    mar.31 =2:10miles
    that = 130:00

  18. We went out for a while after work The weather is great.
    April 2 =4:10
    April 3 = 3:45
    That = 137:55

  19. What a great day for a ride , I didn't work to day so I rode far a while. We went 10:00 exactly 10:00 funny hu. That =147:55

  20. April 6 = 7:56
    April 7 =9:12
    That = 164:23

  21. Been riding alot latley, It is finaly nice,
    April 21=7:34
    April 23=5:10
    April 25= 2:24
    April 27= 14:70
    April 28= 5:90
    to date ==`199:51

  22. Nice evening ride
    April 29= 5:10 that =204:61

  23. Congrats on getting over 200 miles :-)

  24. April 30 went 4:20 that =208:81

  25. Today was a cool ride, I am ready for summer.
    May 3 Went 2:69 miles
    May 5 went 7:10 miles
    that =218:60

  26. May 6 th we went 6:13 miles that = 224:73

  27. What a good Mothers day ride it was this year, FUN FUN FUN
    We went, me and Cash, 17:56 miles.
    that= 242.49

  28. I had a good Sunday short ride
    May12went 6:92
    That =249:41

  29. May 14 Went 10:34
    May15 Went 5:16
    That =264:84

  30. May 17th went 12:67 miles
    May 18th went 9:12 miles
    That = 276:63

  31. June 1 =14:78 miles
    June 2 = 7:23 miles
    June 3 = 4:25 mile
    June 6 = 6:10 miles
    June 7 =15:67 miles
    That =324:70

  32. Went for a nice evening ride June 10 we went 9:10 miles, That=333:80

  33. June 10 = 4:72 miles
    june 12= 2:10 miles
    June 15= 6:10 miles
    June 16= 17:42 miles

  34. I have a story to tell. My Sunday morning ride did not turn out very good ! Cash and I were Galloping on a gravel road{ any one that knows Cash knows he loves to gallop nice and slow and a long ways} I am not sure what he tripped on maybe just stumbled, He went down and went down hard, I bailed and hit the ground on my feet, When Cash got up I was so scared, There was blood running down both legs, and he was shaking, There was blood on his face. I was about 5 miles from home I walked him to the closes house, On Sunday morning no one is home at a Amish house. I know them so I just helped my self to the hose and started cleaning him up. Called Greg for help, It took him about a half hour to get there. I got the blood stopped by that time. You could see the tendons in his legs. So It will be a while till we post any miles. He is doing great, today he galloped out of the pasture when I got home. He loves me as much as I love him.

    1. Holy smokes! I had a sick knot just reading about it. Thankfully you are okay and even tho Cash will take time to heal physically, it sounds like mentally he is ready to get back on the trails. Sounds like the two of you have a very special bond...I love that!

  35. Janette! So glad you both are okay. How scary. After reading about that endurance rider who's horse fell ... and we know about that outcome, I am so glad YOU didn't get hurt!

  36. Oh my, how scary for both of you. Glad you didn't get hurt and sure hope Cash heals quickly!

  37. Glad you are OK! You must be some gymnast, to land on your feet! Keep us updated, even if you aren't posting miles!

  38. It has been one month sence our fall. I have been riding all along, just short to keep him limber. Haven't posted because it wasn't much. We have been riding a lot now. His knees look good not healed but good.Just taking it slower than normal.
    Aug. 2 5:45 miles
    Aug. 4=4:67 miles
    Aug. 6=7:10 miles
    Aug. 7=2:51 Miles
    Aug. 9=12:68 Miles
    that =32.68 year to date =396.14

  39. Aug.11 4:90 Miles
    Aug.12 2:14 Miles
    Aug.13 7:23 Miles
    That =410.41

  40. So glad that Cash is healing up and doing well!

  41. It has been a month on the 14th he still has wholes in his knees that I put stuff on every day, but I have not been babying him anymore.
    Aug. 15 =2:10 miles
    Aug. 17 =14:89 miles
    That=16:99 year to date=427:40

  42. I am back.
    Nov.29 -2:16
    Nov.30- 10:10
    Dec.1- 5 :15
    that = 444:81

  43. Dec.2-5:30 that =450:11

  44. Dec.7 = 4>20
    Dec.9 =5::11
    That =459:42

  45. Dec 12= 8;5
    that =467:92

  46. Dec. 15 5:15
    That = 473:07
    I didn't ride much for months and I am in the top leader board, I can't belive how much people don't ride their horses.

  47. Dec.17 3:79
    Dec.18 5:20 That = 482:06

  48. Dec. 19 5:34
    Dec. 26 4:70
    Dec 27 6:02
    Dec.31 5:22
    that = 503:34

  49. Congrats on ending the year with over 500 miles :-) Glad you are in the DD2014!


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