Sunday, December 9, 2012

Team 5 - Cindy*


A country girl born and raised in the city, I always dreamed of living in the country and owning my own horses. That dream was realized 7 years ago when my dad bought me my first horse. His health was failing and he wanted to see my dream realized before he left this earth. I was no longer a little girl, but a married woman with four kids! Rarely doing things for myself, he wanted me to finally realize that dream.  My older 3 kids were teenagers or married. Busy lives of their own. My youngest , Sierra, was 8. So in order to get time on my horse, I bought her a older horse to learn to ride on also.  We spent many hours playing with and riding our horses together. Couldn't think of a better way to spend time with my little girl. And thus the passion I had for horses soon became hers as well.  We dabbled in 4H, and she soon caught the show bug. As Sierra grew in her horsemanship I felt more confident in buying her a show horse. Now we enjoy a 4H club, and she shows at local and state level.

After show season winds down in the fall, I get to enjoy my time on the trails with friends. I've come to realize horses are my rest. When I am riding, all the stressors of life seem to go to another place. I love the quietness of the barn when I am feeding. The sighs and snorts coming from their stalls. And of course the smell of their coats! I am now living my dream in the country with my own small herd of 3 horses.

2012 / 307.7 Miles / 33rd Place


  1. Tammy, I think my very last mile entry was missed. I should be somewhere around the 308 mile s to date. My last recording says 300 miles.

  2. I am going to kicy your butt, lol, this is your motivation get out and ride, can not wait to meet you. Juanit

  3. OUT of the stating gate!! Only 2.10 miles, but at least I'm out and it was a blast! Ran (well trotted:) some barrels with my daugther and a couple friends yesterday. Then we were able to cross the road and move some cattle in the pasture. It was so much fun just to get out into the pasture. The girls had a blast chasing the cattle. The wind made the 45 degree temps feel like 20, so it was too brisk to stay out long. So greatful for the time and friends:)

  4. Good for you Cindy, glad to see you on the board :-)

  5. 5/10/13 14.52 miles at oak creek trail. Not sure of my miles to date? I should have more than 2?!

  6. I show you with 10.28 miles in April. I told you I would post them for you and did on the spreadsheet and forgot to on here LOL...sorry about that.
    YTD miles: 12.38

  7. Thanks Diane!
    12.38+14.52 on 5/10=26.90
    26.90+11.30 on 5/11
    =38.20 ytd.

  8. Diane, I think this is missing my riding miles in june? I know I had some as I rode just last week at Nranched oak. I entered it. I will have to see if I still have out on my tracks.
    Yesterday my tracks tells me I rode 9.82 miles on the mopac. Please add that to my total. Thanks!

  9. June 13th was 7.53 miles with deb heitman at branched oak.
    Also : june 22 I rode 2.06.
    57.61 should be my year to date total.

  10. 8.02 miles at Garden of the Gods, Colo. Springs, Colo. By far my most beautiful ride yet!!
    YTD total.. 65.63

  11. 15.33 miles today on our marathon ride at Pawnee and Branched Oak:)
    65.63 plus
    Grand total of 80.96 miles to date

  12. 8/13 6.81 miles at Wagon Train lake
    8/14 8.49 miles at Elmwood mopac trail.

    Diane, this is by memory, and you know how my memory goes!!
    IF this isn't the same as what you have please correct it.
    This should make for a grand total of 96.26 miles to date.

  13. HEHE,,,,it was 8.59 miles :-) I got ya covered!

  14. 5.62 at Spring creek Prairie on Wednesday
    Total 101.96
    7 miles today at Wagon Train
    Total to date miles is 108.96

  15. Too awesome Lady, you got over 100 miles :-)

  16. 8/31/13 6.52 miles at Rock Creek
    9/1/13 8.81 miles at Rock Creek
    Year to date 124.29 miles :)

  17. 9/7/13 8 miles trail challenge
    plus 9/8/13 4 miles at BO

    for a total of 136.29 miles to date

  18. Miles ridden last weekend at Rock Creek Station
    9/20 6.52 miles
    9/21 4.77 miles
    9/22 6.87 miles

    Year to date 154.45 miles

  19. Rode at Jeffries Island, Lexington Ne. this weekend. What a beautiful fall weekend!! My favorite time of year to ride:)

    Oct. 12, 10.21 miles
    Oct. 13 8.10 miles
    year to date total is 172.76 miles

  20. Turkey Creek ride
    10/19 a.m. 4.92 miles
    10/19 p.m. 5.72 miles
    10/20 a.m. 7.52 miles

    Year to date total 190.92 miles

  21. 11/1/13
    10.07 miles ridden at the Elmwood Mopac trail. Beautiful fall leaves!
    Year to date total is 200.99. I'm far behind last years, and I thought I rode a lot this fall!!

  22. Congrats on getting over 200 miles :-)

  23. 11.35 miles at Rock Creek Station 11/9/13 (going by Leighs hours that she clocked since we rode together:)
    9 miles at Branched Oak 11/10/13 for a total of 20.35 miles this weekend.
    Year to date total of 221.38 miles


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