Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Team 40 - Ridgeway


Hello! I’m Jessica and I’m from Griffin, Georgia.  I am fortunate enough to own two wonderful geldings, Anakin and Glock.  Anakin is an approximately 21 year old grade Quarter horse and is my go-to guy.  He’ll do anything you need him to do.  He’s currently staying at the Calvin Center where he is being used as a lesson/trail horse and also as a therapy horse.  Glock is an 11 year old Straight Egyptian Arabian with a ton of personality!  I don’t do any fancy riding, so most of my ride time is out on the trails.  I do enjoy taking dressage lessons to further my horsemanship knowledge and my horse’s fitness.
I just graduated from Mercer University's Master of Family Therapy program. It's been a grueling 2.5 years but I'm sure it'll be worth it one of these days. I didn't get to ride too much this year because of working full time and also doing 20+ hours of internship work each week so I'm really looking forward to 2013! 

2012 / 75.94 Miles / 45th Place


  1. Jessica

    I am in the derby.

  2. So I started this year's derby with a super short ride on Glock. This was actually a test ride in the new dressage saddle by hubby bought for Christmas/Graduation. I've had a difficult time fitting a saddle to Glock but by George I think we've finally got it! It's been about 3 months since Glock has been ridden and boy did he let me know it. It was back to square one with him. He eventually settled down and we worked through the issues he was having. I had to refocus myself and check my own emotions before I transferred them to him. I noticed that with each deep breath I took, his head came a little lower and his strides a little smoother. It's such an awesome feeling to feel your horse respond to something so simple as breathing. We've got a lot of work to do this year but thankfully without school tying me up, we should have plenty of time!

    1/2/13 1.6 miles to date

  3. After a great day of window shopping at several Atlanta tack shops, I was able to do a bit of arena work and sneak in a short trail ride on Anakin at Calvin Center.

    1/5/13 3.6 miles=5.2 miles to date

  4. 2/2/13 4.02 miles=9.22 miles to date

  5. 3/8/13-Lesson on Anakin=4.73 miles
    3/10/13-Ride on Glock= 1.38 miles
    6.11 total for the weekend =15.33 miles to date

  6. 3/15/13-Clinic with Terri MacKeogh. What a great day of learning and horsemanship. Anakin actually got on a trailer nice and calmly at the end of the day. Thanks Terri!

    3/15/13=2.55 miles=17.88 miles to date.

  7. Quick ride on my goofy Arab.

    4/6/13 1.65=19.53 miles to date

  8. 4/13/13 My friend Alaina came out to ride with me at the Calvin Center. Nice ride on the trails and in the arena.

    4/13/13 5.2=24.73 miles to date

  9. Jessica said...
    Since starting a great new job I haven't had too much time for riding. Finally made it out for some saddle time! I even got to take my best friend out on her very first trail ride. : )
    6/2/13 Lesson and a trail ride. 9.5 miles
    6/3/13 Quick ride on Anakin 3.2 miles

    12.7 miles=37.43 miles to date

  10. 6/14/13
    2.63 miles=40.06 miles to date

  11. 6/22/13 Had a short lesson on Glock then a nice trail ride with Kristin, Susan, and Pat. Glock was pretty calm considering that was our first time out on the trails in quite a while. : )

    7.26 miles =47.32 miles to date


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