Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Team 28–Ay-Rab

I’m Vicki Fraser, Team Ay-Rab, and I am so excited to be returning in 2013 with Deacon and Lucy!  Deacon will be 11 this year, Lucy will be 10, they are Spanish Arabian, and half-siblings.

What a fun competition 2012 was, and the highlight for me was seeing riders brought together to ride with others that they hadn’t known previously.  The friendly competition between Juanita and Christine was just a hoot.
It was also so much fun to be able to follow all the other friends competing.

I made a decision not to chase miles, but to gps the miles I would ride anyway, so the mileage count was all new to me, having never even tracked “Trail Time” prior to this.

As we start into this new year, I’m praying safety and joy for equines and riders alike.

2012 / 751.57 Miles / 14th Place


  1. Wow, can't believe Deacon and Lucy are in double digits now (age)!

  2. 1/4/13 9.10 miles

    Me on Lucy, John Rutan on Deacon, at Isle Du Bois trailhead, Lake Ray Roberts - also known as IDB, our regular stomping grounds. 40 degrees, sunny, no wind, we were the only two on the trails today, which is common. Saw lots of feral pig sign and damage, the occassional deer, followed what looked like "bigfoot" tracks and finally saw the big coyote loping ahead of us on the trail. I joked just minutes before the sighting that it was going to be the biggest coyote I NEVER saw...

    Great to get this show on the road. Thanks to Diane for doing stats for us so we can play another year. Blessings dahlink - let us know if we need to send you chocolates. I think we were delingquent in gifting Tammy V. last year!


  3. Awesome Vicki. No chocolate you are saved, both Tammy and I are on diets now :-)

  4. 1.8.13 .44 miles. Yup, .44.
    Headed out on Deacon, ponying Lucy as usual, then the rain began. Since Deacon can't stand raindrops on his face (LOL) we turned around and loaded up for a sausage biscuit at McDonalds. So not on MY usual diet, but good. And fun to watch the people in the parking lot crack up at the horses who are both big hams, and had their heads out their manger doors. We're getting some much needed rain here now, so I'm probably earth-bound until Friday.

    miles - a whoppin 9.54 total to date.

  5. Hey there Vic! Good to 'see' you again, love the pic of you guys!

  6. 1/15/13 7.35
    1/18/13 7.11

    Total of 24 miles to date.

  7. 1/21/13 7.87 miles today for a total of 31.87 to date.

    Rode with my self-proclaimed "southern belle" friend, Alice Morgan on her amazing Tennessee Walking Horses. The horse I rode today was Music, trained in a big-lick show barn. Alice liberated him from that living hell, and he's the most amazing creature - to be around or to ride.

    Praying for rain for the whole earth.

  8. 1/22/13 13.73
    1/24/13 9.7
    1/25/13 12.53

    Good week, rode alone yesterday, the wild boar crossed the trail in front of me, saw a young (looking) possum, and an owl swooped over in front of me and then did the neck swivel thing that so reminds me of the Exorcist...

    Rode today with John, Alice, Mabeth & Margaret, stellar day, great friends.

    67.83 miles to date

  9. 1/29/13 6.0 miles

    Cloudy, gray day. I went out early by myself to beat the rain - I was the only rider out on the lake trails. Terrific ride on Lucy. Whitetail deer and great blue heron the only wildlife besides me.

    73.83 miles to date.

  10. 1/30/13 8.13 miles

    Blustery, cold day. Hit the lake trails and headed south and was protected from the wind the entire gorgeous ride.

    81.96 miles to date

  11. Blustery, Cold.... your in Texas right? How dare you! LOL. Mike team 80

  12. 1/31/13 6.21 miles

    Short ride on the Trinity River through the heart of Fort Worth today on Lucy, with my buddy John. Walkers, bikers, people with dogs, geese, heron, ducks, cormorants, paddle boards & kayaks. Couldn't get Lucy's head straight - just too overstimulated, so headed back to trailers, then to the famous "Coopers Pit BarBQue" right in the stockyards. Had way too much good food, then a walk into the shops at the stockyards. Great day.

    Total miles to date: 88.17

  13. 2/12 5.83
    2/15 7.21
    2/16 14.43
    2/17 6.0

  14. 2/19 11.2

    Beautiful day on the lake. One armadillo, one roadrunner. Yup, the real deal, that roadrunner. Both critters proof of God's sense of humor. Don't ya love it?

    Total miles to date 132.84

  15. 4/19/13 8.46
    4/21/13 4.72

    I've been riding, just haven't had the ability to sit down and post miles! Major construction going on in the new house, and landscaping my postage stamp lawn at the same time. Wouldn't want to take on a project!

    Ponies, dogs, husband and kid all fine, life is good.

    Total miles to date 146.02

  16. Hey all, I'm going to jump off of the leaderboard - I'm riding miles, just not doing a good job of getting them posted! Diane, thanks for doing this for us all this year, you can officially remove me from your stats, although I'll follow all of you still!

  17. OK, thanks for letting me know :-) Happy Riding!


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