Sunday, December 9, 2012

Team 16 - Sabino



  • My name is Natalie Kilpatrick and this is my first year in the Distance Derby. I'm relatively new to riding, I still consider myself a beginner, but am learning more every day.


  • My horse, Scooter (APHA "Luckys Wild Rose") is a 1995 Sabino Chestnut Paint Horse Mare who I began free leasing in August of 2012. She is pregnant with her fourth and final foal due in March. After the foal is born and weaned I will buy Scooter and we'll begin the rest of our lives together.


  • I would love to get more serious with Competitive Trail Riding but my lack of owning a horse trailer is stopping me at the moment. I board Scooter within a few miles of Lake Cunningham so we spend a lot of our time on the trails in the surrounding area.


  • We won't be starting out 2013 strong, but we hope to finish out with a bang!


PLEASE NOTE: Since Scooter will be kept home from the trails more than expected January through May we may not be sending in any miles, this doesn't mean that we aren't participating, she's just out of commission. Once the foal is born we'll start running up miles again and I'll begin submitting data. If I happen to hop on another horse for some miles I'll definitely be submitting those!


  1. Natalie Kilpatrick

  2. Scooter has gone home to Iowa to foal out. We should be back in the saddle in April!

  3. Scooter still has at least a month and a half to go. She's gonna look like Stewie Griffin in the end!

    Latest pics here:

  4. We're at the 30 day mark and starting to count days instead of weeks. :D Hope to be back riding soon in 2 months. Don't DQ us, just yet.

  5. I am sure you are really excited and chomping at the bit :-) We will make sure to wait for you and Scooter!

  6. We drive by Lake Cunningham at least once a week and next week twice a week. I always think about you and your mare as we drive. Love those paints, really.

  7. So... due date is coming up in less than a week and Scooter still has yet to bag up. But, boy is she huge!! Historically she's bagged up 6 weeks out so if this rings true, it'll be a late April baby. :(

  8. Scooter foaled two weeks ago. Riding again by the end of May! Look for our first report, then.


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