Saturday, December 8, 2012

Team 33 - Blitz




My name is Brenda and I live in Southwest Iowa outside of Glenwood.  I am originally from the UP of Michigan where I enjoyed trail riding as a child.  My husband and I own four horses and enjoy trail riding together as well as camping with our friends.  This will be my second year in the Derby!  2012 brought many miles at parks we hadn’t ridden before.  Many new ones on the list for 2013!  I will mainly be tracking my miles with my best friend Blitz, a 16 year old breeding stock paint.  Blitz and I have been sharing the trails together for the last 10 years.  My backup horse this year will be my new Haflinger driving pony named Dinky.  Dinky and I are hoping to get quite a few of our miles in a cart this year!  I look forward to riding with you all!



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  2. First DD miles in the cart with Dinky today!

    4.84 miles in 1 hr 31 minutes

  3. Got to love those Haflingers! Our Haflinger experience started about 10 years ago with a mare my daughter brought home from a sale that was named Blitz!

  4. Dinky is missing you! Better go harness up and enjoy another ride! Team 92-Karbo

  5. Haven't did any driving yet, but have began doing ground work. We are in the process of getting a different team mate for our haflinger. Our 10 year old grandson loved riding one of our original team and finally talked us out of him. He took him to the county fair and he along with two of his brothers won the youth team penning. Team 92 Karbo

  6. Took the day off from work when I heard it was going to be 52*. Alex and I harnessed up Dinky and drove through and around town. Dinky is making lots of new friends in town!

    7.48 miles in 2 hr 9 min.

  7. Another drive with Dinky today. He was much more tired and lazy today after taking him out yesterday as well.

    5.60 miles in 1 hr 36 min.

  8. Dinky's furthest drive yet! Thermometer says 53* but with that brisk south wind it felt like it was in the 30's. We circled around the whole town and even took a drive through the cemetary.

    10.49 miles in 2 hr 50 min.

  9. We have our team of haflingers and 2 weeks ago purchased a mini that the grandkids and I are having fun driving. Team 92 Karbo

  10. Hi Brenda, I am team 84 Slash Quarter Circle, Diana Kaiser Berglund, we have a team of Haflingers we drive and ride, also have a couple of Gypsy Vanner colts we plan on teaching to drive and ridea as well. We also have a welsh pony and a mini that drive also. The mini is retired now though, she is going to be 20 this spring. Glad to know you.

  11. Hi Brenda, I am team 119. I Just learned how to drive a couple days ago:)

  12. Great drive with Dinky today! When the temperature hit 70* I knew I had to take the afternoon off from work and harness the lil guy up. He has not been out for over a month and you could tell as he was wired his first mile or so and wanted to go go go. We stopped in town and bought ice cream. Just as we parked and got settled the 5:00 siren decided to go off which was right on top of us on the fire station. I am so glad I was not in the cart when that happened as he was a bit scared since we were underneath it. I will avoid that area at 5 p.m. going forward!

    7.87 miles in 2.31 hours
    Total miles to date 36.28

  13. Another fun drive with Dinky! He had no get up and go like yesterday and I felt sorry for him so did just a tad short of 4 miles today. I now know why the amish sold him He is good for a day and then needs his rest:)

    3.95 in 1.09 hours
    Total miles to date 40.23

  14. Wish I could say I rode/drove more on this beautiful 70* weekend but spring yard work has begun:( Practiced with Dinky in the field on whoaing with the cart and standing completely still.

    1.87 miles in 55.12 minutes
    Total miles to date 42.10

  15. Great day to be out in the cart despite the strong south winds.

    5.60 miles in 1.36 hours
    Total miles to date 47.7

  16. Was a nice warm day and set up some arena obstacles.

    2.07 miles in 41 minutes
    Total miles to date 49.77

  17. Another beautiful day! Shared the day with Team Purple and her wonderful mule Taz as we rode the roads around Malvern! Planes, trains and automobiles was the theme today as a town of 1200 can be pretty bustling. Came back and then hooked the other horse to the cart and got a short cart ride in.

    10.70 miles in 3.38 hours
    1.79 in 45 min.
    TOTAL MILES 62.26

  18. Wonderful weekend at Kanopolis with the Jackson's and Team 92 Karbo and her husband Bob! Team Karbo and I decided after talking haflingers for a few months that we definately had to meet up! We all arrived at camp Friday afternoon and got quite a few good rides in before the rain set in this morning and we decided to pack up and head home early. Really missed having that one last ride with everyone! Team Karbo's husband is an awesome cook and this morning before we departed he did biscuits and gravy dutch oven style!

    5/10 - 7.86 miles in 2.46 hours
    5/11 - 6.51 miles in 2.19 hours
    5/11 - 6.75 miles in 2.22 hours
    TOTAL MILES 83.38

  19. Short drive!

    3.53 miles in 1.05 hours
    TOTAL MILES 86.91

  20. 5/27 - 4.04 mi. in 1.12 hrs - short cart drive in Malvern.
    5/26 - 11.93 mi. in 4.14 hrs - rode Coin, IA with Terri and Christine!
    5/25 - 7.06 mi. in 2.13 hrs - drive and picnic in the park with Alex!

    TOTAL MILES 109.94

  21. Another great drive with Dinky today! We are getting ready for the driving clinic Mary is hosting next weekend.

    8.41 miles in 2.27 hours
    TOTAL MILES 118.35

  22. Drive to the ice cream shop!

    6.32 miles in 1.58 hours
    TOTAL MILES 124.67

  23. Saw your picture on FB! Love it :-)

    1. Thank you! Love taking him into town for ice cream!

  24. Had an awesome time at the Robin Groves Driving Clinic today! My pony continues to amaze me and received many nice compliments on him.

    3.15 miles in 1.07 hours
    TOTAL MILES 127.82

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  26. 6/14 - 5.15 miles in 1.24 hours
    6/16 - 3.53 miles in 1.01 hours
    TOTAL MILES 136.50

  27. Camping trip at Brushy Creek, Lehigh, IA. Bugs, humidity and rain kept us from two more rides:( Had a great time with friends anyhow!

    6/21 - 7.98 miles in 2.48 hours
    6/22 - 10 miles in 3.24 hours
    TOTAL MILES 154.48

  28. 6/28 - 6.68 in 1.51 hours
    TOTAL MILES 161.16

  29. Stayed at one of my favorite places, River Valley Horse Camp, and rode Shimek State Forest with friends.

    7/4 - 6.47 miles in 2.13 hours
    7/6 - 6.65 miles in 2.06 hours
    7/6 - 6.97 miles in 2.33 hours
    7/7 - 8.13 miles in 2.50 hours
    TOTAL MILES 189.38

  30. Stuck to driving this weekend as we rode last weekend!

    7/13 - 7.30 miles in 1.50 hours
    7/14 - 7.89 miles in 1.50 hours
    TOTAL MILES 204.57

    (A few more miles and I will beat last years 210.79!)

  31. You are doing great, over 200 miles already!

  32. Pierce Creek!

    7/20 - 6.86 miles in 2.26 hours
    TOTAL MILES 211.43 (WOO HOO passed last year's mileage)!

  33. Great ride with friends today!

    8.64 miles in 3.09 hours
    TOTAL MILES 220.07

  34. Short ride taking a friend out for her very first trail ride!

    3.94 miles in 1.28 hours
    TOTAL MILES 224.01

  35. Early morning drive!

    8.09 miles in 2.18 hours
    TOTAL MILES 232.10

  36. Lake of Three Fires

    6.06 miles in 2.10 hours
    TOTAL MILES 238.16

  37. 8/18 - 6.50 miles in 1.38 min - Dinky drive
    8/18 - 7.59 miles in 2.34 hours - Pierce Creek
    8/16 - 7.01 miles in 1.50 hours - Dinky drive
    TOTAL MILES 259.26

  38. Hillsdale Lake. Kansas got HOT HOT HOT with heat indexes in the 100's. So many more miles of trail to explore...till next time!

    8/25 - 3.71 miles in 1.23 hours
    8/24 - 7.11 miles in 2.56 hours
    8/23 - 3.52 miles in 1.22 hours
    TOTAL MILES 273.60

  39. You bumped me out of 44th place and left me in the dirt! Just cuz I didn't show up and ride at Hillsdale!

    1. I'll give you another week or so to really get ahead of me since my riding is nil with mom visiting!

  40. Very short drive taking my mother out! She really enjoyed her drive with me and Dinky.

    9/7 - 3.53 miles in 1.11 hours
    TOTAL MILES 277.13

  41. Beautiful week down at Big Piney in MO with Team Karbo.

    10/4 - 5.64 miles in 1.59 hours
    10/4 - 8.08 miles in 2.59 hours
    10/3 - 9.64 miles in 3.33 hours
    10/2 - 6.48 miles in 2.22 hours
    10/2 - 6.17 miles in 2.28 hours
    10/1 - 9.31 miles in 3.43 hours
    9/30 - 8.78 miles in 3.33 hours
    9/29 - 7.46 miles in 2.50 hours (Total MO miles was 61.56)

    TOTAL MILES 338.69

  42. Enjoyed the week and especially riding with you and Alex. Team Karbo

  43. Tired pony from having some time off! Time to get him fit as I love to drive him in the winter with his sleigh bells.

    9.01 miles in 2.38 hours

    TOTAL MILES 347.70

  44. Spent most of the weekend trimming trees with hubby and laying new gravel down on the drive. Had to have SOME fun so we took a drive. Dinky had to work extra hard pulling through the harvested fields instead of the road today. He was happy to get home and get double grain tonight for all his hard work!

    5.30 miles in 1.38 hours


  45. Nice slow drive today through some fields.

    6.50 miles in 2.11 hours

    TOTAL MILES 359.50

  46. Another great day for a drive! Tired pony so we cut it short tonight. Trying to get him back in condition as he got a bit too fat on the roundbale last month.

    4.58 miles in 1.37 hours

    TOTAL MILES 364.08

  47. Lil nippy with the wind today while we drove but I am not going to complain as I know it will get worse! Have a hot chocolate with marshmallow flufff waiting for me after I clean up!

    5.76 miles in 1.48 hours

    TOTAL MILES 369.84

  48. Another friend hauled over her cart and horse and we had a wonderful drive on Saturday afternoon. Sunday, went on a shorter one as he was pretty exhausted from the day before. Great weather this weekend!

    11/30 - 9.48 miles in 3.20 hours
    12/1 - 3.65 miles in 1.22 hours

    TOTAL MILES 382.97


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