Monday, December 31, 2012

Team 82 - KSLongrider

My name is Barry Cole. We live southwest of Topeka Kansas in Eskridge. I followed the 2012 derby last year and it looks like a fun way to keep track of our conditioning and ride miles so I thought I'd sign up.
Linda, my wife, and I host a couple of endurance rides every year and volunteer or ride in several others. I completed my first 50 mile endurance ride in 1971 and have been hooked on trail riding ever since.
I'll mostly be riding my favorite mare, Hattie, an Anglo-Arab. I have a two or three other young horses that I'm starting that will be getting some miles as we begin to condition them. Like many other folks with horses we're horsepoor, but life is good!
Come join us on the Ozark Trail Endurance Rides: Real Endurance on a Real Trail!
The Ozark Trail 75/100, April 27, 2013 & The Hillbilly Shuffle 25/50 Endurance Ride, September 14, 2012


  1. All right Barry the race is on!!!

  2. I may try that Hillbilly shuffle the reining shows will mostly be over

    1. That would be great Juanita. We'll be having several endurance rides this year in Kansas with ridecamp in Admire. We'll hope to see you!

  3. Well we finally got started today. Linda and I went down and rode on the Flint Hills Nature Trail, a Rails-To-Trails corridor where we're going to host 4 or 5 endurance rides this year. Had a great short ride and got some Vitamin H dratically needed this time of year.
    Distance: 6.16 miles today.
    Avg Speed: 3.47 mph
    Max speed: 14.54 mph
    Total for 2013: 6.16 miles.

  4. Nice day for a ride! Dr. Jeanie Hauser and Wendy Minnick came over and we went to our Rails-To-Trails trail. We all had a great lunch at the Last Chance Cafe and then rode from Admire, Kansas to Bushong, Kansas and back!! Ah the sweet smell of warm horses...
    Distance: 18.96 miles
    Avg speed: 5.6 mph
    Max speed: 15.1 mph
    Total for 2013: 25.12 miles.

  5. Well we got to get in a nice loop today despite the winds and sprinkles. Wendy Minnick rode GRay and I rode Hattie on a local loop with a few hills, at least they're hills for Kansas! Fun ride and we'll go out again tomorrow getting horses fit for our first endurance ride, Racing Stripes, next weekend in Texas. Can't wait!!!

    Distance:13.80 miles
    Avg speed: 5.92 mph
    Max speed: 13.98 mph
    Total for 2013: 38.92 miles

  6. Barry I know you rode the Last Chance Dance Endurance ride, cuz I was there. On organized CTR and Endurance rides, you don't need your GPS to track because we know the ride has been verified. So would you please post your miles from that ride on here so I can update my spreadsheet :-)


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