Thursday, December 6, 2012

Team 3 - Vallery

Hi.  My name is Jessica Vallery and I am a 2012 Distance Derby Competitor.  I have one horse who's name is Cutter and we do just about everything.  I've done one CTR and several Trail Challenges and competitions.  Cutter is pretty much a jack of all trades you could say, but our favorite activity is just trail riding with friends and enjoying the country side on horse back.

In my other life I am married to a farmer/rancher and have two boys who really don't have much to do with the horses.  It's pretty much my thing. I work full time at a Dental Office.  I hope to meet up on the trails with a lot of you this year!

Happy Trails!!

2012 / 1071.73 Miles / 9th Place


  1. Jessica Vallery "team Vallery"
    I am in the derby

  2. I am going to kick your butt, bugger, welcome to the derby.


  3. 1/1/2013
    3.44 Miles on Cutter
    Rode out bareback since my saddle was in the house and I was to lazy to drag it all out. Cutter did awesome and we had a very nice ride.
    Happy New Years Day Distance Derby 2013!
    Total miles to date = 3.44

  4. my gps tracks haven't uploaded to garmin connect yet from my phone, I will post them when I can see them.

  5. So looking forward to riding with you.

  6. 1/4/2012
    8.68 Miles on Cutter
    This was quite the adventure! I decided to go bareback since that is my new goal to improve my balance and we were walking down a waterway and Cutter stepped into a hole, he kind of went down on his front and I slid off over his side as I hit the ground he kind of pulled the halter rope out of my hand and walked home without me (f*&cking horse) so I had to walk home, one I got back to where he was I walked him back over to the gate and climbed back on and took him back out to where I had slid off and made him stand there and let me kind of slide around on his back.... than we walked the rest of the fence line and went back home. I have really got to work on being able to get on from the ground bareback.. and it would help if he didn't leave my ass out there on my own! No peppermints for him tonight!
    Total Miles to date = 12.12

  7. Test to see if this comes through as an email that I or others can see? Who can see this?

  8. Jess, anyone who clicks on your Team name and looks down your list, will see this.

  9. 1/9/2013
    10.2 Miles on Cutter
    Total Year to date = 22.32

  10. 1/13/2013
    2.0 miles
    Total miles 24.32

  11. 1/18/2013
    2.12 Miles on Cutter bareback
    Total = 26.44

  12. 1/19/2013
    4.86 Miles on Cutter
    Total = 31.30

    Sounds like the weather is going to get chilly agian. Darn it! If it's going to be cold and miserable out there it might as well snow or something so we can get some moisture!

  13. 2/2/2013
    4.22 Miles on Cutter

    6.14 Miles on Cutter

    YTD= 41.66

  14. 2/10/2013
    1.95 miles
    YTD= 43.61

    Hauled over to Juanitas and rode in her indoor arena. My gps only logged 1.95 miles but i know we rode more. It kept telling me no signal found. I guess thats better than nothing! Was so nice to get out of the mud and ride on dry ground!

  15. 2-14-2013
    3.68 Miles riding Cutter
    Total YTD = 47.29

    Took my special "valentine" out some treats and than decided to jump on bareback and just ride around in the stock field where the cows are. Drying up nicely in spots but still slick in the terrace channels. The wind was brutal heading out but at our backs coming in so better. Happy Valentines Day everyone!!

  16. 2/24/2013
    4.86 miles on Cutter
    Decided today was to nice of a day to not ride. With weather moving in tomorrow I wanted to get out and enjoy some horse time. It's been 10 days since I have ridden. The snow was pretty deep in a few spots but Cutter plowed through it.
    Total = 52.15

  17. 3/8/2013
    2.12 miles on Cutter
    Took Cutter out to test his soundness. Everything was good and im pretty sure ive got my horse back!! Now time to play catch up!
    YTD= 54.27

  18. So glad Cutter is doing well again!

  19. 3/14/2013
    6.0 miles
    Rode Cutter up and down the road and through the muddy fields to check on new calves.

    4.82 Miles
    Such a buautiful day! Couldn't miss the chance to ride again!

    I really need to kick it in gear and start riding my horse more!

  20. 3/28/2013
    7.08 miles on Cutter
    YTD = 72.17

    Got a nice ride in on Cutter today, he was awesome and acted like I had just road him yesterday! Love that I have a horse that I can let sit for a while and he is just fine. Temps were pretty warm and Cutter had a nice sweat going on around his ears and under the saddle pad. Let's hope this is spring!

  21. 4-3-2013
    6.5 Miles on Cutter
    Opening ride for the PRR groups at Two Rivers! Saw all my great friends and got to catch up. Had a wonderful time and my horse did very well for the first group ride of the year, he wanted to be up front but we had a discussion about that and he settled down for me!
    Total YTD = 79.2 (Vasa is right on my tail, I need to step it up!)

  22. 4-4-2013
    3.86 miles on Cutter
    Went out and walked through the cows and checked on some babies. Did a little bit of trotting and loping. Beautiful day out side. A little windy though.

    YTD = 83.06

  23. 4/7/2013
    2.24 Miles on Cutter

    Wades girl friend decided she wanted to ride Cutter today so got him saddled up and she rode for maybe 2 minutes.... decided I would just walk through the cows really quick and do a little loping. What a nice day!

    YTD = 85.30

  24. Jess, my spreadsheet shows you at 82.53 would you check your miles. Thanks,

  25. Diane I am guessing you are probably right?? Did you have 4/7 on there for 2.24 miles?? I could of added wrong!

  26. Nope, but now I get 84.77 after I added the 2.24

  27. 4/13/2013
    3.94 miles on Cutter
    Got home from the hospital and decided I would take a quick ride through the cows to clear my head. I hate stress!!!
    YTD = 88.71

  28. 4/14/2013
    4.22 Miles on Cutter
    Got back from the vets and got that baby calf all taken care of and Cutter was just standing there watching me so I decided maybe he wanted to go for a quick ride. We went down the minimum maintance road and around a few fields and called it quits, the wind was cold!
    YTD= 92.93

  29. 4/21/2013
    4.54 miles on Cutter
    YTD = 97.47. Getting closer to 100 miles!

  30. 4/25/2013. 3.70 miles on Cutter
    4/27/2013. 8.67 Miles on Cutter. (Mopac Springfield)
    4/27/2013. 2.06 miles on Cutter

    YTD 111.90. Yeah finally hit 100 miles!!

  31. 2/28/2013
    8.5 miles on Cutter

    6 miles of this was bareback!!
    YTD =120.40

  32. YAY! congrats on getting over 100 miles :-)

  33. 5-10-2013
    16.32 miles on the FBMDR on Cutter

    Had a wonderful time and saw a lot of wonderful people!

  34. 5/17/2013
    4.00 miles on Cutter
    YTD- 140.72

  35. 5/23/2013
    6.16 miles on Cutter
    YTD- 146.88

  36. 5/19/2013
    3.25 miles on Cutter
    YTD- 150.13

  37. 5/25/2013
    6.0 miles on Cutter
    YTD 156.13

    Right before I headed out to ride, Cutter rolled in the muddy lot after the rain shower this morning. Took me 30 minutes to get enough mud off just to saddle. I won't complain abut the rain but I don't like all the mud!

  38. 6/2/2013
    8.5 miles on Cutter
    YTD= 164.63

    I rode quite a bit over memorial weekend and forgot to log those miles here so I guess I lost them! Thats okay, I am hoping to start riding more in the evenings since I will be doing the gym before work now.

  39. Jess, you have not lost them, you have 7 days from the day you rode to log your miles. I will add them to May and update into June. It's all good :-)

  40. 5/25/2013 8.26 Miles on Cutter
    5/27/2013 4.00 Miles on Cutter

    YTD = 176.89
    Thanks Diane!

  41. 6-6-2013
    2.80 miles on cutter

    4.5 miles on Cutter

    Yesterday was my last day at work. Hope to get a lot more miles now!

    YTD - 184.19

  42. 6-12-2012
    6.28 Miles on Cutter

    YTD = 190.47

  43. 6-13-2013
    1.25 Miles bareback on Cutter
    Went out to pull his fly sheet and mask and boots and he decided to run away from me in the pasture so once I caught him I jumped on bareback and make him walk all the way around the fence and than do some sidepassing and backing.
    YTD= 191.72

  44. 6-14-2013
    .75 miles on Cutter

    Just trotting around the pasture, only rode for 30 minutes.

  45. 6-18-2013
    7.0 miles on Cutter
    Rode with Jaunita and Jordan at Pierce Creek. First time riding there, they have nice trails. Reminded me of Walnut Creek but more tree'd areas to ride.
    199.47 need .53 to get to 200. Will get that tomorrow!

  46. 6/20/2013
    4.65 miles on Cutter

    9.56 miles on Cutter

    1.62 miles on Cutter

  47. Congrats, you made it way over 200 miles this weekend :-)

  48. I am hoping to start getting a lot more miles!!

  49. 6/28/2013
    9.86 Miles on Cutter
    Rode with Corie on the roads around our places.

    4.34 Miles on Cutter
    Just a really quick ride since it was starting to get dark.

  50. 7/5/2013
    3.24 miles on Cutter

    Quick ride before I had to be at the baseball game. We are in tournaments so hopefully not a whole lot longer left than my evenings should free up a little bit more.

  51. 7-9-2013
    2.84 Miles on Cutter
    Oh my it was hot hot hot!!! I didn't last very long riding and Cutter was soaked so we called it quits and he stood under the fans and mister instead.

  52. 7/10/2013
    3.25 Miles on Cutter. Didn't want to get him to tired with the heat and humidity so we kept it slow and steady, did do about a quarter mile of loping than the dog jumped at us and Cutter tried to kick..... so they both got scolded.

  53. I believe my total should be at 238.83 if I am correct. I need to really start riding if I am going to catch Vasa!

  54. You are correct :-) Get on that horse!

  55. 7/10/2013
    7.52 miles on Cutter
    Southeast PRR at walnut Creek. Four riders. Had a great night

  56. 7/13/2013
    3.2 Miles on Gus

    Rode in Cancun on the beach. The horse I was riding didn't want to lope and when i asked him to he kind of threw a crow hop at me. But it was still fun and I got to swim on a horse!

    249.55 YTD

  57. 7/15/2013
    4.28 miles on Cutter

    Felt good to be back on my own horse again! He got some new shoes put on yesterday so today we rode on the road and he didn't gimp as much on the rock. This rock on these roads is hoof eating!

    253.83 YTD

  58. 7/16/2013
    1.2 miles on Cutter Bareback.

    255.03 YTD

  59. 7/17/2013
    8.67 Miles on Cutter
    Southeast PRR at the Wabash Mopac Trail. Had a great time and a great ride. Rode with Susan Jacobs and John and Tammy Musil.

  60. 7/19/2013
    4.14 Miles on Cutter
    Took Cutter out and it was pretty warm so just a short ride.
    YTD= 267.84

  61. 7/21/2013
    8.50 Ride 1
    2.46 Ride 2

    Met up with Jaunita, Meme, Stacey and, Dan. Headed to Pierce Creek to do that Poker Ride, once we got there we had to wait for some thunderstorms to roll through and than ride. First they cancelled the Poker Run so we decided we would just head out anyways since the trails were not muddy. Than we were about 1.5 miles from camp and found out the Poker Ride was on after all. Since we had already left we went and ahead and decided to just finish our ride than have a quick bite to eat and go back out for a quick loop. Turned out to be an awesome day and ride!

    YTD= 278.80

  62. 7/26/2013
    3.30 Miles on Cutter at Home

    5.26 Miles on Cutter at the Play Day in Malvern

    3.16 Miles on Cutter at Home

    YTD= 290.52

  63. 8/1/2012
    3.54 Miles on Cutter
    Extreme Trail Challenge at Seward County Fair

    It rained and stormed and I was in the arena when it hit! Trail Challenge has been rescheduled and we will try again!


  64. 8/4/2013
    8.46 Miles on Cutter

    YTD= 305.52

  65. Aug 9 2013 1.6 miles at the Cass County Fair on Barrel Night, not sure the name of the horse that I rode
    Aug 11 2013 5.32 Miles on Cutter
    Aug 12 2013 4.14 Miles on Cutter
    Aug 13 2.25 Miles on Cutter

    YTD = 315.83

    (Leave for Petersburg on Friday early so hoping to get some good riding out there!)

  66. Aug 16 5.65 Miles at Petersburg
    August 17 6.99 Miles at Petersburg
    August 1711.12 Miles at Petersburg
    August 17 .64 Miles at Petersburg (bareback around the camp grounds)
    August 18 12.11 Miles at Petersburg


  67. Aug 19 6.25 Miles
    Aug 21 8.52 Miles
    Aug 25 8.93 Miles Went to Pierce Creek with Juanita and Deanne and Tiffany and Deb. Was super hot but we had a great ride!

    YTD= 376.04

  68. September 3, 2013
    3.27 miles on Cutter

    Just rode around home and up the road a ways.

    YTD = 379.31

  69. September 4, 2013
    7.27 Miles on Cutter
    Southeast PRR at Mopac Louisville, rode with Lori Werner and Deb Heitman. Had a wonderful ride and the evening was perfect!
    YTD = 386.58

  70. September 6-8
    18.47 miles at Turkey Creek Ranch

    YTD= 405.05

  71. Congrats on getting over 400 miles!

    1. Thanks! I am trying to push my self to get out and ride more... the cows are coming home next week so I'm sure that will give me some extra riding oppurtunities!

  72. September 11
    5.68 Miles at Two Rivers with the Final PRR Ride of the season

    September 12
    9.06 Miles at the South Pasture pushing cattle up to the catch pens
    4.08 Miles at home, just a quick ride around the section and it was dark when I got back to the house!

    September 12
    2.12 Miles on Cutter Just a quick ride in the waterways to look for the dog.

    YTD - 425.99

  73. 9/16/2013

    4.22 Miles on Cutter

    YTD = 430.21

  74. 9/19/2013

    3.14 Miles on Cutter

    Headed home just as I started to hear thunder, got back just as the rain started.

    YTD = 433.35

  75. 9/21/2031
    6.32 Miles on Spook

    3.60 Miles on Cutter

    11.36 Miles on Cutter

    3.26 Miles on Cutter

    YTD = 457.89

  76. 9/26/2013
    10.0 Miles on Cutter
    Rode the Louisville Mopac with Lori and Deanne, it was pretty windy out in the open but in the tree's it was perfect!

    YTD= 467.89

  77. 10/1/2013
    2.06 Miles on Cutter

    Was a very short ride, he was throwing his head and just being all sorts of upset and i was getting mad at him and asking him what the heck his problem was... brought him home and pulled his bridal and found blood on his chin, come to find out there is a cut there and the chin chain was rubbing right on it and making him bleed! No wonder he was being such a butt head, he was hurting. Now I feel horrible.... Put some meds on it and turned him back out, no idea what he would of caught his chin on except maybe the round bale feeder??? or the top of the fence rail?? Poor guy.

    YTD= 469.95

  78. Oct 18, 2013
    3.68 Miles on Cutter chasing cows. Last night storms took some tree's and fence down and we woke up to find cows on top of the silage pit!

    Oct 19, 2013
    1.62 Miles on Cutter
    More storms this time no damage.

    MTD = 475.25

  79. My above dates are wrong, should of been the 4th and 5th

  80. 10/9/2013 4.47 Miles on Cutter
    10/10/2013 2.86 Miles on Cutter
    10/12/2013 4.25 Miles on Cutter
    10/13/2013 .75 Miles
    Total = 487.58

  81. 10/17/2013
    2.06 Miles on Leroy

    A friend of mine got a new horse so I went over to her place and rode him. Always forget what it's like to ride the green horses, lot's of fun!


  82. 10/18/2013
    .75 Miles on Cutter Just around the house

    12.86 Miles on Cutter, Moon Light Trail Ride (Glad I bundled up!!)

    Total = 503.25 (woo hoo! 500 Miles!)

  83. 10/26/2013

    Rode my new horse today!

  84. 10-27-2013
    5.67 Miles on Cutter
    .5 miles on Hank

    Got a new horse! So far he has been awesome.


  85. 11-2-2013
    8.60 Miles on Hank
    2.12 Miles on Cutter
    MTD= 522.14

  86. 11-17-2013
    4.25 Miles on Cutter
    1.5 Miles on Hank

    2.5 Miles on Hank
    .5 Miles on Cutter

    MTD = 530.89

  87. 12/28/2013
    2.60 Miles on Cutter
    1.5 Miles on Hank

    12/27/2013 3.5 Miles on Cutter
    12/27/2013 .75 Miles on Hank

    YTD = 539.24
    This will be all for me this year, I've had a wonderful year and although I didn't get as many miles as this year I've enjoyed every bit of it. I have some bigger expectations for next year.... Diane please send me an invite for the DD2014 Facebook page!
    See you all in 2014! I have been telling my self that I wasn't going to do the distance derby in 2014 because it just depressed me to see everyone else riding and not me... but I so enjoy reading all of the comments and adventures that I am sticking with it.. I may not be much of a competitor but I will sure try to add to the overall miles! Heres to a wonderful 2014 with all my derby friends!! See you on the trails!

  88. Glad you enjoyed the derby and are staying in! You are already a member of the FB DD2014 :-)


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