Monday, December 17, 2012

Team 66 - Okie

team okie


Hi.  I am Ann Sampson.  Started out with love of horses at around the age of 5 or so and jumped on a horse at Grandma and Grandpa’s down in southern Missouri when we would visit in the summer.  Long story in between but continued to be involved with riding and horses on and off through the years.  Finally bought our acreage almost 16 years ago and within the first year, had a barn and corral build and horses came shortly afterward. 


With experiencing many bumps, bruises and confidence issues, persisted in lessons and clinics, but just this last 1-1/2 years finally got ‘back’ to the riding after a long lay off from fear issues.  Anyway, everything is good and have two awesome gaited horses.  PJ, my 18 year old Kentucky Mountain gelding that I’ve had for going on 11 years and Bert, my 11 year old Peruvian Paso gelding who is super sweet and fun.  They are going to get some nice, long needed exercise this upcoming 2013.  I am not going to set a goal of miles, per se, but start with 1 mile and add to it.  It will be more incentive rather than competition for me to ride. 


  1. Ann Sampson
    I am in the derby

  2. We're currently held up due to PJ being lame on at least 3 hooves...recently dx'd with Cushings and will begin treatment tomorrow. I pray that he'll recover and it isn't too late. I do have Bert though so might be able to get some miles on him in the meantime.

  3. Thanks for the update. Hoping and praying that PJ does good on his new treatment!

  4. Hi Diane! I don't know that you got my message from yesterday, but rode at Branched Oak Saturday with Tanya and Jenny Andersen and we clocked 8.89 miles via Tanya's GPS. Sunday rode 7.61 miles clocked by Jenny's GPS. Thanks!

  5. Didn't get the message so I am really glad you posted your miles here :-) Bet you had a great time with Tanya and Jenny :-)

  6. Well, life sometimes makes changes for ya when you least expect...been unable to ride last few weeks mostly due to my husband dealing with health issues and being in the hospital, and a small part of not able to trailer at this point. I will get out there and hopefully within another week or less! I have been doing some 'virtual rides'...but those don't count. :-/


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