Thursday, December 20, 2012

Team 69 - Cat-N-Shiloh

This is Shiloh, my Tennessee Walker and I on one of our many week long trail riding adventures.

My name is Cathy Greenfield.  I live in Fonda Iowa.  I would like to join your Distance Derby under the team name: Cat-N-Shiloh.

My husband and I have three horses.  One for showing, two for trail riding.  I spend every possible opportunity horseback riding.  Sometimes with our granddaughter Beth, who is horse crazy like me.  We do arena riding, shows, trail riding and even town and pasture riding. 

Hoping to put lots of miles on this next year.  Have plans on riding in the Big Horn Mountains at Wyoming and a trip to the Black Hills.  In the fall will go on another amazing private ride to Eminence Missouri riding in the Mark Twain National Forrest.  The Ozark Mountains are absolutely gorgeous. 

We have many local trails to ride and a beautiful equine state park, Brushy Creek, within 50 miles.


  1. We plan on going to Cross Country the last ride in Oct. This year I did 161 miles, some on gatied most on my paints. Love to get to know you. Team 41 from this year and last.

  2. Cat-N-Shiloh Team 69
    6.3 miles
    January 8
    Creek North of Fonda Iowa.
    Rode with Jan and Romeo
    Cold and windy with lots of snow.

  3. Cat-N-Shiloh Team 69
    5.51 miles
    Feb. 17
    Rode with Bethy & Ryan

  4. Cat-N-Shiloh Team 69
    4.6 Miles
    April 14
    Fonda Trail
    WIth Larry/Rusty

  5. Cat-N-Shiloh Team 69
    7.1 Miles
    April 27
    With Beth/Rusty


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