Monday, December 31, 2012

Team 84 - Slash Quarter Circle

Hi, My name is Diana Kaiser Berglund, I have been riding almost my whole life. My passion is my horses, I live on a ranch with my best friend and fiancĂ© just north of North Platte, NE. we have a cow/calf operation and have 16 horses, and  variety at that, we have a team of Haflingers, two Gypsy Vanners, a mini, a Welsh pony, Paints, and Quarter Horses.  I love to trail ride and have always wanted to ride in a  a competitive trail ride, but never have, another dream is to learn and ride a dressage horse.  Working with cows horseback is so much fun and rewarding also. I love to drive also, I am kind of new to it but have found it is a lot of fun also, but honestly what is not fun when it involves horses. I plan on teaching my Gypsy horses to ride and drive, we drive the Haflingers and the Welsh pony.

I am a member of a all woman mounted drill team, we perform at our local rodeo and for the last 2 years at the Nebraska State Fair, I also belong to 2 other riding clubs, we get to meet a lot of wonderful people and make lots of new friends. I look forward to participating in the 2013 Distance Derby and hope to log a lot of miles on my horses. I will be riding Sam and Lexi most of the time, they are both Quarter Horses.   Good luck to all, be safe and God Bless the trails you ride.


  1. Diana you are a amazing woman and I look forward to riding with you and putting on some miles :) Let's Ride !

  2. Rode todday 1/5/13 with Kerri Ross and Penny Ball, 3.56 miles on Penny's GPS. It was windy and quite heading into the wind.

  3. This was my first ride today in the DD, we did ride at our ranch and it was very cold today. I did not include this in my previous post, plus set up a google account.

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    Today was a great day, I rode a 9.26 miles today. The weather was fantastic and I got to ride my good old faithful paint Cool Ray, he just turned 17 on Jan 7th, I have had him since he was 4. I rode with Kerri Ross, Gypsy Runner, for a while this afternoon also, it is always great to be able to ride with friends. We plan on riding together again tomorrow, I am also going to try to get the Haflingers hitched up and drive for a while. Great Day, Thank you Lord for a beautiful day and my wonderful horses and great friends.

  6. I forgot to add up my miles to date,

    1/5/13 3.56 miles
    1/17/13 9.26 miles
    Total to date 12.82 miles


    Fantastic ride today, rode a total of 9.91 miles with Gypsy Runner, we rode until after the sun went down, got a little cold, but so very much fun. I rode Lexi today, she is an awesome mare, i just love her.

    Total miles to date is 22.73

    I love the Distance Derby, it gives me such an incentive to get out there and ride, and drive

    1. Glad it is giving you such incentive :-) That's why it was started.

  8. Diana Kaiser Berglund completed a 6.96 mi riding activity in 1h 53m 47s with

    Took our Haflinger Shania out for a drive this morning, as you can see we went 6.96 miles, it was a little cool and windy but not bad, I wanted to go further but Shania is a little out of shape, she had a baby last May, a filly we names Sissy, so we did not use her very much. So I am going to take it kind of slow with her, we have her full sister Shari also,I plan on taking her out next time, they are a team and prefer to be driven that way, but I like to go single sometimes. :~)

    Previous miles 22.73
    Miles today 6.96
    Total to date 29.69 (so far today)

  9. Diana Kaiser Berglund completed a 4.35 mi riding activity in 1h 25m 56s with

    Burrrrr, it was cold today, it was supposed to be around 36, but the wind made the wind chill in the teens. I rode with Gypsy Runner, she is still riding, I had to wimp out on her, but I have a bible study tonight and need to fix supper also, I know, excuses, excuses!! Tomorrow should be nicer, I hope. Loving this Distance Derby.

  10. Darn, I forgot to add my miles again,
    Previous miles 29.69
    Miles today 4.35
    Total to date: 34.04

  11. Diana Kaiser Berglund completed a 10.99 mi riding activity in 3h 39m 55s with

    Rode Lexi today, it was a beautiful day, I must admit, I am a little sore my back aches, have to do this more often and get in better shape.

    Previous miles 34.04
    Miles today 10.99
    Total to date 45.03

  12. I rode Cool Ray today, it was a beautiful day again.

    Previous miles 45.03
    Miles today 10.21
    total to date 55.24

  13. Diana Kaiser Berglund completed a 7.21 mi riding activity in 2h 22m 24s with

    I rode alone today on Lexi. Cool but a lot warmer than the rest of the week was, brrrrrrrr.

    Previous miles 55.24
    Miles today 7.21
    Total to date 62.45

  14. Kerri (Gypsy Runner) and I rode today, the wind was blowing like a sun of a gun, but we toughed it out to the tune of 15.5 miles.

    Previous miles 62.45
    Miles today 15.50
    Total to date 77.95

  15. Mon, Feb 4, 2013 1:13 PM Central Time
    Activity Type: Horseback Riding
    Distance: 9.87 mi
    Time: 2:51:55
    Avg Pace: 17:25 min/mi
    Avg Speed: 3.4 mph

    I rode Cool Ray today, I rode with Kerri (Gypsy Runner), She rode my mare Lexi again today, her mare is feeling a little under the weather, she is getting better, but needs a few more days off, lots of prayers for Gypsy, she is loved so much by Kerri. I rode a little before Kerri got here so I have just a little more in miles than she does, but not much. It was a beautiful day today, a little windy but a lot warmer.

    Previous miles 77.95
    Miles today 9.87
    Total to date 87.82 miles

    I did get a garmin 301 to take along as well as the runtastic pro I have on my phone, that way I will have a back up in case of a problem.

  16. Glad you got to ride and now have a 301 GPS. Be sure to upload your rides to Garmin Connect. Will say a prayer for Gypsy. Sure hope she gets better fast!

  17. Drove Flash our welsh pony today and went 6.21 miles with him, then came home and saddled up Sam and rode him 7.19 miles, it was a warm day, in the 50's I rode with a friend who is not in the DD, we are riding again tomorrow, going to take a sack lunch with us, she is cheering me on hoping to help me make my goal.

    Previous miles 87.82
    Miles today 13.40
    Total to date 101.22

    Is there some way I can upload my results from my 301 GPS direct to this site? I can post it to facebook, but not sure if I can post it here.

  18. Rode Cody today with Phyllis, we took a sack lunch and sat down inside a bunch of trees and ate and talked, it was fun and relaxing, such a beautiful day, thank you Lord, I thank God at then end of every ride for bringing us home safe.

    Previous miles 101.22
    Miles today 14.34 on Cody
    Total to date 115.56

  19. Previous Miles 115.56
    Miles today 9.16 on Cool Ray
    Total to date 124.72

    Rode alone this morning.


    Previous Miles 124.72
    Miles today 7.04 on Lexi
    Miles to date 131.76

    Snow storm is supposed to move in tonight, I am so glad I got a chance to ride today. It was windy but not bad at all. Lexi and I had fun, she is a blast to ride.

  21. you guys have to get off those horses. I want a lazy year, lol.

  22. Feburary 11 2013, rode Cody gathering cows to vaccinate before we start calving. It was Cold but fun, always fun to ride working cows. Did not get to ride as much as I would have liked though, and Juanita,NOPE, can's staff off the horses, hehehehe, It would be fun to get together and ride sometime.

    Previous Miles 131.76 On Cody
    Miles today 3.99
    Miles to date 135.75

  23. I have no idea what I am going to do to you and team 85, you are both giving me a headache. Oh to get old and have no energy, lol

    1. You could ride more often in the arena, Juanita ;) Honestly, I agree with Diana it would be nice to ride with some of you "easterners" this year to get to meet you.


    Previous Miles 135.75
    Miles today 7.10 on Lexi
    Miles to date 142.85


    Previous Miles 142.85
    Miles today 15.43 on Lexi
    Miles to date 158.28


    Previous Miles 158.28
    Miles today on Lexi and Cody 18.23
    Miles to date 176.51


    Previous Miles 176.51
    Miles today on Cody 20.21
    Miles to date 196.72

    Did a lot of riding today, started out by checking cows, then rode along White Horse Creek on our neighbors land, came home and checked cows again, ate lunch (quickly) then rode with Kerri and a couple of other friends, long day but a lot of fun.

  28. anybody else having trouble publishing their comments? every day or time I have to go in and reset my password, starting to really irratate me.

  29. Sometimes it is where your mouse pointer is on the publish button, at least it is for me. Are you using a gmail email account to publish? I had to set up a special gmail account to be able to publish correctly. Just some thoughts....


    Previous Miles 196.72
    Miles today 15.21 on Lexi and Ebby
    Miles to date 211.93

  31. I did set up a gmail account, but every time I go to publish my miles, it takes me to the account and password page, it will not accept the password, so I have to go in and put in a new password, then go back and re-enter my miles. Frustrating. I dont know why it won't leave me logged in.

  32. Rode and rode today but where did it get me but in circles, lol. Good for you on getting over two hundred and many more to all of you.

  33. Sorry Diana you are having trouble. You can also just send me an email at distancederby @ and I will post them for you.


    Previous miles 211.93
    Miles 3/6/13 7.73 on Lexi
    Miles 3/7/13 14.95 on Jack
    Miles to date 234.61

  35. Awesome job Diana!!!!! Wow look at you go :)


    Previous Miles 234.61
    Miles 3/8/13 8.17 on Lexi
    Miles to date 242.78

  37. Good for you and the quarter horses.


    Previous miles 242.78
    Miles today 3/9/13 4.17 on Lexi
    Miles to date 246.95

    Thank you Juanita, I love our Quarter Horses, but I also ride a Paint once in a while.


    Previous miles 246.95
    Miles 3/13/13 on Shaman 1.39
    Miles 3/14/13 on Shaman 6.11
    Miles to date 254.45


    Previous Miles 254.45
    Miles today on Lexi 13.45
    Miles to date 267.9


    Previous miles 267.9
    Miles 3/26/13 on Cool Ray 15.46
    Miles 3/27/13 on Ebby 6.06
    Miles to date 289.42

    On the 26th we sorted pairs out of the cows, I never imagined how many miles you actually ride doing this. My tracks look like somebody just took a red pen and scribbled.
    Today I rode Ebby, she is my 4 year old and this is only the 2nd time I have ridden her, we have a good friend who started her for us and has done an awesome job. It was a good ride, plus it is my birthday so it was extra special.

  42. Happy Birthday Lady!! What a wonderful way to spend your day...on a horse :-)


    Previous Miles 289.42
    Miles today on Lexi 7.20
    Miles today on Jack 6.29
    Miles to date 302.91

  44. Congrats! You passed the 300 mile marker :-) Such a beautiful day to do it too.

  45. 3.92 miles 4.78 Miles 5.58 miles 8.11 miles

    Previou Miles 302.91
    March 29 on Lexi 3.92
    March 30 on Cool Ray 4.78
    April 1 on Lexi 5.58
    April 1 on Lexi 8.11
    Miles to date 325.3


    Previous miles 325.3
    Miles April 2 on Shaman 2.02
    Miles April 3 on Lexi 8.89
    Miles to date 336.21


    Previous miles 336.21
    Miles 4/9/13 on Lexi 2.81
    Miles to date 339.02


    Previous Miles 339.02
    Miles 4/12/13 on Lexi 5.24
    Miles to date 344.26

  49. Boy, I have not ridden for a long time, weather has been bad and just not enough time.

    Previous Miles 344.26
    Miles 4/20/13 on Lexi at a clinic in Seward, NE 5.21
    Miles 4/21/13 on Lexi day 2 of the clinic in Seward, 4.50
    Miles 4/25/13 on Lexi Drill Practice for the Velvet Spurs 6.44
    Miles to date 360.41

    Felt good to get back on my horse.


    Previous miles 360.41
    Miles today 4/27/13 on Lexi 4.58
    Miles to date 364.99

  51. 1.13 miles 1.74 miles

    Previous miles 364.99
    Miles today 4/29/13 on Lexi 2.87
    Miles to date 367.86

    Helped our neighbor brand his calves today, not a lot of miles, but it was fun.

  52. 8.70 miles 5/7/13 2.40 miles 5/2/13

    Previous Miles 367.86
    Miles to date 378.95


    Previous Miles 378.95
    Miles today on Lexi and Sam 5.13
    Miles to date 384.08

    Had drill practice today for the Velvet Spurs, I rode Lexi and Sam.


    Previous Miles 384.08
    Miles today on Sam 2.85
    Miles to date 386.93

    Went to Morgans branding today, helped to gather pairs.


    Previous miles 386.93
    Miles 5/16/13 on Lexi 8.15
    Miles to date 395.08

    Had Drill practice with the Velvet Spurs. Getting ready for NebraskaLand Days Rodeo and Nebraska State Fair and also going to a Drill competition in Lyons Kansas at the end of June. We have not done that for about 20 years. Going to be a great time.


    Previous miles 395.08
    Miles today on Lexi 10.4
    Miles to date 405.48

  57. 0.98 on Lexi 3.18 on Sam

    Previou miles 405.48
    Miles 5/23/12 4.16
    Miles to date 409.64

  58. 3.21 miles 1.86 miles

    Previous Miles 409.64
    Miles 5/25/13 3.21 on Sam gathering cattle for branding
    Miles 5/26/13 1.86 driving Flash at Lincoln County Fairgrounds
    Miles to date 414.71

  59. 8.86 on Sam 5/30/13 2.65 on Sam
    5/30/13 15.65 on Sam 6/2/13 11.69 on Cody

    Previous Miles 414.71
    Miles May 30 to June 4 2013 38.85
    Miles to date 453.56

    Had a great weekend, went to Burwell, Ne with a few great girlfriends and stayed at Sherry Jarvis' bunkhouse, we did not ride as much as we would have liked as Saturday was cold and windy, so we just had fun spending the day together, but Sunday was beautiful and we rode 15.65 miles that day. We had so much fun watching Sherry work her horses. Then today we helped a neighbor move his cow and calves to their summer pasture, it was such a great day to do it, cool and windy. Then on the way home we brought home 6 of our Hereford bulls and put them in with our cows.

  60. 6/6/13 3.21 miles with Shari and Shania 6/6/13 6.19 miles with Lexi and Cool Ray

    Previous Miles 453.56
    Miles 6/6/13 9.4
    Miles to date 462.96

  61. 3.46 miles 6/12/13 First night of the NebraskaLand Days Rodeo, my riding club the Velvet Spurs did our drill all 4 nights of the rodeo 3.15 miles 6/13/13 2nd night of the rodeo 3.77 miles 6/14/13 3rd night of the rodeo. 2.06 miles 6/15/12 NebraskaLand Days Parade 0.23 miles
    6/15/13 0.76 miles 6/15/13 last night of the rodeo, did not ride the drill but did sit pivots for the grand entry.

    Previous Miles 462.96
    Miles to date 476.39

    I have a question, the total miles on my Garmin foretrex 301 says 14.3 for the 4 days I have listed here, but when I upload them and add them up it come to 13.43, that is 0.87 miles of a difference, I have been having this problem for quite some time but did not mention it because it was always 2 to 4 tenths of a mile difference,but this is almost a mile difference. Any ideas of why this could be happening. I still logged the miles it said on the computer, not my Foretrex.

  62. I have you at 476.39. Yeah, that happens to me also, not sure why.

  63. Diana, it's Rae, was doing my research at work about GPS units so maybe I can join the distance derby next year. Apparently GPS satellite technology is not an exact science. It will get fairly close but they are not always exactly on point. More expensive units will get you closer but they are not completely accurate either. Even weather changes and clouds can affect the accuracy. Hope the info helps.

    1. Thank you Rae, I had just never encountered this problem until about the last 2 months, so was just curious as to why. I had considered buying something different, but don't think i will now. Looking forward to riding with you.

  64. 0.86 on Lexi 6/17/13 13.39 on Lexi 6/18/13 0.69 on Lexi warming up for drill practice 6/18/13 1.14 on Lexi
    Short Drill Practice 6/18/13

    Previou miles 476.38
    Miles to date 492.47

  65. 3.48 miles 6/20/13 on Lexi 3.03 miles 6/23/13 on Sam 3.82 miles 6/25/13 on Sam

    Previous Miles 492.47
    Miles to date 502.8

  66. Congrats on getting over 500 miles :-)

  67. 5.14 miles on Shania July 14 7.46 miles on Cody July 16 2.72 miles on Cody July 16

    Previous miles 502.8
    Miles to date 518.12

  68. 0.64 8/8/13 on Scotch 4.42 8/10/13 on Lexi 4.89 8/10/13 on Lexi 7.15 8/11/13 on Lexi 0.76 8/11/13 on Lexi

    Previous miles 518.12
    Miles to date 535.98

  69. Rode 5.86 miles today, did not have my garmin but did use my gps on my phone 8/12/15 on Cody.

    Previous miles 535.98
    Miles to date 541.84

  70. 3.51 on Lexi 8/16/13

    8/21/13 4.16 miles with Kerri moving cows to another pasture, rode Sam.

    Previous Miles 541.81
    Miles to date 549.51

  71. Wow, I just have not been able to ride like I would really like to....I did get to ride at the Niobrara River Retreat the last 4 days with a great group of friends from the Nebraska Horse Association, it is an awesome place to ride near Valentine, Nebraska. I bought a new horse this last week also, she is a little dun mare named Cricket, she is 9 yrs old and is an awesome all around mare, done cutting, sorting, barrels, poles, pleasure and just about everything else. I want to learn how to do Ranch Sorting and Team Sorting, she will be an awesome teacher for me. I also just got my 2 year old Gypsy Vanner Gelding, Tie, back from a trainer and will be riding him gently for the rest of the summer, I have been waiting for this day, I am so excited...he is doing great. So maybe I will be able to ride a little more now!

    Previous miles 549.51
    Miles August 30 on Cricket 2.98
    Miles August 31 on Cricket 2.85
    Miles September 1 on Cricket 5.21
    Miles September 1 on Cricket 2.98
    Miles September 2 on Cricket 9.88

    Miles to date 573.41

  72. Rode early this morning before it got to hot, temps hit 103 today! I can not take the heat like I used to when I was a younger. I rode with a good friend today that is not in the distance derby, maybe I can talk her into joining next year. 9.08 miles on Cricket

    Previous miles 573.41
    Miles today 9.08
    Miles to date 582.49

  73. 5.21 miles on Tie 9/7/13
    I rode my 2 yr old Gypsy Vanner Tie today, I can not describe how awesome it was to finally get to ride him at home, I know you all can relate! He was at the Double K Ranch near McCook for training for 2 months, Abigail trained him to both ride and drive and give him the awesome ground manners that he needed, I kind of let them (snuggle) up to me a little to much :) I rode him once there about a week before I brought him home and then today out in the pasture first then took him out on the road, we crossed highway 83 to meet up with my friend Cindy, then she rode with me back to the Highway and left, Tie did not even get excited that the other horses were not coming with him, he did not shy at traffic at all! When he did look at something, he would walk up to it himself, I did not have to ask him. I am so proud of him, and myself for riding a 2 yr old on the road for the first time, I was a little nervous.

    Previous Miles 582.49
    Miles today 5.21
    Miles to date 587.7

  74. Sounds like he is going to be a great horse!

    1. I notice you have me at 578.62 miles it should be the 587.7 miles, It only moves me up one space, it is not a problem, but just thought I would let you know. Thank you for all the hard work you put into this.

  75. Somehow I missed your Sept. 6th miles. Got them now. yes, you are up to 587.70

  76. Miles ridden at Kanopolis State Park in Kansas
    9/13/13 8.39
    9/14/13 10.89
    9/15/13 10.05
    Rode Cricket the whole weekend

    Previous Miles
    Miles from Kanopolis 29.33
    Miles to date 617.03

    5.27 miles 9/26/19 on Cricket
    15.45 miles 9/30/13 on Tie and Lexi, could not get my garmin to work. :(

    Previous Miles
    Miles Thursday and today 20.72
    Miles to date 637.75

  78. Rode Cricket today 14.26 miles. sure needed my horsey time.

    Miles to date 652.01
    My Garmin 301 still not working, may have to buy another one. I also have a Garmin Etrex I have been using, but can not upload it.

  79. I am not even going to tell you things will get better, I want to choke all that say that to me. Take the moments that are ok and cherish them for now.

    1. Hi Juanita, it has been really hard, so far I have not had anybody tell me that it will get better and I hope they do not. I miss my mom so much, I am having a tough time going to her house and trying to figure out what to do. I need prayers, I know mom and dad are with me in spirit but sometimes I just feel lost.

  80. Rode, Tie, Cricket and Cool Ray 10/25 10/26 and 10/26 for a total of
    14.57 miles. I need to get a new Garman 301, my other Garmin will not let me load it. So I just combined all 3 days. Not a lot of miles but we were gather cows/caves and craig and I just rode Sunday checking fence and the creek making sure no beaver are trying to build dams.

    Previous miles 652.01
    Miles to date 666.58

  81. Previous Miles 666.58
    10/31/13 2.56 miles on Cricket
    11/1/13 and 11/2/13 22.14 on Cricket and Jack
    Miles to date 691.28

  82. Previous Miles 691.28
    Miles 11/7/13 on Tie 3.25
    Miles 11/8/13 on Lexi 9.31
    Miles to date 703.84

  83. Congrats on getting over 700 miles :-)

  84. Previous miles 703.84
    Miles November 16, 18 and 20th Rode Lexi and Tie 29.3
    Miles to date 733.14

  85. Rode Cricket today, we drove cattle home from summer pastures.
    Previous miles 733.14
    Miles today November 25 10.5
    Miles to date 743.64

  86. Rode Cricket today with Penny (leather and lace) we had a good ride, thought it was going to be a little warmer than it was, but it was still fun.
    Previous miles 743.84
    Miles today 9.31
    Miles to date 753.15

  87. I rode Cricket again today 11/30/13 Rode to my friends house and we tried a couple of her cutting saddles on Cricket, I am trying to decide on a cutting or ranch cutter saddle, my saddle I am using now does not fit Cricket very well, I love it but I want her to be comfortable. It was a warm beautiful day.
    Previous miles 753.15
    Miles 11/30/13 11.1
    Miles to date 764.25

  88. Previous miles 764.25
    Miles today on Lexi 10.8
    Miles to date 775.05

  89. Another beautiful day to ride, it was over 60 today, I rode Cricket, did not ride as long as I wanted but we still had a good time, we checked the calves and I took Josh and Zoey (my dogs) with me. The weather is supposed to turn very cold by Wednesday.
    Previous miles 775.05
    Miles today on Cricket 6.75
    Miles to date 781.8

  90. Previous miles 781.8
    Miles today on Cricket 8.07
    Miles to date 789.87

  91. Previous Miles 789.87
    Miles on Cricket 12/18/13 5.71
    Miles to date 795.58

  92. Previous miles 795.58
    Miles 12/31/13 8.21 on Lexi
    MTD 803.79

    Happy New Year all you DD riders, I made it to the 800 mark, I did not make my own personal goal, but sometimes life just gets in the way. I look forward to competing with you all in 2014.
    God Bless and lots of horsey love,
    Lexi, Tie, Cricket, Sam, Kalypso, Lady, Shania, Sheri, Jack, Jim, Cool Ray,
    Josie, Ebby, Flash, Cody, Sissy and Me
    Diana Kaiser Berglund

  93. congrats on getting over 800 miles this year!


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