Thursday, December 6, 2012

Team 47 - Pinky & The Boys*

I am Corie of Pinky and the boys and this is my second year in the Derby.  I didn't make my goal of 1000 miles when life at home got in the way but I am still proud of where I ended.  This coming year my goal is to get more miles on my 2 younger horses and give Zip some time off....wonder if I can really not pick him??

My boys are....

Zippy (Frosted Scribbles) who is 15 this year.  He has become my main go to guy and is totally my heart horse.

Takota (Curious Takota) who is also 15 this year and was my main ride for a few years and is now taking great care of my hubby.

Soxie (CF Maxceptional Two Sox) is 7 this year is an amazing minded little guy who I am looking forward to putting some miles on and getting him ready for Chris to graduate to.

Charlie is 6 this year and spent 2 months with Kip Fladland in the fall.  I am looking forward to getting to know him and putting on some miles.  Planning to do a couple of Kip clinics with him too.  

Those riding with me, please be patient with me while I work thru my freak outs riding the greener horses that need those miles!

Here's to a great 2013!!

Corie Nelson

2012 / 932.91 / 10th Place


  1. 1/1/2013 2.01 miles

    Figured I may as well hop on and get a little riding in since I was already bundled up from ice skating. Grabbed up Zip and hopped on bareback with a halter. Anyone who knows me and Zip would know it has taken awhile for me to get to this point to take him out and around the place bareback, let alone in just a halter. Love my pony!!

  2. Finally got out today and rode!!!

    4.05 miles on Zip. He rode out just like I rode him yesterday...gotta love that!! Now we shall see how the back feels tomorrow....

    Total miles 6.06

  3. 4.21 miles total 10.27

    After a half hour of both Chris and I chipping away mud off of Takota (aka Pigpen) we saddled up and headed down the road. The wind had a little nip but it felt good to be out with my sweetie on our two steady horses. Practiced shooting after we got back!

  4. 6.48 miles 4/3/13 YTD 16.75

    Left work early to be ready for Jess to pick me up. Had planned to take Takota because I know he keeps a level head in a group. Got home and he was such a mess, I didn't have that kind of time to groom so I grabbed Zip and hoped he would keep his head. He was amazing. Didn't get excited or jiggy with that many horses and gave me a fantastic ride.

  5. 4/28/13 1.03 miles in the arena on Charlie
    4/29/13 2.08 miles in arena and down road on Zip

    Total miles 19.86

    Terri came out on Sunday and helped with some ground work with Charlie and I had my first ride on him since December 8. Feeling a little more confident to work with him.

    Tonight I had a half hour window before kids got home from practice and knew I wouldn't have enough time to dedicate to Charlie so I grabbed Zip who needs to be legged up for FBMDR and did a little arena work then went down the drive to let him relax. Felt good to be on my favorite pony tonight.

  6. 5/10/13 15.93 miles
    YTD 35.79

    Beautiful day on the Oak Creek Trail for the FBMDR. Took Zippy and had a great ride. Loved the return trip after lunch opening the horses up on the flat fields!

  7. Really great to finally meet and ride with you Corrie! We sure had a "yeehaw" ride :-)

  8. 5/16/13
    3.96 miles
    YTD 39.75
    Took a quick ride down the road on Zip. Slow conditioning ride getting ready for Brushy Creek!

  9. 6/21 7.86 miles
    6/22 7.80 miles
    6/22 2.00 miles driving!

    Went to Brushy Creek with friends for the weekend. The trails were nice, but the mosquitos and gnats were awful. Hot and humid. Didn't get as much time on the trails as I had hoped since we got rained out Sunday morning. I did however get my first shot at driving! Had a blast!!

  10. 6/28/13 6.20 miles
    YTD 63.61 miles

    Took the little black horse out and rode with Jess. Zip didn't want me to even look at him and Soxie offered himself up :) He hasn't been ridden by me since Nov 9! He was pretty good considering. He had a couple little boogers but nothing out of control, just little boot scoots when he thought something scary was behind. He led and followed and had 2 dogs all around. Such a good boy!

  11. 7/4/13 6.39 miles
    7/5/13 4.05 miles

    YTD 74.05

    Had a friend out on the 4th and we went out for a ride while the guys and kids went fishing. She hadn't been on a horse for year so we didn't get too far but it was good to get out. Takota took good care of her.

    On the 5th I took Sydney out for her first ever ride down the road. Her horse of choice was my Zip so I saddled up Takota to pony her. Zip was a true gentleman and Syd had a blast. I may finally have a kid that wants to ride!!

  12. 7/14/13 8.23 miles at Pierce Creek
    YTD 82.28

    Team MacKeogh picked me up and we headed down to hang out with team Purple. I rode Miss Brooklyn while Christine took Skye out on her first big girl trip. Not a thing bothered her and she was just so happy going down the trail leading us :) Yay to Christine for doing such a great job with her. Terri and I just enjoyed the day on the two seasoned mares. Pierce Creek was just beautiful and the day wasn't too hot!!

  13. 8/10/13 8.05 miles
    YTD 90.33

    Started off the day doing a 5K with some fellow Horsetalers with the Run2Rescue. We decided after that we would ride the same route we just ran. I rode Tammy's Windy on the way out and at Rescue we switched horses and I rode Butter back. Was a great day with horsey friends.

  14. 8/18/2013 7.08 miles
    YTD 97.41

    Well, the weekend didn't go quite as planned. After having to have a cyst opened up and finding a hurt horse at home, I got a later start meeting Lori at a benefit ride close to home. When we got there, no one was there and things weren't marked well. We opted to go home. The next morning Lori went back, but I was the dutiful mom and went to a last minute soccer games the girls were to play in. I did haul out Sunday to ride with the remainder of the group at Slattery Vineyard. Was a nice relaxing ride and nice to get out. Sure couldn't complain about the August weather we have!

  15. 10/9/13 .2.90 miles
    YTD 100.31

    Oop there it is!!! Finally hit the 100 mile mark. Such a different year for me than last. Been working on my and my fitness and have many more miles on my feet than my horses this year. I find that I feel more comfortable in the saddle tho. Zip still remembers his job. He just walked along last night with his head level even with the crazy dog running in and out of the crispy crackly corn stalks!

  16. Congrats on getting over 100 miles :-)

  17. 10/10/13 4.08 miles
    YTD 104.39

    Two nights in a row! Unheard of for me this year.... Terri of Team MacKeogh came out to sort thru her tack that was here in the barn. Last minute we decided to snatch up two ponies and take off down the road. She took out the fearless black horse and I am Zip. Was a great night of talking and laughter and such gorgeous weather! Just what the soul needed. Now to put on my big girl panties and get Charlie going again......

  18. 11/17/13 3.78 miles YTD 108.17

    Grabbed Zip to take advantage of the warmer temps. It was fairly windy but Zip was good. The only thing that boogered him was a hunting blind that was flapping in the wind. He wasn't sure if it was going to eat him or not. He got tense for about 30 ft then settled back to his level self. Felt good to be out and it was just peaceful and great for the soul.

  19. 11/29/13 8.40 miles YTD 116.57
    Loaded up the Zipster and Soxie and headed to Branched Oak with Terri. My husband baled on going along as he thought he would be too cold. Turned out to be gorgeous weather for riding. Zip was a little high at first with the cooler temps and group size. We hung behind little brother while Terri schooled on him. Eventually we quit jiggin and rode off like he usually does. After stopping for awhile for photo ops he started off jiggy again. I split off with Tammy, John and Tanya on the way back to blow out some cobwebs. Great to get out and see my horsey friends. Should have rode today with the gorgeous weather but I was running a 5K instead!!

  20. 12/28/13 9.18 miles YTD 125.75

    Mike was sweet enough to haul Sweetie to Two Rivers for me so I could get one last ride in for 2013. Felt good to be out even if I wasn't on my own horse. Pretty sad mileage total for my year. I had more miles on my legs than on my horses legs this year! Next year I hope to find better balance to do both!


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