Thursday, December 6, 2012

Team 18 - Luvriden Jordan - River

Hi!  This is Team Luvriden Jordan - River.  My KMSH mare, Jordan, and I have been together for 8 years.  She is now 13 years old and we have really grown together as a horse and rider team.  She is my first horse  and I am blessed to have her.  I now also have a really sweet 6 year old Spotted Saddle horse gelding (we think, he is an adopted rescue) that I am now riding named River.

We love to trail ride and have done a few CTR rides and hope to do a few more this year. My husband, daughter and I recently moved from NW Iowa to the Lincoln, Nebraska area and I am enjoying riding all the new trails.  I am also blessed with a dear husband who supports and encourages my horsey habit.  See ya on the trail :-) 
~Diane in Roca, NE~


  1. Luvriden (aka Diane)December 8, 2012 at 9:57 AM

    So glad to be able to do the DD this year....even if I have to host it to do it LOL. This will be a fun year for everyone I am sure. Happy Trails :-)

  2. Thanks for taking this on Diane!

  3. OK, here is my first ride entry :-) Yea! Rode with Deryle, Paul & Sandra at Wilderness Park starting at 1st St. Was a beautiful day about 33*, sunny and NO wind! Amazing :-) Saw some deer and 2 sets of hikers. No bicyclists.
    Distance: 11.54 miles
    Time: 3:29
    Ave. Move Speed: 3.8mph

  4. Rode at Wagon Train today with Kathy Newburg. Beautiful day abput 42* sunny and NO wind.
    Distance: 8.74
    Time: 2.26
    Ave. Move Spd: 3.6

  5. Rode Wilderness at 14th st. didn't go very far, too slick, so we turned around and did the Railroad loop across 14th st. that wasn't slick. Rode with Jamie, Deryle & Darren.
    Distance: 8.21
    Time: 3.5
    Ave. move spd: 2.4

  6. Rode Wagon Train with Deryle, Jamie, & Darren. Short ride, very windy and slick.
    Distance: 2.63
    Time 59 min.
    Ave. move spd: 2.4

  7. Corrention:
    Opps, did my last 2 posts as Distance Derby instead of Luvriden, my bad....
    Also Wilderness was with Deryle & Sandra McNiff, not Jamie & Darren.

  8. Rode on my own home turf with Tanya!
    Distance: 6.24
    Time: 1.44
    Ave. move spd: 3.6

  9. Rode the Roca Homestead Trail from Roca to Salwtillo to38th st. With Deryle Morton. Easy ride but nice.
    Distance: 7.0 mi
    Time: 1.50
    Ave.Mov Spd: 3.9mph

  10. Rode the Clatonia Rec. Area with Jamie D & Sandra M. Nice day about 50* with 15mph winds. Jamie rode 2 miles with us and then got tired so she sat and soaked up the sun by the trailer with Clue while Sandra and I did another 4.5 miles miles.
    Distance 6.54 mi.
    Time: 1.49
    Ave. Mov Spd: 3.6

  11. Rode the Roca Homestead Trail from my house down Martel past Hickman road. Nice day but the horses were on a mission! Rode with Sandy McNiff.
    Distance: 10,22 mi
    Time 2:14
    Ave mov spd: 4.9

  12. Rode at Wilderness Park today with Sandra M. (not in the DD) and we saw a bald eagle up close! Very awesome. Trails were pretty dry, only muddy and wet in the shady spots, we stayed as far off the trail as we could. Nice day about 57* and a little breeze.
    Distance 10.20 mi
    Time: 2.50
    Ave. mov spd: 4.2

  13. Rode at Two Rivers with Tammy V today. Awesome ride, 54* no wind and cloudy.
    Distance 12.54
    Time: 3.20
    Ave. Mov spd. 4.5

  14. Rode Oak Creek with Tammy V, Sarah H & Pip :-) Beautiful day. 70* and light wind.
    Distance 11.11
    Time 2:59
    Ave. Mov Spd: 4.5

  15. Rode at Bader Park with Horsetale ladies. Wonderful weekend!
    Friday 4/26
    Distance 7.05
    Time 2.50
    Ave. mov spd: 3.2
    Sat. 4/27
    Distance: 14.05
    Time. 4.18
    Ave. mov spd: 4.3
    Sun. 4/48
    Distance: 7.85
    Time. 2.27
    Ave. mov spd. 4.4

  16. Did a CTR at Kanopolis, KS this past weekend.
    Sat. 5/4/13
    Ave. speed 4.3
    Distance 21.4
    Time: 5.10
    Sun. 5/5/13
    Ave. speed 4.3
    Distance 17.2
    Time 4:40

  17. 5/10/13: FBMDR 15:99 miles

    5/11/13: NECTRA workshop 5:83 miles

  18. 5/12/13 Rode Dancer around home 2.12 miles
    5/9/13 Rode River in round pen .70

  19. 5/16/13 Rode River 2.0
    5/18/13 distance 21.73
    Ave. mov spd: 4.5mph
    Time: 4.56

  20. Rode Wagon Trail with the PPR Blue Stem group. 7.88 miles, 2.30 time and ave. spd 3.6

  21. Rode River 5/20/13 2.40 miles for 55 minutes ave move speed 3.5mph

  22. Rode River 5/26/13 1.8 miles for 65 min.

  23. Went to the 2 Rivers Poker Ride and had a great ride!
    6/1/13 Distance: 11 miles
    Time 3.43 hours

  24. River's maiden ride at Mopac trail 98th & A with Tanya & Cinc. We had a great ride and River was awesome with all the bike riders :-)

    6/3/13 Distance 6.12 miles
    Time 2.04 hours

  25. Got a new saddle for River and we tried it out today. It rides really well and fits River nicely. 6/5/13 Distance: 2.24 miles; Time 1.13 hours.

  26. Rode a training ride on Jordan 15.51 miles
    Time 3.36 Ave move speed 4.8

  27. Rode River on his 2nd official trail ride at Branched Oak today with Cindy N., Debi H, and her friend Laurie. River was great!
    Distance: 8.2 miles

  28. Rode Jordan on the PRR Homestead at Roca ride.
    Distance: 5.94
    move spd 3.6
    time: 2.06

  29. Rode Jordan at the Last Chance Dance LD Admire, KS
    Distance: 26.7
    ave. move spd: 7.3
    time: 4.16

  30. Rode River today, realized a 2 week layoff is NOT good for a green horse, we had some interesting spooks and discussions today, but all in all he was a good boy :-)
    Distance: 3.15
    time: 1.28
    ave move spd: 2.1

    1. Rode River again with the PRR at Wilderness Park. he did pretty good and I am happy with him.
      Distance: 5.81
      time: 2:15
      ave. move spd. 3.5

  31. Rode Jordan this morning to work on side passing and she did good. Wish she did as well at CTRs as she does at home :-)
    Distance: 1.21
    Time: 56 min.
    Ave. spd. :2.6
    Then rode River just because :-)
    Distance: 2.31
    Time: 1.04
    ave. spd: 3.3

  32. Rode Jordan with Brenda M of Team 14 at Branched Oak. Great day for a ride.
    Distance: 15.07
    Time: 3:43
    Ave. mov. spd.: 5.1

  33. Rode today at Wagon Train in Jordan with Judy Antes and her friend Lynn. All gaited horses so we moved out very nicely :-)
    Distance: 8.47
    Ave. Move speed: 3.9
    Time: 2.32

  34. Rode River at Wagon Train for the PPR ride.
    Distance: 6:49
    ave mov spd: 3:4

  35. Rode at Shady Lane Ranch with my husband and daughter and had fun. Beautiful trails. haven't ridden a trotty horse in a long time :-)
    Distance: 3.04
    Time 1:04

  36. Rode Rock Creek Station on River with Tanya and Leigh. Had a great ride and I got VDA again today.
    Distance: 10.43
    Time: 4:10
    Ave. Spd. 2.5

  37. Rode Branched Oak today with Brenda. Jordan wore her new renegade boots and they seem to work great.
    Distance 13.64
    Time: 3:22
    Ave move spd: 4.5

  38. Rode River at Mopac 98th & A with Kathy and Judy. Great ride and River did great!
    Distance: 8.13
    Time: 2:24
    Ave move spd. 3.9
    MTD: 384.53

  39. Rode Jordan at Branched Oak 8:00 am ride so it was cooler. Nice cloud cover most of the morning. Kathy N, Tammy V. Sharron, Heater, Josie & Pip.
    Distance: 9.84
    Time: 2;28
    Ave. Move Spd: 4.0

  40. Spent time with River working on stuff :-)
    Distance: .61

  41. Rode River today around the neighbor's nature trail. Also worked on standing while mounting. He is such a good boy :-)
    Distance: 2.02
    Time: 1:06
    Ave. move spd: 3.5

  42. Went back to ride with friends in Iowa.
    7/17 Distance 9.30
    7/18 Distance 9.32 & 7.4
    7/19 Distance 10.04

  43. Refresher ride on River before the real ride tomorrow.
    Distance: .65

  44. Lake Marathon ride at Pawnee & Branched Oak.
    Pawnee Distance: 7.81
    Ave. spd: 3.2
    Time: 2:28

    Branched Oak Distance: 7.52
    Ave. spd: 5.0
    Time: 2:40

  45. Rode Jordan at Branched Oak 2 & 3.
    Distance: 15.97
    Time: 4:30
    Ave. Move sp. 3.6

  46. Rode River in the round pen and around our property. Worked on standing at the mounting block. He did pretty good.
    Distance: 3.07
    Time: 1:27
    Ave move spd.: 3.1

  47. River 8/5/13 Distance: 1:05
    River 8/6/13 Distance: 3.60

  48. Rode Jordan at Rock Creek Station with Trudy & Judy.
    Distance: 13.37
    Time: 3:16
    Ave. Move Spd: 4.1

  49. Jordan at Wagon Trail with Leigh and her 3 y/o mule Wonka.
    Distance: 7.72
    Time: 1.59
    Ave. move spd: 3.9

  50. River at Wagon Train with Cindy N.
    Distance: 6.10
    Time: 1.59
    Ave. Move. Spd: 3.1

  51. Rode River at Mopac Elmwood to Wabash with Cindy & Deb.
    Distance: 8.59
    Time: 3:29
    Ave. Spd. 2.5

  52. Rode Jordan with Brenda M.
    Distance: 11.0 miles
    Time 2 hours
    Ave. Move Speed: 5.2

  53. Rode Jordan at the Spring Creek Audubon with Trudy, Cindy and Larry R. I sure love riding there :-)
    Distance: 5.54
    Time: 2.01
    Ave, mov spd: 3.5

  54. Rode Jordan at Olive Creek....LOL....bushwacking most of the time :-)
    Distance: 6.05
    Time: 1:55
    Ave. move spd: 3.8

  55. Rode Jordan at Turkey Creek for a timing ride this weekend. Jordan is not ready to do an open 50 at that place :-)
    Sat. Distance: 18.35
    Time: 4.50
    Ave. move spd: 4.5
    Distance: 13.56
    Time: 4.43
    Ave. Move Time 4.4

  56. Rode River for the first time in over a week and he did awesome!
    Distance: 3.01
    Time: 2:01
    Ave. Mve Spd: 2.9

  57. River around home and up and down small hills.
    Distance: 4.28
    Time: 1.51
    Ave. Move Spd: 3.0

  58. Rode River at Wilderness Park with Trudy, Judy and Lynn. Great ride, but got hot toward the end.
    Distance: 12.59
    Time 4:11
    Ave. move spd: 3.9

  59. Rode Jordan at Clatonia with Jamie & Jadya
    Distance: 2.64
    Time 1.04

  60. Rode River at home for training to stand and mount.
    Distance: 2.32
    Time: 1.01
    Ave. mov spd: 2.3

  61. Rode River around home with Arlyce on Jordan. Fun ride. Then back out alone on River
    Distance: 3.04
    Time: 1.2
    Ave. move spd. 2.4

  62. Jordan at Wagon Train with Judy & Lynn. Great ride :-)
    Distance: 8.83
    Time: 2:38
    Ave mov spd: 4.5

  63. NHTC Trail Challenge weekend. Rode Jordan Friday, Sat. and Sun.
    Friday Distance: 4.53
    Time: 1.01
    Ave. Mov spd: 4.6

    Sat. morning Wild life east side:
    Distance: 2.87
    Time: 40 min.
    Ave. mov spd: 4.4
    Sat. Trail Challenge
    Distance: 8.56
    Time: 3.41
    Ave mov spd: 3.8
    Sun. pick up ride
    Distance: 8.24
    Time: 2.36
    Ave mov spd: 4.4

    1. Had such a wonderful weekend at Branched Oak for the Trail Challenge, great obstacles, fun friends and good food. Doesn't get any better then that :-)
      Thanks to the NHTC and all the volunteers for all the hard work and dedication!!

  64. Did some riding on River today. Oh man, NOT a good idea to leave a young horse in the pasture too long :-( We did not have a very good ride today, he is getting herd bound and did not want to leave Jordan.
    Distance: 2.28
    Time 1.54
    ave mov spd: 2.6

    1. Put plastic shoes on Jordan on Sept. 9th and the farrier got her with a hot nail :-( Saw her limping on Friday and pulled her front shoes on Sunday.

  65. Rode River today and we did better after I put Jordan's saddle on him. I think his saddle is too wide for him now :-(
    Distance: 1.18
    Time: 56 minutes

  66. Worked in the arena on River today with Leigh.
    Distance: 1.38
    Time 36 min.

  67. I have been soaked Jordan's fronts since Sunday and today at a slow walk she is not limping. When she turns on her front she limps or when she trots she limps, but she is getting better. Hope she is OK for the Turkey Creek CTR coming up next weekend.

  68. Rode River around my property and round pen. He was back to being the horse I love. Used his saddle and a different bit.
    Distance: 2.43
    Time 1.25

  69. Rode Jordan at Spring Creek Audubon ride and she did great!
    Distance: 4.67
    Time: 2.06
    Ave. mov spd: 3.6

  70. Jordan at Wilderness Park with Judy & Lynn. Beautiful day-great ride!
    Distance: 11.39
    Time: 2:39
    Ave. mov spd: 5.1

    1. Also rode River for a short time today and he did awesome!
      Distance: 1.57
      Time .43
      Ave mov spd: 2.2

  71. Rode Jordan at Turkey Creek CTR - ribbon pulling
    Distance 5.11
    Jordan - Safety
    Distance - 14.71
    Rode River - Home
    Distance 3.78

  72. Rode Jordan at Mopac 98 & A with Judy Trudy and Lynn
    Distance: 10.51
    Time: 2.52
    Ave. Mov Spd: 4.2

  73. Indian Cave CTR pre ride: Distance: 2.24
    Indian Cave CTR day 1: 20.35
    Indian Cave CTR day 2: 14.71
    Total: 37.3 miles

  74. Rode River around the round pen. 2.15 miles

  75. Rode River at Mopac 98&A with Judy and Lynn. He did pretty good since all we did was walk. Thanks Judy & Lynn for helping with River :-)
    Distance: 8.29
    Time: 2:44

  76. Rode Jordan in Eminence, MO 73.98 miles

  77. Rode River around home and on the bridle path Oct., 29 & 30 = 5.18
    Rode River at Beatrice arena with Leigh Nov. 4 = 5.86

  78. Jordan at Rock Creek Station with Leigh, Pat & Cindy
    Distance: 11.33

  79. Rode Tate (Dwight & Mary's Morgan) today. That sure was fun and high off the ground :-) Thanks! Arlyce rode Rosie and Mary rode Libby and may or may not have gotten the VDA.

    Distance: 2:66

  80. Rode 11/14 River 3.25, 11/18 - 1.41, 11/20 - 2.97 11/25 - 4.52

  81. Rode Jordan 7.89 miles at Branched Oak on our Black Friday Ride with friends. Had a wonderful time and the weather was great.

  82. Rode Jordan today around home 3.08 miles

  83. Also rode on Dec. 3rd and posted it in the spreadsheet but forgot to here, 4.0
    Dec. 2nd, 5.03 Dec. 1, 5.44 & 1.86

  84. Rode Jordan today with Arlyce and Rosie. Distance 4.92 miles

  85. Rode Jordan over at July and Lynn's trail. Awesome ride. Distance 8.25

  86. Rode Jordan at Wagon Train with Judy & Deryle
    Distance: 8.06

  87. Last ride of 2013 today at 2 Rivers where the Blood Tree was taken DOWN!!!
    Distance 6.64 on Jordan

  88. real last ride of 2013 :-) Today was 40* and beautiful so Arlcye and I decided to ride a bit. I rode a couple of miles but only tracked 1.15, but that is OK, I finished the year with 920.04! I am a very happy rider :-)


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