Thursday, December 6, 2012

Team 15 - Purple*

My name is Christine Shenefield. I live in South Western Iowa. I have 4 fantastic equine! My GO-GO-GO mule TAZ ~18 years old, two Saddlebred mares Bling & Brooklyn ~both are 12 years old and Sky~ a 5 year old, grade Arabian.

This will be my second year in the Distance Derby. Had a blast participating in it this last year, riding like a crazy woman!! I have NEVER ridden so much in my life!

Do not know what 2013 will bring, hoping GOOD things! 2012 & the Distance Derby has been one 'great' year! It was so much fun riding with friends and watching everybody meet their riding goals. I have many wonderful memories & new friendships because of the Distance Derby.

One of my favorite things about the Distance Derby is that it is simple, fun riding. No competition or traveling cost necessary. Ride when ever, where ever, alone or with your friends.

Reach for the stars my friends and RIDE ON! 

2012 / 2110.4 Miles / 2nd Place



  2. 1/6/13 Bling 6.65 miles

    1/6/13 Brooklyn 5.09 miles

    First ride(s) of 2013. Such beautiful weather for January! Wow!! TAZ loves the snow melt, she drops & rolls when she see's me walking out the door. Smart mule!

    MTD: 11.74

  3. 1/7/13 TAZ 8.63

    1/8/13 Brooklyn 5.68, Bling 5.71
    Been a bit on the windy side...

    1/9/13 Brooklyn 6.20, TAZ 7.02
    Was suppose to be babysitting Wednesday- Friday but lucked out! Even got to make it back home early Wednesday & was so glad. What a beautiful day!! Lots of melting going on...

    1/10/13 Brooklyn 8.40, TAZ 6.02, Bling 8.14
    So glad for having my frogg toggs, rained a while here. Dirt roads sloppy, so stuck to riding the gravel roads.

    1/11/13 Bling 7.31, Brooklyn 7.59
    No riding TAZ as she is one again cover in mud. Can't wait for the sun to come back out, very little of it today.

    MTD: 82.44 ...hope this is right... so much going on

  4. :-O Go Christine go! Dang, 80+ miles and it's not even half way through January!!

  5. 1/14/13 TAZ 4.22

    1/15/13 Bling 4.89, Brooklyn 5.25

    1/16/13 TAZ 10.22

    1/17/13 Bling 7.02, TAZ 7.67, Brooklyn 5.54

    1/18/13 Bling 4.63, Brooklyn 14.31- shared most of these miles with Team 62 Livin' The Dream.

    1/19/13 TAZ 12.73

    MTD 158.92

  6. Nice!!! from the A Team (80)

  7. Wow! What's the weather like where you're at? Wishing I could ride more often, but with work and below zero wind...brrrrrrr, today was a no riding day for me! Awesome job so far! My year goal for 2013 was 250 miles...thinking now with the derby motivating me it might just be more than that!

    Happy trails!
    kristine & Owen, team 95

  8. 1/23/13 Bling 8.17, Brooklyn 6.82

    1/25/13 TAZ 12.53, TAZ-ponying Sky 3.44

    1/26/13 Brooklyn 9.37

    MTD 199.25

  9. Christine, Congratulations on your Win last season! You are a riding fiend!

  10. Ok we live to close to not be riding together more we need to fix this!!

  11. 3/14/13 Brooklyn 6.86 miles & rode Sky in the arena- just tinkering on her. Seen team Livin' The Dream out riding-

    3/15/13 Bling 12.79 Ride along the Tarkio River.

    MTD 218.9

  12. 3/19/13 TAZ 6.11 miles, Brooklyn 4.80 miles- Ended the evening with near 50 degree temps. What a tease when they're talking about the possibility snow!

    MTD 229.81

  13. Glad to see you are riding again Christine, we missed you in Feb.

  14. 3/20/13 Bling 5.24 miles A quiet evening ride-

    MTD 235.05

  15. 3/21/13 Brooklyn 7.37 miles. Made it to upper 30's & no wind this afternoon. It was bearable. Looking forward to riding in some snow-maybe.

    MTD 242.42

  16. 3/22/13 Bling 9.51 miles. One more good ride before the snow/rain arrives- (so they say...) Nice again today 30's & no wind.

    MTD 251.93

  17. 3/23/13 TAZ 10.76 Chilly ride on my favorite mule. Okay- where's the snow??

    MTD 262.69

  18. Good to see you posting miles again! Warmer weather is coming! I'm ready for some perfect spring days to ride all day!

  19. I was beginning to wonder when you would get riding again! Glad you took a break, for yourself, and glad to see you back refreshed and riding!

  20. Thank-you Brenda- Glad to be back. Congratulations on your accumulated mileage!

    3/26/13 Brooklyn 8.14 miles 39 degrees & sunshine! Snow melting-

    3/27/13 Bling 10.30 miles 48 degrees- Suppose we will go right into Summer now?

    MTD 281.13

  21. 3/28/13 Brooklyn 12.46

    MTD 293.59

  22. 3/29/13 TAZ 11.6 miles. 69 degrees & got a sunburn today- Ponied Sky for 2.5 miles-getting her out & about. She's loves it & did GREAT!!

    MDT 305.19

  23. Was such a nice day...congrats on getting over the 300 mile marker!

  24. 3/30/13 Bling 14.55 miles

    3/31/13 Brooklyn 8.86 miles

    MTD 328.6

  25. 4/1/13 Brooklyn 6.29 miles

    MTD 334.89

  26. 4/2/13 TAZ 10.42 miles -Perfect day!!

    MTD 345.31

  27. 4/3/13 Bling 9.05 miles

    4/4/13 Brooklyn 8.88 miles -another gorgeous day!!

    MTD 363.24

  28. 4/7/13 Brooklyn 10.06 miles 70+ degrees- Kathie, from team Rec Rider & sister Violet drove out this afternoon. Wonderful meeting them & looking forward to getting together again sometime.

    MTD 373.3

  29. 4/28/13 TAZ 10.70 miles- Rode around Malvern w/ Brenda.

    4/30/13 TAZ/Bling 14.50 miles- Rode with Leigh Ann & JoAnn around Coin.

    MTD 398.5

  30. 5/9/13 Brooklyn 7.18 miles
    5/10/13 TAZ-ponying Sky 4.38 miles
    5/12/13 TAZ-ponying Sky 3.99 miles
    5/13/13 Bling 6.56 miles

    MTD 420.61

  31. Congrats on getting over 400 miles already!

  32. 5/14/13 Brooklyn 7.41 miles
    Early morning ride before it gets hot today.

    MTD 428.02

  33. 5/15/13 Sky 1.64 miles -Up until now, I have not recorded the beginning rides in the arena that it took to get Sky started. TODAY was Sky's first official ride out of the lot & out in the pasture! We even did a wee bit of trotting!! I am so proud of this young horse. Good girl Sky, good girl!

    TAZ 7.27 miles -Miss meeting up & riding with the PRR groups. I was riding with you all in spirit :)

    MTD 436.93

  34. 5/16/13 TAZ 3.84 miles- ponying Sky along the river.

    MTD 440.77

  35. 5/17/13 Bling 10.15 miles

    5/18/13 Sky 2.61 miles- pasture ride.

    5/19/13 Sky 4.23 miles- Sky's first solo ride along river.

    MTD 457.76

  36. 5/20/13 Brooklyn 9.04 miles

    An absolutely perfect day to ride. Temperature out was just right. Everything fresh after last night's rain. I actually was so excited to ride today~ I took off without my helmet! Seen a coyote, heard pheasant. Brooklyn was happy to be out- I think she gained weight on this ride! Her gaits are becoming smoother- :) May just go back out on another ride later this afternoon or evening. Brenda is giving me the itch for some serious miles & maybe pick up the pace a lil more than I have been lately. Congratulations again Brenda & Bonita!!

    MTD 466.8

  37. 5/26/13 Brooklyn 11.55 miles

    Terri, Brenda & Alex joined me for a ride around Coin & BBQ afterwards. A good ride & a great day!

    MTD 478.35

  38. 6/14/13 Brooklyn 7.57 miles, TAZ 7.68 miles

    MTD 493.6

  39. 6/16/13 Bling 1.92 miles- Foggy morning ride & TROY rode TAZ. His first time venturing out on a ride with me in over 13 years!

    Headed back out on Bling for an addtional 8.19 miles

    MTD 503.71

  40. How awesome that Troy rode too! Congrats on getting over 500 miles :-)

  41. 6/18/13 10.84 Morning ride on Brooklyn- Made it back just before it started to pour.

    MTD 514.55

  42. 6/30/13 Brooklyn 22.34 miles - Riding from Coin into Missouri with Terri on Bling. Best riding in a long time!!

    MTD 536.89

  43. 7/13/13 Bling 8.50 miles. Cloudy & pretty darn nice temperature wise.

    7/14/13 Sky 7.87 miles. Sky's first 'big girl' ride at Pierce Creek. Handled everything like a champ! Walk, trot & even loped for our first time!! Distance horse in the making- she loved moving out :) Thank-you to Team 4-MacKeogh & Team 47-Pinky and The Boys for coming out & giving us their support!

  44. 7/23/13 Bling 10.32 miles. What a beautiful Summer day! A little bit of rain first thing in the morning. Cool with a nice breeze rest of the morning.

    Sky 3.86 miles. Short evening ride around the field. Hazy- the full moon finally came out after our ride. Sky is enjoying her new job. She says she can't wait for her new blingy headstall to come! :)

    MTD 578.06

  45. 7/24/13 TAZ 11.45 miles & Brooklyn 12.07 miles

    Gorgeous day- all day!! :D

    MDT 601.58

  46. Congrats on getting over 600 miles!

  47. 7/27/13 Sky 8.32 miles, Pierce Creek w/ Brenda, Alex & friends. Beautiful all day!

    7/28/13 TAZ 8.55 miles, around Coin-morning ride. Brooklyn 14.72, around Coin-evening ride.

    MTD 633.17

    1. We had an awesome time riding didn't we! What a story we have to tell!

  48. 7/29/13 Brooklyn 7.77 miles. Cool, cloudy & got sprinkled on. I'll take it!!

    MTD 640.94

  49. 7/30/13 Bling 11.20 miles. Foggy all day- but 70's... Yeah, I'll take it!

    MTD 652.14

  50. 7/31/13 Sky 3.81 miles. Rode in the fog this morning while it was still cool out.

    MTD 655.95

  51. 8/1/13 Bling 12.47 miles.

    MTD 668.42

  52. 8/2/13 Brooklyn 8.62 miles, Sky 3.67 miles

    8/3/13 Miguel @ Shady Lanes 6.40 miles

    8/4/13 Bling 10.37 miles

    MTD 697.48 miles

  53. 8/15/13 TAZ 6.40 miles -After this morning's rain. Lovin' these cooler temps!

  54. Congrats on getting over 700 miles!

  55. 8/15/13 Bling 4.93 miles -Deer flies were terrible!!

  56. 8/16/13 Brooklyn 5.59 miles -early morning ride in the foggy fields. No pics, phone died :(

    Sky 3.02 miles -afternoon ride around the yard, pasture & field.

    MTD 717.42

  57. Ughh... Can't seem to get the dates right!! The above post was to be for 8/17/13.

    8/18/13 TAZ 4.45 miles. Bareback sunset ride on TAZ. Deer flies are still bad! Grrrr...

    MTD 721.87

  58. 8/19/13 TAZ 6.01 miles. Warm breezy afternoon. Looks like morning rides or late evening rides for a while- going to get warmer this week...

    MTD 727.88

  59. 8/20/13 Brooklyn 7.13 miles.

    8/21/13 Sky 4.75 miles.

    8/22/13 TAZ 5.05 miles.

    8/23/13 Brooklyn 5.58 miles.

    Looks like morning rides for a while... What happened to our Fall like weather??

    MTD 750.39

  60. 9/2/13 Brooklyn 9.34 miles

    9/2/13 Sky 7.08 miles

    Too gorgeous of a day not to ride!! & SOOOO very proud of my Sky pony!

    MTD 766.81

  61. 9/3/13 TAZ 9.26 miles

    9/4/13 Bling 10.69 miles

    9/5/13 Brooklyn 6.77 miles

    ...Come back to us cooler weather!!

    MTD 793.53

  62. 9/9/13 Bling 10.19 miles

    Leigh stopped over to ride a few miles on her way out to pick up hay. It wasn't too bad as long as there was a breeze... High temps just suck the life outta me! A good ride though.

    Congratulations on reaching 500 miles Leigh!

    MTD 803.72

  63. 9/11/13 Sky 5.27 miles

    9/14/13 TAZ 10.51 miles- Rode with Larry & Jessi, NICE to ride with my son! :)

    MTD 819.50


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