Thursday, December 6, 2012

Team 7 - Shoofly*

As a long-time follower of website I couldn't let this opportunity pass me by, even though I am re-situated outside of Nebraska now and am not getting the trail miles I would like so far.  I brought our two horses, Cooper  and Jake (in the picture), out to California when we moved here about a year ago and we are slowly getting familiar with the trails.  My biggest fear is that I will mistakenly take a switchback trail and, unable to turn around on a narrow drop-off trail, end up having to go over Cougar Rock!!

Although I dabble in various horse activities, I primarily am a trail rider.  Horses are a grounding force in my life; feeding, grooming, and doing barn chores are great remedies for stress.  I have a plaque that says, "My therapist was born in a barn."   So true. 

2012 / 470.4 Miles / 24th Place


  1. I, Sheila Christiansen, (aka "Shoofly") am in the 2013 Distance Derby!

  2. I am going to kick your butt, get riding and happy trails, 'Juanita

  3. Yes, Juanita, I totally know you are going to kick my butt! lol I would not in my wildest imagination think of doing the kinds of miles you do! Best of luck in 2013!

  4. First ride of the year
    1/2/13 - Jake at Camanche North with the OTH Gang.
    6.46 miles
    YTD - 6.46 miles

    Frosty got bucked off his mule (I wasn't there to see it) and his girlfriend was taking him to the E.R. No helmet. Definite concussion. Hopefully nothing more than that-- he isn't thinking straight, for sure.

    1. And, as a follow-up: Frosty spent the night in the hospital and finally remembered his address at 4:00 the next morning. Two broken ribs, besides the concussion. But today I hear he is out and about doing his rounds (he's an equine vet at the racetrack).

  5. 1/4/13-Cooper in the neighborhood. Beautiful still day for a ride, even had to take off my jacket because I was too warm! Average speed 3.1, max speed, 7.4.

    3.67 miles
    YTD - 10.13 miles

  6. 1/6/13 - Cooper in my area.
    miles - 2.05
    YTD - 12.18 miles

  7. 1/10/13-

    miles - 2.15
    YTD - 14.33 miles

    Rode Sadie for Dani while she was putting some time on Lilly. Muddy, but an easy ride!

  8. 1/10/13
    OOoops, more miles for the day!

    2.37 miles
    YTD- 16.70 miles

    It was so sunny out, I decided to catch a ride on Cooper before sending them out to their muddy pasture. I "rode the ribs" (the deadend side streets off our main street) and discovered that if I ride the four main ones I end up with close to two and a half miles--- good to know for the future!

  9. 1/15/13
    7.06 miles
    YTD - 23.76
    Patrol ride with Cathy A., on Cooper. He's doing great! Cathy ponied her shetland, Shorty, and we made plans for a ride down south of San Fran in March!

  10. I had a nurse friend that moved out west several years ago, just to ride when she completely retired, beth Bliss is her name if you ever run into her say hi. I lost contact with her two years ago.

  11. Jan. 19, 2013

    Miles- 5.74
    YTD miles - 29.50

    Rode at Camanche NS with Cathy and Barb. Nice quiet ride! The loop had dried enough so the mud wasn't too slick on the hillside.

  12. Nice to meet you, Shoofly!! What part of California do you live in? I spent about ten years in southern California.

    1. We live in Herald, which is about 25 miles south of Sacramento,.. so, Northern CA for us!

  13. 2/2/2013 - Patrol ride Hazel past Sunrise with Dani. Cool but pleasant day, lots and lots of bikers and hikers and dog walkers. Jake had a near stroke seeing a reclining bicyclist coming at us-- I haven't seen that much reaction out of him for years! Spin move and sideways leap into Dani and Sadie,and plans to 'get outa Dodge'. First time I've truly needed a 1-rein stop in I don't know how long!! Thankfully I stayed on until I voluntarily got off. The elderly bicyclist, who had stopped, said, "Did I cause that?" I assured him he had done nothing at all wrong, just the horse hadn't seen a bike like that and didn't know what to make of it. He stopped by and we let Jake check it out a little closer and see that it was a harmless reclining human on a bike and then we went on with no further issues. It was Sadie's first time to a trail with tons of bikes; sure a good thing we had steady-Eddy Jake along to keep her calm. LOL

    7.10 miles
    YTD miles - 36.60

  14. 2/11/2013- Rode at N. Camanche with Dani and a couple people from her barn, Ed and Mimi. Ed rode a new horse, Tang, who will be Mimi's trail horse, eventually. Tang is a hunter-jumper who is new to the trails, but he held it together quite well, considering! We had to walk between cows from time to time, crossed mud and a little water crossing, a couple earth bridges, etc. He'll be great with time. Oh, and Mimi and Ed got engaged today!

    Miles - 4.66
    YTD - 41.26

  15. 2/13/2013- Rode the "ribs" in the neighborhood to see how many easy miles I can do from my house. Nice 3 mile ride!

    Miles - 3.01
    YTD miles - 44.27

  16. 2/15/13 - Had a nice time trotting a jump course in Cheri's pasture, then a trail ride through the forest.

    4.05 miles
    YTD miles - 48.32

    2/17/13 - Another trail ride, this time to Banner Forest. I have been riding 6yo Velvet, Cheri's QHxmustang mare. She's been a very, very good girl. Smaller than I'm used to, but she's stocky so I didn't feel too big on her.

    5.37 miles
    YTD - 53.69 miles

  17. Miles today - 8.94
    YTD miles - 62.63

    Beautiful weather today. Met Christina and Kristin at GB and did a nice 2-hr ride along the lake shore. Then after they left I had my lunch then capped it off with a 1-hr solo ride the other direction. Cooper was stellar! Well, except that part where he SHOOK HIS ENTIRE HEADSTALL OFF AND STEPPED INTO THE MIDDLE OF IT. Here I sat on a completely naked-headed horse, staring at the lake, wondering wth. I had taken the throatlatch off because it is too short and gouges his throat--- never realized what an important role it played!
    Live n learn!

  18. Today 2.40 miles
    YTD miles - 65.03

    Helped Dani with Lilly today. I rode Sadie while she trained.

  19. Again today:
    Miles: 2.05
    YTD: 67.08

    Rode Jake in the 'arena', walking and trotting, then up the road and back. He has a nice WP trot. The arena needs some serious smoothing out-- holes and clumps all over.

  20. Mar. 2, Miles- 7.91
    YTD miles - 74.99
    Got to join Cathy M. for a nice ride at Camanche South-- we wandered into some uncharted territory for a little bit, making a short trail quite a bit longer! We spotted a healthy big coyote crossing the road in front of us, so we stopped to watch it. Horses acted no different than if it had been some random dog. It stopped a little ways off and drank from a stream and was in no hurry to get away from us. Then it went a few yards and got involved in hunting. Stared at the ground, cocking his head from side to side listening for the presumed rodent. Then he jumped straight up in the air and dove in! Unfortunately it looked like he came up empty. But what a cool display-- I've never been so close to one before to watch. Our ride went nicely, good energy but no stupid.

  21. 3/13/13
    miles - 1.74
    YTD total - 76.73
    Sorry, coulda sworn I sent this, but don't see it anywhere..

  22. 3/14/13
    miles - 3.10
    YTD - 79.83

    An hour ride on Sadie while Dani worked with Lilly in the small arena at her barn. Good progress, no mishaps until Dani got head-slammed accidentally at the wash bay. That's gonna leave a mark...

  23. I just discovered I am over 50 miles short of what I rode last year at this time. How sad. Oh well, this year I am just riding my own ride, not chasing miles so much;--- might want to re-evaluate my original very-ambitious goal though!! :)

  24. 3/19/13 - 3.90 miles, YTD- 83.73
    Met a HH member, Denise, at GB for an afternoon ride. Very easy ride, cool light rain, but temps were so warm it was OK. Wish we could have ridden longer, but we were running out of time! Drive back at 5:30 was not fun with all that traffic! Note to self: Avoid traveling to trails during rush hour.

  25. Today, 2.93 miles, YTD - 86.66
    Did our training ride with Dani; slow pace for me and Sadie in the arena. We were both feeling lazy. Plans being made for a 'real' ride tomorrow, at Camanche.

  26. Breaking news!
    I found the solution to the iphone getting sucked dry on rides when I use the GPS app: a device called "MyCharge". It's a portable rechargeable battery pack that can recharge a number of electronic devices, but most importantly my iphone! I was lamenting how to catch my miles if I rode more than 3 hours, and this is how! Yes, not cheap (runs from $60 to $100), but oh so worth it. Not just for DD, but for me exploring mountain trails where I could (may very likely) NEED a gps to avoid getting totally lost. Please pass this info on!

  27. Wow Sheila, this is good info, thanks for sharing :-)

  28. Mar. 27 - 3.0 miles
    Mar. 28 - 5.44 miles
    Mar. 29 - 3.52 miles
    Total is 11.96
    YTD - 98.62

    First ride in San Mateo County. First ride on the ocean beach with my horse, at Golden Gate Park. A rush!

  29. Today, 11.51 miles at Camanche N. with Dani and Mimi on her new horse. Great ride! 70-something degrees, light breeze. Lost a boot. :(

  30. 4/6/13 - 6.33 miles
    YTD miles - 116.46

    Nice ride on a cool cloudy day, with Dani, Mimi, Ed, and Mark and myself. Training day for Lilly and Chisholm aka Tang. Good training with puddles, mud, and gate opening and closing. Cooper and Jake led the way; all was good except when a tom turkey started 'displaying' his tail and Cooper had never seen anything like it (apparently). He was alarmed at the sight!

  31. 4/11/13 - 6.07 miles
    YTD - 122.53 miles
    Did a Patrol ride with a new person, Robin Chapman, moderator/owner of Horsey Friends online chat group. She rode Jake, since she doesn't own a trailer for her horse up by Folsom. It was a good ride. Some people found a rattlesnake on the trail; the usual bike on the horse-only trail-- being followed the usual dog off leash--; I reported a big trash barrel that had rolled/blown down the embankment into the river, strewing litter all the way down the bank; and we were surprised by a jogger, which caused a litte bit of leag-age out of Cooper. But I think Jake is over his concern about recliner bikes; we saw several. Just another day in Paradise on the Am. River! Fun company, good ride.

  32. 4/13/13
    5.34 miles
    YTD - 127.87
    A ride with Dani, Ed, Mimi, and Selena (?). Took both Cooper and Jake, then ended up the day by trailering Bravo with Cooper over to Ed's to use the roundpen. Good experience for Bravo to go new places and do new things. Bravo still pretty nervous about trailering, but hopefully this short ride there and back were a good experience he will remember.

  33. 4/22/13
    7.54 miles
    YTD - 135.41
    Rode at Granite Bay on the Pioneer Express Trail with Robin and Fred. Explored a new part of the trail. Beautiful Spring flower ride!!

  34. 4/25/13
    3.33 miles
    YTD - 138.74
    Rode at Dani's place. I rode Lilly for the first time, just for a few minutes at the end. The rest of the ride was on Sadie. Lilly is doing very well, becoming an honest horse.

  35. 4/29/13
    5.88 miles
    YTD - 144.62

    Finally got my two new best friends together to meet for a ride! Dani on Sadie, and Cathy on Frankie. We met at Hidden Falls and had a beautiful ride. We found ourselves accidentally on a non-horse trail and it was a little tight and hairy, but we survived it to find the sign and the OTHER end that says, "No horses past this point". LOL Maybe they need a sign at both ends!
    It got into the 90's, so a hot day, but we rode early and missed the worst of the heat today. Saw two little snakes (racers), a fat grey squirrel, and that's about all for wildlife. No rattlers, thank goodness. I've been hearing they are out in full force already.

  36. 11.1 miles
    YTD miles- 155.72

    Rough day on a hot trail. Both Cooper and I suffered from heat exhaustion and were feeling pretty horrible by the time we got back to the trailers. Thank goodness for water at the trail head! Don't forget to take lots of water and electrolyte replacements with you as the weather warms up! It hit 97 degrees here, hottest day of the Spring so far, and we rode over four hours.. stupidly.

  37. Read on HorseTales about your ride! Heat exhaustion is not fun and so dangerous! So glad both you and Cooper are doing OK!!

  38. Camped at Lake Oroville with Leslie and Pam.
    Miles for the whole time= 13.85 miles
    YTD miles - 169.57

  39. Finally got back on a horse! Rode today with Estella, someone I had met at a previous ride and who lives not too far from me. We rode along the old tracks and around fields and vineyards. So nice to get an early (cool) start. Afterwards I took the trailer to the place to get a new jack and a couple minor repairs. Felt good to ride! Jake this time.
    Today: 7.57 miles
    YTD total: 177.14

  40. 06/12/13
    Miles: 10.6
    YTD : 187.74

    Rode with Estella again, same route as last time, but with Cooper. We started out at her place, which is a beautiful 5-acre farm near Sheldon Feed. We ride early and are done by noon; very nice for hot summer days.

  41. 6/15/13
    Miles: 8.45
    YTD: 196.19

    Checked out a few of the new trails at Hidden Falls, with Cathy Meeter. Nice! Need to get back when we have a whole day to spend. Cooper seemed sore today; just trimmed yesterday.. darnit.

  42. 6/18/13
    Miles: 9.0
    YTD: 205.19

    Rode with Estella and her neighbor, Michelle, and step-daughter from TX, Shelby. Nice evening ride. Tied the horses up at Wrangler's and tried to go in for a drink, but Shelby didn't have her ID (and looks like a teenager even though she is 22), so they made us leave. LOL Oh, well, so much for that! We sat and had a drink in Estella's nice barn, instead!

  43. Too funny Sheila :-) Also congrats on getting over 200 miles!

    1. Oh yeah, I guess I wasn't thinking about the 200 mile mark, thanks for reminding me! I'm not pushing myself this year.

  44. Mini ride on Jake, who needed to get out and about. He did very well, no naughty buddy-sour behavior, and such a nice trot.

    Miles: 1.46
    YTD: 206.65

  45. June 22

    Miles 5.91
    YTD: 212.56

    Group ride with the Am. River Eq. Patrol. First time I've ever made it to a group ride and BBQ! Met a few of the patrol members, and Estella went along for her first qualifying ride, with Sunny. Ride went well, but when we got back to Estella's house her other animals found an open gate and we had two horses and an alpaca taking a neighborhood walk-about! Run-about is more like it. We were able to herd them back in, eventually; they were having so much fun exploring the neighbor's place.

  46. June 27- 5.99 miles
    June 28 - 10.10 miles
    June 29 - 6.13 miles

    Miles total - 22.22 for this weekend
    YTD total - 234.78

    Camped for three nights with Dani. Rode all the way around Jenkinson Lake at Sly Park. Stayed at the Black Oak Eq. Campground there and we were the only ones there! Great place to stay. It was a hot weekend, though, so we rode mornings and evenings only. Sadie and Cooper did great and enjoyed their soupy electrolye and Safe Choice mashes.

  47. Miles:
    July 22 - 9.04 miles
    July 23 - 12.15 miles
    July 24 - 4.0 miles

    Total = 25.19 miles
    YTD - 259.97

    I can't believe I haven't recorded any miles for nearly a month!! How can that be? lol
    This riding was from our vacation to Pt. Reyes, Mark and I with Dani and Gordon. The men even did the two shorter rides with us, rode to the ocean and everything. Stayed in a wonderful B&B with stables, which pretty much spoiled me where camping is concerned. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

  48. 9.98 miles on July 29th at Hidden Falls.
    YTD = 269.95

    Cathy and I rode Cooper and Jake, since Frankie has a quarter crack. Good ride. Cathy started out on Jake, but we had to switch because the saddle was not fitting her at all (stirrups couldn't be shortened enough). After that we had a good ride all the way around on North Legacy and back on South Legacy. Lots of fire roads, then a narrow 1-track on South. Can't keep away from these narrow cliffy trails, it seems! Such is the riding around Auburn, every time.

  49. 8/5/13 - 7.81 miles
    YTD = 277.76

  50. 8/8/13 - 3.98 miles
    YTD = 281.74

    Rode Sadie while Dani trained Lily. Uneventful, just the way we like it.

  51. Today 1.61 miles
    YTD = 283.35

    Rode Jake around the neighborhood. He was good.

  52. Today 1.10 miles
    YTD = 284.45

    Had a training and ponying session with Bravo (and Cooper) at Cathy's place. She has all the toys! Roundpen, track, arena, pastures, tarp, cavaletti, mailbox.... you name it. We just touched the surface of all the possibilities. Bravo did awesome! He wore his saddle like a big boy and I put weight in both the stirrup and sat on the seat lightly (didn't put a leg over). He's soooo ready to be mounted. I'll be sending him for 30 days in September, for sure. I almost can't resist getting on him myself...

  53. 8/16/13
    5.36 miles
    YTD = 289.81

    Ponyed Bravo with Cooper at Camanche. Awesome outing!! He did it all with hardly a blink of a lovely black eyelash. Crossed water, in and out of ravines, stepped over logs, navigated through fallen brush, met hikers and other horse riders, and stood tied while we had lunch back at the staging area. He gets an A+ for his first try!

  54. 8/24/13
    11.4 miles
    YTD - 301.21

    Passed into the next century, woohoo!

    Planned to ride at Pardee, but air quality was so bad with smoke from the ongoing American Fire we decided to go to Camanche South instead. Nice relaxing ride with Dani and Jan, did some loping and long-trotting, giving serious thought to joining NATRC next year...

  55. Congrats on getting over 300 miles :-) Oooo.....NATRC! You go girl :-)

  56. 5.21 miles today
    YTD - 306.42

    Planned to do a solo ride at Camanche today, just me and my trusty steed,.. only to find a dozen rigs in the parking lot when I got there. I ran into two small groups coming back and heard that my old group, the OTHG (Over the Hill Gang) was up ahead. Cooper and I went partway but I decided the heat was getting too bad, so we turned around before catching up. Met up with the group for after-ride conversation (and a hotdog). I still got my solo ride in. :)

  57. Good for you on your solo ride :-)

  58. 17.6 miles at Cowgirl weekend, at Big Canyon, on Fancy.
    YTD - 324.02

  59. 10.12 miles at Hidden Falls, near Auburn. They've extended the trails, so we rode on several new ones-- nice!
    YTD - 334.14 miles
    I rode with Cathy and Frankie.

  60. 10/15/13 - 2.04 miles on Lilly at Dani's stable.
    10/17/13 - 1.11 miles on BRAVO
    10/19/13- 4.0 miles on Cooper at the group ride
    Ytd total- 341.29 miles

    That's all the miles I 'captured' anyway!

  61. Between last weekend and today I have 25.4 miles to add, for a
    YTD total of 366.69 miles

    Difficulty using my phone to get them on.

  62. 11/3/13 - 1.5 miles
    YTD - 368.19 miles

    Short ride on Bravo, in our pasture.

  63. 11/7/13 - 4.12 miles
    YTD - 372.31
    Solo ride at Camanche. I went off-roadin' a little bit and ended up on forbidden roads... so much better footing than the fire roads, though! I discovered some remnants of buildings and some tailings from gold mining. I might need to accidentally get lost there again.....

  64. Rode Bravo three short rides around our pasture this week.
    Total miles: 5.4
    YTD total: 377.71

    I can't believe I am riding Bravo! I didn't know if I would ever have the guts to do it, but he has been so mild I have been able to cowgirl-up and do it. He tripped and almost fell down on a rough area of the pasture, as I was having him walk around in front of the scary junk pile from next door! Luckily he was able to regain his footing and didn't fall over on me! haha It happened so fast and recovered so fast I hardly knew what had happened til it was done. Dani rode with me, as my spotter. Sometimes I ride alone, but prefer to not.

  65. Too awesome Sheila! Those youngens don't quite know what to do with their feet :-) Glad he is doing so well for you.

  66. 2.46 miles today.
    YTD - 380.17
    Rode Bravo in the pasture, with Dani and Jake as my spotters. He was a little jazzed at first this morning. It was a light rain, which caused new and alarming reflections on puddles and noisy metal roofs. He handled it quite well!

  67. 1.98 miles today
    YTD - 382.15 miles
    Rode Bravo in my English saddle for the first time today--- nice size for him! Need a thicker pad, and maybe a bit shorter girth, but it's workable as it is. He has filled out! That girth was nowhere near small enough the last time I checked! He was so good, behaved so well. He's lulling me, isn't he....?

  68. 6.38 miles
    YTD - 388.53 miles
    A nice quiet ride on the levy road near Wilton, past the fields and through the river. Cathy and Frankie, and me and Cooper. What a peaceful time. So glad I went.

  69. 1.12 miles
    YTD - 389.65
    Short ride in the pasture on Bravo. Practiced point-to-point and trotting circles. Such a good boy!

  70. 6.02 miles on Dec. 2
    YTD - 395.67 miles

    Took Bravo and Cooper to Turkey Hill and Cathy and I had a trail ride around the south trail. We saw a bobcat from a distance and were able to watch it for several minutes----- I have GOT to remember to take binoculars with me on these rides!! Cathy was afraid it would attack us, or the horses would freak, but no problem (bobcats are not a real danger to people or horses....). Bravo was pretty excited when we got there and I was wishing I'd brought a lungeline, but he didn't do anything stupid, just in a hurry to get out and get going, for about the first half hour.

  71. 4.0 miles on Dec. 17
    YTD miles- 399.67

    Ooo, I'm almost over the 400 mark, better get out there again!
    I rode Sadie, Dani's horse, at her stable while she rode Lilly. Lilly was bad recently, spooked and bolted at a new water tank that had appeared in the pasture; luckily Dani stayed on, but it hurt her confidence with her again. Lilly loses her head every now and again.
    It was good to get a ride in, I've been gone most of two weeks.

  72. 1.18 miles today on Bravo. Arena work.
    YTD - 400.85

    Bravo hadn't been ridden for almost three weeks and he did remarkably well, considering that!

  73. Yay! Sheila!! Got over 400 miles :-)


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