Saturday, December 22, 2012

Team 76 - Cowgirl Tuff

Hi.  My name is Danika.  I’m 4 years old from northwest Missouri  and love my horses.  I have been riding horses with my mom (Team 62: Livin’ The Dream) since before I was 1.  I usually throw a pretty big fit if she goes riding without me.  I also find it pretty comfy to nap on my horse :).  I will be participating in this Distance Derby with my 14 year old gelding, Gus.


  1. Well we have true meaning to this name "Cowgirl Tuff" Friday was a beautiful day to ride so we took full advantage. After our long ride Gus decided he was gonna be a butt and took off with Danika and she couldn't get him stopped before she came out of the saddle and hit the ground. Not one tear, she just said "Cowgirls Don't Cry".
    March 15- 7 miles
    YTD: 7 Miles

  2. What a way to get your first derby miles :-( Glad Danika is OK and is "Cowgirl Tuff" You are awesome girl!


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